Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Dance Shoes


I like them. And so does Smith. That's his foot back there.


Here is the first of what I am sure will be many photos of my new place. I visited yesterday to meet with a representative of a glass company for a shower door (I hate shower curtains. They make me feel caged in) and a mirror for my dance space. I also met with the home inspector and had a chance to meet the foreman who was working on the locks in my unit.

Closing was supposed to be tomorrow but didn't work out that way. The property manager did her inspection last week and hated the paint. So she ordered the paint crew to come back out and re-do all of it. So far they haven't because there are still alot of chips, dents, and scratches.

Friday morning, I am going out to do my unofficial punch list without the property manager and realtors hanging over me. Pieces of blue painters tape will rain over the place like a waterfall. Hee.

I asked the foreman if it was ok if I did that. He said that he would be there Friday morning at 10am to meet with the listing agent and that he would be happy to let me in.

I am now officially excited about getting my own place. This is kinda taking the edge off of the pain of selling my nana's house. I've spent two days crying over that... the little pink house in Berry Hill won't be in our family anymore.

This is a big summer for me... probably my biggest yet. I am buying my first place and selling the two homes that I grew up in. Not very many people still have a connection to the homes they grew up in. Both Elena and DC pointed out that there will be a grieving and healing process as all of this finally comes to a close and I move on with my life.

Kat will remember how blasse' I was about buying the house that December day. I said "I bought a house" the same way most people say "I bought an apple."

So, when I get it all together, you will have to come by for the house warming. I won't take no for an answer. It will be a home full of PK-style. Not sure when that will be yet but I'll let you know.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In case you haven't figured it out...

I'm taking a brief break from blogging while I prepare to and get moved into my new place. Closing is sometimes next week, and I have a list of things to do and buy that is longer than I care to contemplate.

Thank God for Plumgood. At least I don't have to physically go to the grocery store... so that's one thing off my list.

Piccies of the condo will be up soon.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You aren't tricking me, IRS

I got a notice from the IRS regarding my grandmother's taxes. They said I needed to file a 2003 tax return so that I could get the $250 tax credit. How often does the IRS send you a letter saying that they want to give you money?

Nu-huh. I'm not stupid. I'm not contacting you. You keep the money. I call it "protection." If I were to file it, you would tell me that I owe some freakishly large amount of money or something.

Nope. Not gonna do it.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Reason #874 that I am a libertarian

eBay Invites Internet Regulation, Backs Online Gambling Ban via FoxNews.

I'm a couple days late in getting this up but late is better than never. Why do I have a problem with this? Because eBay is the big kid on the block and has decided that it has found a neat way to squash the competition... allow the government to do it for you!

Make it a government issue by telling legislators that people are participating in off-shore gaming/banking to avoid paying taxes and they will be all over it like a duck on a junebug. Really, Washington state, is online gambling the same as child pornography?

Not that Netteller and other sites were cutting that much into PayPal's bottom line, but they were offering an alternative. And who among us hasn't switched to making purchases online or catalogs to avoid paying sales tax?

Ahh... Nannystates.

Hey Nashville Folk

Does anyone know what the leash law (aside from visiting Metro Parks) is in Davidson County?

I was under the impression that if the dogs were out of a confined area, like a fenced yard, they needed to be on a leash but I can't find the specific language on the Metro Website.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sneak Preview!

Last night Duke Diva and I went to the tuning concert for the Nashville Symphony in the brand new, still under construction Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Here are some pictures taken around the building and outside.

Panorama view stitched together of the entire hall - from Orchestra level

You wouldn't doubt that I sat at least for a while in one of the best seats in the house, right? Above the orchestra in one of the Founder's Boxes. The temporary chairs were less than comfortable. The real seats were very nice.

Nashville skyline from the Third floor exterior balcony

Sunset over the Renaissance Hotel. I'm so glad this shot came out. I love it. The night was perfect. The weather was amazing. The view was.. wow. I'll get to the music in a minute.

View of the back of the concert hall from center- Orchestra level. That's an audio testing dummy.

Thanks video capture! Here's the skyline at night. Again, the view was from the third floor exterior balcony

We moved around between each act so that we could experience the sound and visuals from as many different angles as possible. This was the view of the entire hall from the third level (you know, the seats we could actually afford during the year.)

One of the volunteers escorted us into the Founder's level. My jaw dropped, my eyes got big and I let out a gasp with a loud "WOW!" she just started laughing and said "you have the best expression! I think you win." It is reminisent of the great concert halls in Europe without being overly stuffy or formal. It has a very accessible feel to it (meaning that Liz Garrigan's attempt at starting a class war between the Symphony and its downtown neighbor the Sounds stadium is all for naught. Sure, it's upscale but I certainly felt very comfortable there. And their selections for the 2006-07 season will have something for everyone - kids, classical music lovers, Belle Meade folks, movie freaks, gospel fans, and dance geeks like me.)

Let me say this - the sound was amazing. Breathtaking. A feast for your ears. I cannot put into words how good the performance was. You will just have to go. Alot of thought and care was put into the acoustics and there is no bad seat from that perspective. There are some better seats visually (i.e. being able to see the conductor and his expressions), but you go to the symphony to hear the band anyway, right?

Full set of photos can be found here.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blending of Politics and Pop Culture Like Never Before

Viva La Revolucion! Fight the real enemy - Joe Simpson.

Via: .::Best Week Ever Shop::.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I am Super-Great!

Oh yes I am! Saturday night was my first public performance of my dancing since I was about 9 (unless one wants to include the 2 ice skating shows in college and the occasional bustin' a move at random places for no reason what so ever).

My coach and I did a west coast swing demonstration along with 4 or 5 other pairs.

First, it was a total out of body experience, I barely remember the music. I remember the first notes and the moment I messed up. I got into the step and went "that doesn't go with the music. OK... GET OUT!" and hustle to the next step without looking like I made a mistake.

Second, I smiled alot but routines are more than just smiling. Must work on flirty expressions too for West Coast and other dances. But I had a blast. Everyone said that Todd and I looked like the couple with the most personality and were having the best time.

I was completely unprofessional walking off the floor. I jumped up and down and I don't care. I was so excited and hyped up from finishing it and not really messing anything up that whoo-hoo! I don't care what you thought of my exiting the floor. I promise not to do that in competition though. Heh.

Fourth, thank you to D W for the pictures. His wife was out there dancing in the same group. And thank you to Elena, Duke Diva, and E for coming out to share the evening with me. It meant SO much to me for y'all to be there. Thanks again!

Fifth - my shoes are sucky (newer, cooler shoes are on order) but my legs look amazing! See what dancing can do for you!


Last night while I was fussing with grocery bags and all, my neighbors across the street let their two big dogs out. They started barking at me, which is typical so I ignored and went about my business.

I get to my front door, insert the key and all of a sudden I hear " 'dogs' names' GET BACK HERE NOW!! GET BACK!" And the barking has turned to growling, and it is getting alot closer. I had flashes of Mrs. Ispa being attacked. I couldn't get my front door unlocked so I squished myself between it and the screen door, pulled it as close as I could and put my bags between me and the dogs.

They got about 5 feet from me and stopped, like their collars were yanked. I'm calling it divine intervention. It certainly wasn't good training because if it had been good training, the dogs never would have left the front yard in the first place. They go back to their yard, and the owners are screaming at the top of their lungs at the dogs to get back in the house.

It took me about 15 minutes to quit shaking. My neighbors never did come across the street and ring the bell to apologize for the fact their dogs threatened me.

DC suggested that I walk over with my Sig in hand and say "now how does it feel to be threatened in your own front yard?" While I love that solution, I don't think threatening physical violence to the owners is quite where I need to move just yet. I told my brother that if they do that again, I'm shooting them. He said that could be counted as murder if I come back into the house and retrieve a firearm and then go back outside.

"Of a dog? I'm not talking about shooting the owners. They just need a good beatin' for being stupid enough to let their dogs run loose."
"Yeah, I think so. Instead of doing that, perhaps if you see them loose again, don't even talk to the neighbors, just come inside and call animal control. Let them come over and remind the owners of the law."
"You are right... as much as that offends my libertarian sensibilities."

He also said that the dogs chased him one day when he was out running. In their slight defense, the dogs are never out in the front yard unsupervised. HOWEVER, I do know that they have fenced in back yard. Those big dogs should not be out in the front yard without being on a leash/chain in the first place. If I recall correctly, that is the law in Davidson County.

This is where I am conflicted. As a libertarian, I don't really enjoy involving the government - at all. The only thing that makes it remotely tolerable is the fact that the government in question is as local as possible.

However, there comes a point where your liberty (owning dogs) affects mine (nearly attacking me in my own yard). Given the whole pistols at dawn thing is on the extreme side, I think I will talk to the owners first. They seem to be reasonable, nice people. Hopefully, I won't have to involve animal control.

I have a phone and I'm not afraid to use it... even if makes me taste bile in the process.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Worst Belly Dance Costumes - EVER

I do mean ever. Seriously. I know I've posted some bad ones before, but this pair... speechless. They left me speechless.

After about 5 minutes, I got over that and come up with tons of snarky things to say.

First: the Dancer of the Corn dress.

I know it's kind of hard to see, but those are plastic corn cobs on the dress. The kind that you would use at the picnic to hold onto your grilled and buttery corn on the cob minus the spikes.

Then it is Attack of the furry things:

WHAT ON EARTH could have possessed someone to make such a crime against fashion. I mean, this thing goes beyond fugly. I'm not sure there is a word for it in the English language. This isn't cute, so don't even try shooting for the fans. This dress takes the concept of eyes on the costume to a whole new level. I know sometimes the beading looks like eyes over the boobs... but snoopy staring at the audience is just not appropriate.

It's like she was doused with fabric glue and then fell in the stuff animal bin at the factory that makes those little fuzzy things you get out of the vending machines at Walgreens or the movie theater.

I can't imagine the routine. I don't want to. It makes my little brain hurt.

AND don't even get me started on the crushed velour looking track suit harem pants there.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Question for Nashville folk

What high speed internet company do you use at home? Do you like it? Is it reliable? What are you paying? Have you set up wireless capability in your residence?

Apparently Bell South doesn't offer DSL in the area to which I'm moving and neither does any other company I've contacted.