Monday, June 05, 2006

I am Super-Great!

Oh yes I am! Saturday night was my first public performance of my dancing since I was about 9 (unless one wants to include the 2 ice skating shows in college and the occasional bustin' a move at random places for no reason what so ever).

My coach and I did a west coast swing demonstration along with 4 or 5 other pairs.

First, it was a total out of body experience, I barely remember the music. I remember the first notes and the moment I messed up. I got into the step and went "that doesn't go with the music. OK... GET OUT!" and hustle to the next step without looking like I made a mistake.

Second, I smiled alot but routines are more than just smiling. Must work on flirty expressions too for West Coast and other dances. But I had a blast. Everyone said that Todd and I looked like the couple with the most personality and were having the best time.

I was completely unprofessional walking off the floor. I jumped up and down and I don't care. I was so excited and hyped up from finishing it and not really messing anything up that whoo-hoo! I don't care what you thought of my exiting the floor. I promise not to do that in competition though. Heh.

Fourth, thank you to D W for the pictures. His wife was out there dancing in the same group. And thank you to Elena, Duke Diva, and E for coming out to share the evening with me. It meant SO much to me for y'all to be there. Thanks again!

Fifth - my shoes are sucky (newer, cooler shoes are on order) but my legs look amazing! See what dancing can do for you!