Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Your Papers, Please.

Y'all might think I'm crazy.. that I'm a hater of the state (well you are right about).. that I have completely gone off the deep end into the world of conspiracy theories.

The Washington Post reports that the CDC wants to make a database of travellers to track the spread of communicable diseases in case of an outbreak.

What is to stop them from switching the health database into a database used to track the movements of the citizens nationally - for security purposes?

"As proposed, passengers could refuse to give personal contact information and still travel."

Just like you can still travel and not enter yourself into the TSA database. Be prepared to stand in line for 2 hours.. because if you are innocent, what do you have to hide? Come on.. enter your name and information into the database. Make it easy on yourself. We are from the government and we are here to help.

Just like you helped after 9/11 and the hurricanes? Yeah. No thanks. I will protect myself thank you very much.