Monday, May 31, 2004

In the "Culture on the Skids" column

Homer's The Illiad can now be viewed on your cellphone - done with emoticons and messenger-speak, courtesy of Microsoft. Gives a whole new meaning to e-book, doesn't it.

Reminds me of this little gem where you can type like a 12 year old on AOL.

"OMG! LOL!!!!" Now they don't have to think about what Homer might be saying - it's been riped apart by the geniuses at Microsoft.

A man's tongue is a glib and twisty thing... - Aeneas, to Achilles

Even a fool learns something once it hits him. - Menelaus

hat tip: Dead Parrot Society
Memorial Day

I have waited to the end of the day to say something about the purpose for such a day. Regardless of your views of the various and sundry wars the US has been involved in, today is an opportunity to pay tribute to those who made the sacrifice to serve their country.

Rumor has it that a distant cousin on my mom's side of the family is Alvin C York. (We also had a cousin - same side of the family - ride with the Jesse James gang. The good and the bad.)

My grandpa (dad's side): John ****. First generation to be born in the US - oldest of 7. Spoke German until he was 5 and started school. He served in the same unit as Richard I. Bong - the Ace of Aces - in the Pacific during WWII. We have a picture from the reunion in the early 1990's. Several great fighter pilots came from 49th Fighter Group. He was a mechanic and later served in Germany post war. He retired as a Sergeant and passed away in 2000. I can never recall him ever talking about his days in the military.

My dad: John ****. Despite bad ankles and a history of weight problems that exempted him from service, he enlisted in the army in 1969. He trained as a medic and was stationed at Ft. Campbell, TN for a while as well as San Antionio, TX and somewhere in Colorado. He loved to metal detect and ran his own business. I think he knew just about everyone in Middle Tennessee (even Hank Williams Jr. who would call the shop every now and then - shocked my brother!) Our guns and now impressive Civil War relic collection were previously his. He passed way in March of this year.

My uncle (mom's side): Dennis *******. US Navy. Still serves in the Naval Reserve and lives about 30 minutes from me.

My brother: Eric ****. Specialist in the Army National Guard. He joined the military to gain discipline and learn a skill. Because he's such a serious young man, he was a squad leader at Basic and scored "expert" in his marksmanship training. Soon deploying to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is a mechanic working on heavy equipment. He will spend several months in training in the US before leaving for a year to Iraq or Kuwait (we don't know which yet - we do know it will be at the rear given his MOS) sometime between October and December. Strong Christian young man - God will allow Eric to be a blessing to his unit and probably to the Iraqis.

I am proud and honored to have these men as a part of my family.

God bless America.
The Fashionista Strikes again!

From TLC's What not to wear, good advice for everyone:

Person being made over (wearing sandals so small her toes hung over the front of them): The shoes were on clearance 50% off!

Clint: I don't if they were free! Don't wear them if the don't fit!
Monday Linky Stuff

It's Monday; it's a holiday and the Empress is bored out of her mind. She should go get her Big and Rich CD out of the car and dance around the living room....


Here are some fun things to occupy your time-

The Band Name Generator: Communications From Elsewhere
mine - "Order Of The Lost Consultant"
Sounds very gothic.. industrial

Poetry Generator

Post-Modern Essay Generator
I swear... I've read these articles in school. All journal articles look and sound like that. Bad writing is very prevalent in academia

hat tip to:
The Politburo Diktat
Communications from Elsewhere

Sunday, May 30, 2004

*manical laugh* Another shooter is born!

Oh wow! So, Milita Man, UT Man, Bama Girl (my brother's girlfriend.. go figure, opposites attrack), and MM's wife and I went to the outdoor range that was about 10 minutes north of Alabama by the time we got there, I think.

So, here is the list of things I shot today - just to make all the boys jealous... *smiles sweetly*


.22 revolver (what I used most of the day and improved to 4 out of 6 shots at 10 yards by the end of the day. I don't think that's bad for a first time shooter)
Sig Sauer .380 (I love love love this pistol. My brother and Militia Man (he is BG's brother in law) complained that it hurt their hand. I said "That's because your hands are too big for it. It was made for a girl.")
Taurus 9mm (still too big for my hands but it was alright)
MM's 9mm, which I think is a Smith and Wesson but I'm not sure.
.44 (OH MY GOD did it scare the living crap out of me when I first heard it.. and about knocked me over when I shot it)


AR-15 (after some doing getting my short arms to work on such a beast, I squeezed off one round that hit the dirt behind the targets and yelled "HOLY CRAP!")
some other large rifle that I don't know what its name is but also scared the daylights out of me.
a 308 (like a cannon to me. I was just above the target with this.. couldn't pick it up, though. Too heavy for me. We had it propped on the table with its little legs. I think I might have a bruise on my shoulder tomorrow from such a thing. Can we say "powerful"?)

Militia Man is going to take me to the indoor range near his house when it re-opens next week. He has some passes and knows the instructors so I can get into some classes.

Yay! I'm excitied! Now I know why liberals want to take guns away...

Guns are fun! And liberals don't want people to have fun.

Friday, May 28, 2004


I'm trying to decide between disgusted, confused, bemused.. or would just rather leave well enough along.

I first read about The Washingtonienne yesterday in Michelle Malkin's column. Jessica, The Washingtonienne, was fired for blogging about her sex-life at work.

Thanks to the Commissar at Politboro Diktat, I found a link to her now deleted (but archived by another source) blog and took the liberty of reading her mindless rantings. If this is the state of women today, it is easy to see why I'm still single... I have standards. Her idea of playing hard -to-get is waiting till the next morning to ---- a guy. Please tell me that the men of the species do not consider her a 'lady.'

Anyway, I did link one post with an unusually high level of... um... well, I just needed hip waders.

Here's the gem of the quote:

"He [RS - the man whom she's been seeing for 3 days, possibly married... we don't know, more likely divorced] wants us to get tested together so we can stop using condoms. Isn't that sweet? Hope I don't have anything!"

So, the strength of a relationship is that you get an AIDS test so you can drop the condoms... that's a sign of real affection and love for one another. Pardon me while I wretch.

WARNING: Her blog has not-safe-for-work language.

But now that she's lost her job on the hill, she can sign up with an escort service and really be paid for what it is she does so well.. because the money she received wasn't "payment for services." It was a gift.

But she admitted that W paid her for a certain act? OK..... rationalization; justification for bad behavior - first floor, please.


Edited to state: I do not believe that W mentioned in Ms. Jessica's blog is our fine President. GWB seems to have a bit more character than that.
Let's create a consciousness raising group

I saw the original version of "The Stepford Wives" a couple of years ago. Aside from reeking with Gloria Steinhem 1970's feminism, it wasn't a bad movie..

The consciousness raising group scene stuck in my head because it was just before the main female characters best friend (who hadn't become a Stepford wife yet) was turned to the dark side - from the movies point of view.

I think it is interesting in that it focuses on the idealized version of home/family/women that were established in the 1950's.. that somehow we cannot shake that. What I hated about the whole thing was that the Stepford Men's Club was at fault.. and it's all men's fault... that if there weren't men, women could do as they pleased and achieve and grow...

Nasty feminist garbage.

I was upset when I heard they were remaking it... and they have re-written it... and made it from a suspense movie into a comedy. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

I like Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick but I will be skipping this movie.

Maybe I will write the other side of the story... the all-consuming nature of radical feminism and how it impacts community.. how it inhibits men and women from being what they desire to be - how God created them.. how it destroys relationships.. how it forces women to continually play a victim role..

No, wait, I don't have to write it... we live that everyday. Oops. - Foxlife - Fox411 - Stepford Wives: 'Too Dumb for Words'
Holiday Weekend Activities

I'm going to go flex my Second Amendment muscles on Sunday afternoon. My brother is taking me to a range east of Egypt (not literally but boonies here we come).

I wish I could tell y'all what kind of guns we will be taking with us but well, I don't know what they all are. There is the Sig Sauer .380 semi-auto (which is labeled 9mm but 9mm bullets don't fit), and a .22 revolver, and another .38 revolver.. those we inherited from my dad when he passed away. My brother owns a Taurus 9mm. I doubt I would even try to shoot with it as it's a bit big for my little hands.

Don't know if we are taking any of the rifles though.

I'm excited. This is the first time I've ever gone to a range to shoot anything..

And the Sig is mine... I don't care what my brother says. We've had spats over this... he got the rifles, I got the handguns. Fair trade as far as I'm concerned.. several rifles are WWI era rifles. Thus spoke the Estate Administrator.

Edited to add: my brother is taking the AR-15 and possibly one of the bolt-action rifles.

The real Empress Kitty.  Posted by Hello

Lots of people cat-blog. Lord knows I have lots of pictures of Kitty.. er.. Her Royal Highness, the Empress Kitty (the only title she likes). I chose this one because I thought it was funny that she had tipped over the clothes bin and arranged the socks inside (UTMan's socks by the way).. it is one of her more 'I'm better than you... and you know it' looks.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

One of my favorite movies

French Guard
I'm French! Why do think I have this outrageous
accent, you silly king-a?!

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!

Or did I get that backwards?
Why you should read

And learn lots and lots of things... Not that anyone on this blog has a problem with that. It means that you will do well on Jeopardy and better than this:

"Thirty-one percent did not know what Afghanistan is, and 20 percent did not know where the Amazon River is. Imagine! I was disheartened that a whopping 67 percent could not identify the Battle of the Bulge. Several identified it as a dieter’s problem." (Emphasis mine)

In Intellectual Neutral
Closest I will ever be to a President

President Bush will be across the street from my office in about an hour. He will be visiting the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, giving a speech about medical technology, and attending a fundraiser after that.

Wow... Vanderbilt has had 2 of the biggest people in America on campus in the last 2 weeks. Condi Rice spoke at Senior Day, the morning before commencement. That was an awesome speech (unlike the political address EL what's-his-name gave at Hofstra). She said 'just because you were given something doesn't mean you deserve it.'

To Vandy students! Some of the richest kids around.. wow! And it was met with applause!

When I was in Dallas a couple of years ago, I went to the Billy Graham Crusade. I saw former President Bush's motorcade. Who else but Billy Graham could get an introduction by a former President? I thought that would be the closest I would get to a President.. but knowing that he's right across the street is really quite exciting.

Just wish I could get over there to meet him but it's pretty restricted today.

From Posted by Hello

That is just freakin' scary. Al, for the love of all things, please stay away from Tennessee. We don't love you anymore. You are insane... and we reached our insane quota a long time ago.
Size matters

Fox Features - 'Honey, It's Beautiful ... for Now'

"Freudian theories about the male pre-occupation with size might interest you, Mr. Ismay." - Rose in Titantic

I get the idea that hey, you buy a new home and new stuff.. but a new engagement ring? Isn't DeBeers just having a field day right now...

What about the sentiment? What about the memories? What about the idea that your love for one another is more important than a shiney rock?

Let the Jones' alone for crying out loud.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This is so wrong...

I can't even begin to explain how wrong this is. The sky is falling! Earthquakes are occuring! John Kerry is leading in the latest polls!

Low Carb Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

As one of the basic food groups here in the South (behind bbq pork, bourbon, and slow-cook green beens... well those are some of the Empress' favorites anyway; we could go on as Elena and I did the other day), Krispy Kremes are a staple. Particularly when the red light is on... and they are hot...

and they melt in your mouth.. and gooey with icing.. Oh my... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

You know what you are getting when you buy your dozen of Krispy Kreme... you are getting fried sugar batter... the idea that you can make them healthy is just stupid. I don't buy Krispy Kremes because they are healthy. I buy them because they are little bits of heaven that I can take home with me. These doughnuts will be served in heaven and they will always be warm and fluffy!

If I wanted a healthy doughnut, I wouldn't buy one!

Stop the insanity!
“Would you like to take a survey….?”

The Empress’ Research Team is at it again! (You remember the sleep deprived monkeys, the cockatiels, and irate koala, right?)

For our Precision Guided Humor Assignment, we have decided to give CNN a hand with its *cough* un-biased questions for its next poll.

1) What would you like to do to George Bush?

A) Beat him with an ugly stick.
B) Vote for him.
C) Vote for John Kerry.
D) Picket in Florida over hanging chads and complain that he is the first “appointed” President.

2) Do you like CNN?

A) Yes.
B) No. I watch Fox. (Someone was asleep and this made it through)
D) There are no other networks other than CNN. We are mesmerized by the voice of James Earl Jones. Resistance is Futile.

3) Do you support the War on Terror?

A) Yes.
B) No.
C) No – because CNN told me not to.
D) No, it isn’t a war because Congress hasn’t declared war. Only they have authority to declare war. This is an unmitigated attempt at establishing authority by a false President trying to make up for the sins and mistakes of his father. And Bush has messed up the environment and the economy has tanked….. ::the irate koala attacks respondent at this point to get him to shut up! The Empress is very pleased with the koala.::
"Legitimate and growing community?"

Viacom's MTV to Launch Gay Cable Network

Hrmmm... so... a whole TV network is slated around 5% of the population.. and cable providers will snap it up in a heart beat. But they won't touch Christian-themed channels which are more likely to appeal to a much larger audience?

Bias anyone?

You think the advertisers would have learned their lesson after the near $400 million response to The Passion. But no. I will tell you why.. it is because most Christians look exactly like the world around them. There really isn't an need to have seperate programming for Christians (unless you want to buy SkyAngel.. and that just seems a little wierd.)

Pot calling Kettle... line 2.

Myself included. I admit that my own media consumption habits are pretty doggone secular... and Philipians 4:8 is not often on my mind when I make choices about what I watch or listen to.

And I'm not sure where I was going with this... but if I think of it, I'll edit the post. If not.. just think about your own habits for a bit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It's a conspiracy...

I have just figured it out! I know why gay marriage has become such a push and the gay peoples movement probably had very little to do with it.

Family court lawyers.

It was their idea. Since now half the population isn't married, they needed another source of income. Well, we can't advocate marriage (because the groups that do that advocate personal responsibility and sacrifice.. and faith and all that nonsense).

So, let's create another class of people that can get married and then get divorced. Let's legalize gay marriage!

Don't you feel better now that I've solved the source of that little problem?

The gay divorcee is on the way - The Washington Times
Have to share...

This morning has been a major mood swinging... and without exposing too many details, I was relieved to be going out to lunch with a co-worker and to be out of the office for a while.

I said to Elena via email that I needed a hug. She replied with a prayer that God would send a believer to give me a big squeeze.

When we got to the place, I heard someone yell out "Hey! Kitty!" It was the children's minister at my church... the entire church staff was there to celebrate her birthday. And I got my hug from Pastor Tom.. the person I'm closest to on staff and who has just really become like a surrogate father to me.

Now, if I will stop crying long enough to finish this post… I am just amazed.. floored that of all the people who I could have gotten a hug from, it was Tom. What love.. and providence... Thank you God.

Music, flourish, banners and all that is worthy of my entrance...

No really, this humble little blog's counter rolled over to 2000 this morning. Yay! I feel so loved and special!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Pink Kitty's Story Corner

Per Elena's request....

The Empress had been looking forward to seeing Third Day for months... courtesy of Way-FM which has been promoting the concert for months. I always buy tickets on opening day or as closely as possible because I want to sit as close to the stage as I can.

Ticket said "mosh pit." Not a problem. I've bought tickets for Starwood that said that before and there was no mosh pit.

Well, the Empress got sick the night before... a mix of a stomach bug (courtesy of her brother and taking WAY too much of a painkiller to get her gums to stop hurting). And I do mean sick sick sick sick sick. As Bill Cosby said "thank you toilet for being so cool..."


So, we got to the show... and sure enough... there is a mosh pit. A real mosh pit... and alot of really confused parents who had the same reaction I did.

"I don't believe this."
Cox & Forkum: Tour Deflate
Hecklers Veto

E.L. Doctorow was booed and heckled when he went on an anti-Bush tirade during the commencement address at Hofstra University.

Some Hofstra professors said Doctorow was on target in discussing the war. "I thought this was a totally appropriate place to talk about politics because that's the world our students are entering," said sociology professor Cynthia Bogard. "I only wish their parents had provided them a better role model.

But it's ok to boo Republicans/conservatives off stage. (See anytime David Horowitz speaks.) Riiiiiighhtt.....

At least these students will remember their commencement address. - Long Island News
Save a horse...

Ride a cowboy. ::wicked grin::

That's the new single from Nashville mavericks Big & Rich. Their new CD, Horse of a Different Color, is outstanding. They front the Muzik Mafia, a songwriting group that has caused all sorts of buzz for the last two years and plays weekly at Mercy Lounge.

The songs are a mix of country, and not the glitzy, factory produced stuff.. some rock, and they even have a rappin' cowboy (Cowboy Troy).

Gretchen Wilson is also a member of the Muzik Mafia. Her single "Redneck Woman" is #1 on the video charts and will be on radio charts if it isn't already. I have a post about Ms. Wilson and being a redneck coming soon.
Odd Names

I saw the last name Provost this morning. Wouldn't it be odd if someone were the top Academic Official at a university...

Provost Provost?

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Things that make you go... ::shudder::

We all now this is the year for the Cicada.. though I haven't seen one in Nashville yet. When they do come out, I know the real Empress Kitty will not go outside because she hates bugs.. or else she will start bringing them inside. And this Empress will not be happy at the thought of creepy-crawly things inside her house!

But I will be happy if they don't come out at all. Stay in the closet!

Anyway, here's a little gem from The Cicada FAQs

What do they taste like?
Periodical cicadas are best eaten when they are still white (teneral), and they taste like cold canned asparagus. Like all insects, cicadas have a good balance of vitamins, are low in fat, and the females are especially high in protein. They are also Atkins friendly!

Scratching Post Notches

Erik writes: Good article, tho a tad harsh on us men. Those bitter 30-ish twice divorced with kids women arent really good for anything else, and certainly dont engender respect for women in general

I started to respond in the comments but it got too long.

Agreed but I think that Miss O’Hara is hard on the women as well. We (in the historic sense) gave up what made us unique and special… and different from men. We bought a lie from radical feminism that women and men are the same. One recent book has been released discussing how unhappy and unfulfilled women are when they have sacrificed home/family/relationships to pursue careers. Of course, there are books to the contrary that say women are unhappy staying at home (see Betty Freidan that started this whole mess).

Dr. Laura thumped on women and their responsibilities in a relationship in her new book “The Care and Feeding of Husbands.” And in “10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives.”

Aside – reading through the list of books on women’s studies/general, a lot of the books are just pointless sounding tripe to be used in Women’s studies classes. I am sorry, but calling yourself a derogatory word is NOT a declaration of independence (see #73). And I think half of them are on the topic of the images society puts on women – the happy housewife, the 5’11” rail-thin model ideal or Carrie Bradshaw. Then there are the books of women fighting with other women (and why can’t we all just get along), how we are special because we get PMS, connect with the spirit world because of our monthly cycle, or about how we communicate with each other with secret decoder rings.


The point: in any relationship, if it is to be healthy, there has to be self-sacrifice. The pursuit of ‘happiness’ and ‘being fulfilled’ by another physical person this side of Heaven is going to amount to a boatload of un-happiness. Kimmie related a story of her friend who is going to leave her husband because she isn’t happy. Husband hasn’t done anything that would warrant a Biblical reason for divorce (not cheating, not abusive, does work and provide). Kimmie brought up the point about sacrifice – and Ruth (Kimmie’s friend is Jewish). Both men and women can learn a lot from Ruth.

We learn that life sucks and it is freaking hard.
We learn that there is incredible value in honoring commitments, being humble, hard work, and sacrifice.
We learn that Ruth did these things without expectation of a reward. God may not ‘reward’ us here – we are to store treasures in Heaven.
We learn the value of family and community.. and Naomi was one sly woman.

Probably why older women are called on in Titus to mentor younger ones.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Miss O'Hara hits it on the head

She writes on a theme that has been touched upon on this blog - feminism, the sexual revolution and the damage it has done.

(We should form our own little thing or something Miss O'Hara - Elena thinks you are the bomb, too. We cool chicks must stick together. And don't you love how specific the Empress is... *sighs* )

Anyway, I had something in the works but this is so stinkin' good, I'm not sure I have something to add... and I will never ever look at an AOL CD-Rom in the same way again.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Because Ian is Marilyn Manson...

Had to take this quiz myself...

The Strokes
Garage rock! I like you... I like you alot! You
and indie are on the same plane for me! You
bring rock'n'roll down to its dirty roots,
whether being minimalist like The White Stripes
or retro like The Strokes. You keep on doing
what you're doing! Oh...and did I mention I
like you alot?

What genre of rock are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Being Equally Yoked

FrontPage :: Christian Women Take Heed by Julia Duin

It may have been on Front Page Magazine where I read this little tidbit but that there were some imams out there encouraging the men of their mosque to marry foreign (and generally Christian - in name only at the very least) and have children by them. Since in America, multiple wives are illegal, the imams said to divorce their wives after 5 years and re-marry and start the process all over again.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why Islam is the fastest growing religion - on paper that is.

Weekend before last, the trio gathered to watch some movies. We rented Osama. Excellent movie. It is a combination of different true stories from Afghanistan during the Taliban years. And one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. I fought from hitting the forward button on the remote - I just wanted it to be over so I knew what happened to poor Osama (the girl who's mom cut her hair and dressed her as a boy so the mom could go out and practice medicine.) And after it was over, Elena, Duke-Chick and I looked at each other and said "Thank you Lord God that we were born here in the US!"

I do recommend it but it isn't a light movie in the least. Be prepared to decompress after it is over.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Empress' Random Thought for the Day

Every personal ad on the planet lists that the seeker wants someone intelligent and with a sense of humor. Have you ever seen one where the seeker was looking for someone boring as a wet mop and dumb as a stump?

Chew on that.
Scariest thing you'll see today

Courtney Love

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Precision Guided Humor Assignment

Bad Example has the best listing of what could possibly humilate the terrorists at Abu Ghraib....

and I have been on the humilated end of several of those.. one exclusively female item on that list... at a football game... many many years ago. And I will still not wear white pants for that very reason. Ever.

But there are other good ones too. :)

And my suggestion was adapted for this weeks PGHA... the Empress is honored! So, all of you alliance members be sure to think of your possible CNN poll questions.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Truth on Tuesday - Views - Strakalogue - Vast 'Idol' Conspiracy ... Grrr!

Jack Edwards Top Five List for Oblivions:

1. Attention co-workers: there is a popcorn button. Use it. Enough said.
2. Those of you who leave 16 car lengths in front of you at stop lights need to pull up. Nobody wants to car-jack your hoopty. Besides, car-jacking is so 1990. Why do you do this? You make all of us late because only two of us make the light. Traffic is bad enough without you. You are slow as it is.
3. Talking louder doesn’t mean you’re right.
4. It’s called cologne not "I-smell-horrible-but-I-think-that-people-love-it-juice!" One spray is enough. You know who you are.
5. Don’t get them if you don’t want me to look.
Taking your politics a little too seriously....

Yahoo! News Photos - India Election

I've been supportive of elected officials before.. but not to the point of being so disappointed that I'd shoot myself over it.

Monday, May 17, 2004

How to discourage people from applying to graduate school

"The cost is $820 per credit hour."

"OK, thank you for your time." ::click::
Big News

The War Hits home.

Last Monday, I announced that there was something I wanted to tell you all but was waiting on details.

My brother (known as UTMan) is in the National Guard. The remainder of his unit (half of it is already in Kosovo) has been activated.

He leaves June 11 for training in Mississippi for a couple of months; another month at Fort Irwin ("where happiness is Fort Irwin in your rearview mirror.") and deploys to Iraq in October. He will be gone in total for over a year and a half.

Sure, other families are seperated. This affects thousands of people. What you do need to understand, my brother and I have spent nearly every day of our lives together since he was born in 1981. Aside from the occasional week vacation, the longest we have been apart was when he went to Basic. There are married people who have not spent as much time together as we have.. but our relationship is not twisted like Angelina Jolie and her brother... that comes under things that make you go... ewwww ::shudder::

Yes, I knew (and have been wanting) to go separate ways. We are adults, have our own lives and can often go for days without seeing each other depending on our schedules. But the thought of him going into a hostile area... particularly when he is the only family I have any contact with whatsoever... is damn terrifying.

When our parents divorced when I was 10 and he was 4, I had to step up.. almost as a surrogate mom. When our mom died, he was 19.. and I bore the brunt of the responsibility for the estate planning and providing for him for almost 2 years. Since then, he has been attending school, working and becoming more independant.. contributing to the household expenses and decisions as an equal. He handled alot of the early stages when our dad passed away because I was just not able to emotionally be there. I checked out.

It's taken alot on my part to not see him as a 10 year old boy who needs my help.. but a Godly, confident, intelligent, funny, and giving young man of 22.

So, in three weeks, he will be off to do the duty he signed up for. Please pray for his safety, the strength of his faith, and my ability to cope and not worry myself sick.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dirty old men in the Assembly

In a "shocking" piece of news from the New York Post we learn that NY Assemblymen take advantage of their position to score with young, hot college girls working as interns.

Excuse me, but this is hardly news. The New York Post must have had nothing better to do. I am appreciative of the fact that the Assembly wants to do something about it but I can guarentee NOTHING will change. Nasty old men with money and power will always chase after cute 19 year olds in short skirts who sometimes don't know better. And other times they do know better and are gold-digging.

The Empress worked for 2 sessions at the TN General Assembly. The first tour of duty (as an intern) turned her from a moderate into a raging libertarian hell-bent on the destruction of government. I've since calmed down alittle bit. Her second time around as a legislative aid (one step up from intern) served as time to convince people of the evil nature of an income tax from the inside. Anyway... the legislator she worked for (who shall remain nameless) was NOTORIOUS for hitting on interns.

He didn't hit on the Empress because it was pretty clear at the time, she would hit him back. And he is just nasty, disgusting, and she is totally un-impressed by his bling-bling. Her sources tell her that this legislator (who is still married) is dating a law student who works down there.

So I will share one story of working with this particular Senator. Senator X was to call a resolution up out of order so the engrossed (pretty copy with the seal and ribbons) could be picked up in time for some woman's 90th birthday - request to do so was made by a House member from his district. Not a problem. Easy to do. Happens all the time. The Empress prints off a copy of the resolution (he has to be able to say something quickly about it before they say ok and we all move on). She gives it to Michael - the Research Analyst with specific instructions to put it in his notebook. Do NOT let him touch it.

We get up to session and it's about over, so I go up to him and say "Senator, please don't forget to call HJR --- for so-n-so so we can get the engrossed copy." He nods and starts looking through the notebook for the resolution I printed off. He can't find it.

We both go through the notebook and it isn't there. And he starts to yell at me. Well, after 3 months of this abuse, I had had it. I stood up (all 5'3" of me) and said very loudly in the middle of session. "NO! You are not blaming this on me. I don't know what happened to it. I have it to Michael. Michael gave it to you and I don't know what happened to it after that. You are not pinning it on be because you lost it!"

The other senators started laughing - out loud - that an intern went off on him. The Chiefl Clerk stared at me like I was nuts. I turned around and walked out.

The next day, I started packing my things, fully expecting to be dismissed from the program. He called me out of my office to introduce me to a group of lobbyists and said "This is PK - she is the best intern I've ever had."

We had a great relationship for the rest of the time I was there.

*edited because the word I wanted to use in the title was not in spellcheck anywhere*

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Recommended Viewing

Vh1 and Blender magazine's 50 most awesomely bad songs EVER. It was already mentioned by this blog when the list came out a couple of weeks ago... but now there is a show with funny people making sarcastic comments like "Come on... are you really scared of New Kids on the Block? Are they really tough and rough?" and "After hearing Rico Suave, you need to wash your hands. Ewww..."

Other musicians that need to be sent to re-education camps (beside those on this list, many of whom are blessedly one hit wonders but there are couple of musical turds by artists such as Phil Collins and Billy Joel - who have actually had good songs too):

Shania Twain - for having a guy on her tour use a key-tar (you know what they are.. where the keyboard player gets to walk around and pretend that he's a guitarist and it has a handle like the neck of a guitar except it does nothing). Shouldn't their be federal legislation to call for the destruction of all key-tars?

Any artist wearing Ugg boots (Uggs are short for ugly Australian imports that make even slim legs look like elephant feet)

Any male artist with just the bottom part of a goatee - minus the moustache part. It just covers the chin. Or the little sliver of hair or the little tuft under your lower lip. Any guy for that matter - not just musicians. It isn't cute. It isn't sexy. I want to call and make an appointment at your barber for you EVERYTIME I see some man with that. I'm talking to you Gentry (of Montgomery Gentry). You are way to hot to sink to such a facial hair low. And if a woman has that much hair on her chin, call the side show and make yourself some money girlfriend as the Bearded Lady.

In other news, Latoya was voted off American Idol this week. Why isn't Elton John calling the America racist for voting of 2 black people in a row? Is he too busy to hurl accusations... that would be because there were never any to throw in the first place!

And Rupert won a million dollars on Survivor. According to one of the guys on "Best week ever," "America loves Rupert. He's been on 2 seasons of Survivor. He directed 3 Lord of the Rings movies and helped out Harry Potter." Rupert really does look like Peter Jackson sans glasses. It's scary.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Be werry werry quiet...

I'm not hunting rabbits but I don't have much to say today either. Today was commencement day.. sending off all of the graduating students out into the world.. to look for jobs for which they are over-qualified for..
with a degree they paid too much for just to get the "Vanderbling" attached to it..
and a development office hounding them and their parents until they die (it's funny - our development officers sat right in front of me at the ceremony today nearly drooling)
and a speech you won't remember 1 minute after it's over. (I don't remember any of mine.. aside from the speech last year when I received my Masters consisted of a faculty member droaning on for 30 minutes about HIS research... like that is going to make a difference in my life. I remember one line from my brother's high school graduation speech. "Even a broken watch is right twice a day.")

Thursday, May 13, 2004


I was standing at the corner not 20 minutes ago when I heard a couple of staff members chatting about office duties for the rest of the week. It's commencement time around here and one step from insanity.

The young woman said to the young man, "So, are you going to woman the desk when you get back?"

If the light had not changed and we started scurrying across 21st ave at lunch time (insanity!), I would have said "If he woman's the desk this afternoon, then he will need to gossip, nag, and do nothing for the rest of the day."

I hate comments like that. They aren't funny. They are just stupid.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Empress is amused

Elena's List

There is a clothes hanger heirarchy... she has copy-edited this blog before (calling to tell me where my typos are).

Elena has not only left the PB open at her house, she left it on the floor and my house.. where the real Empress Kitty (a hoity-toity grey domestic short-hair who consistently reminds me of my place) could love on it. But she didn't and there is no cat hair in the peanut butter.

And Elena is very smart and creative... She's smarter than the Empress. And I'm glad she's my friend. *blows a kiss*
Sometimes, even the Empress....

does stupid things. Like leave a can of coke in the freezer over night.

What fun it was to scrape up frozen coke from the box of frozen spinach early in the morning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Michael Moore's Biography Special

Fun Facts About Michael Moore

In an exciting new documentary by Pink Kitty productions, the Empress tells the story of a plucky filmmaker who wasn’t afraid to take risks. He wasn’t afraid to push the establishment to its limit. He wasn’t afraid to challenge authority. He wasn’t afraid to make up things to suit his purpose.

And neither are we! So here is what you will learn in this new documentary (term used loosely like Britney Spears’ morals of late). All facts made up, err.. discovered by our crack research team of 4 sleep deprived monkeys, 2 cockatiels, and one very irate koala. The Empress spared no expense…

1) Michael Moore is actually Bill Clinton in disguise (came in handy during the Lewinsky investigation when MM stalked Kenneth Starr for weeks).
2) MM is Sean Hannity in disguise – sometimes he’s both at the same time. Sean has fooled us all!
3) MM and Al Franken are heading to San Francisco soon for a not-so-quiet civil ceremony to celebrate the union of two of the not-so-great liberal minds of our lifetime.
4) Vox Day, who is still waiting to kick Al Franken’s ass, has added MM to the list after their “marriage”. What’s good for the groom is good for the other groom. Vox would do it but is afraid that his fist might get stuck in one of MM’s chins. MM and AF do not stand a chance and have resorted to staying away from the real world lest common sense jumps them and pummels them to a bloody pulp.
5) MM is secretly a member of the NRA. We have footage of he and Charlton Heston playing golf together.
6) MM has eaten way too many M&M’s.
7) MM is secretly funded by Evil Glenn. The statement “Puppies are yummy” was edited out of Moore’s latest project “In the dog house again.”
8) The Oscar statue really has chocolate inside and MM ate it ALL at the winner’s reception. He didn’t offer any of it to anyone else. Selfish bastard. Oops… losing my objectivity.

Other facts may surface as we continue to develop our story…

Produced in association with The Alliance
The Empress Kitty's Data Center

According to UT-Man (that would be the Empress' brother), 65% of people think that Bush can belch the alphabet faster than Kerry.

After all 55% of them think that Kerry is a better choice for the Presidency. They are all delusional.
In the long history of bad ideas...

Council of Churches Wants U.N. to Take Over in Iraq

Because the UN can do a better job than the US. Please correct me if I'm wrong but... when the fighting got bad, didn't the UN pull its offices out of there so fast, we almost didn't see it?

And we ALL know how well the UN has worked in Kosovo.

Screw the UN - give control of Iraq back to the Iraqis and bring our troops home!

WorldNetDaily: Hackworth: Military brass in cover-up

In this summary, Hackworth asserts that the Army is more concered with protecting Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski than holding her responsible for the mis-treatment of the Iraqi prisoners. I would believe it because of the Clinton-era feminists left at the Pentagon who have no sense of moral character and are only out to protect themselves.

If Gen. Karpinski was a stand-up kind of person, she would accept responsbility and resign her commission. Since she isn't, she's going to let the junior officers and/or enlisted personnel - even Ol' Rummy - take the heat for her inability to lead.

While due to biology, she can't be a gentleman. She is certainly no lady. Not like that guy last year, Col. Allen West who used heavy handed tactics (shooting a pistol near the prisoners head to get him to talk - and protecting his battalion). He accepted responsibility for his actions and faced hearings that could have possibly lead to his court martial.

His actions were not heroic. His willingness to defend them and accept the consequences were.

Sure, other forces were at work in this scandal: human nature - wanting to beat down those we've taken prisoner (been doing that for centuries) and emphasize our position of power. Poor training. Lack of equipment. No emphasis on discipline or character by leadership (starting at basic training!). And a few bad apples spoiling the bunch.
Religion of Peace?

World Net Daily
Good for them! has a story about 2 gay men denied communion or a place in the choir because they are partners.

Bravo to the priest for taking a stand! Communion (or Lord's Supper) is sacred. My pastors continually emphasize that if have not sought forgiveness from God or in any way not made yourself right with the Lord, then you should not take communion. It isn't just about being gay either. If you are stealing or covering up some lie... knowingly then you shouldn't receive communion.

There have been times that I haven't taken it. I sat in my seat and prayed.. feeling obvious that I was one of the few not going up for the elements but I needed that time to focus on why there was a wedge in my relationship with God.

It is time that the Church start taking its traditions seriously. The road is long, straight and narrow. Not many will be going down this path. You can make Christianity accessible but it isn't easy. And those in leadership roles should hold those in their flock responsible for the lives they lead.
Template problems

I'm working on getting the blog rolls to reappear. I'm not happy....

*Update* They seem to be working now.... we'll see how long this lasts.


Next week, I should have something very important to tell you... and not in a joking kind of way.

Please stay tuned... and now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Monday, May 10, 2004

New Design!

Oh my goodness! Isn't this the best! More pink!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Empress is very very happy now. And with the new profile, you can learn all about me! And a much sexier Pink Kitty is linked too.


In the "Oh geez" category

See this eBay item
Survivor All-Stars update

Amber won Survivor All-Stars, beating her now fiance' Boston Rob. He proposed on TV. Jenna M and Ethan are dating (Ethan is still working his way around the Suvivor cuties), Richard Hatch has a partner... *awkward silence(

Anyway, the final tribal council ROCKED! I know they've been outwitted, played and lasted but it's still good to see some serious venom flying. Make the final 2 squirm!

Now, you can go to and vote for someone to win a second million dollar prize.

Rupert wins.
Hollywood has an idea!

Hollywood Rediscovers Grown-Ups

Some executive just woke up one day and realized that... SHOCK!... there are people in the United States that are not 12 year old boys. And these people have money...

And these people are not going to movies because 98% of the movies out there are stup.. er.. geared to tweens and teens.

Here's the meeting transcript.

Head Honcho: OK, boys, we are losing money. What do we do?
Lackey #1: We could release another movie with Adam Sandler...
Lackey #2: Or American Pie: the Baby Carriage...
Lackey #3: What about... um... I got nuthin'
HH: No no no. Think original.. think outside of the box. Reconceptualize your framework... [other office nonsense dialogue]

[long... long.... lonnnnngg pause]

L3: Well.. we could try to hit another market.
L1: Yeah! All those Christians will go to movies if Jesus is in it. So, let's put Jesus at a summer beach house with a bunch of hot girls...
L2: No! The beach thing has been done to death.. you just want to sell the movie with boobs barely covered by bikinis. Jesus should be the next Van Helsing character... fighting Satan with big guns and a sexy chick in heels and a corset. And make sure Jesus looks like Hugh Jackman to get the women to come see the movie. Women love Hugh Jackman.
HH: [nods thoughtfully]
L1: Or... um... maybe we ought to try making movies for the tweens parents?
HH: SACRILIGE! YOU ARE FIRED!!!! (HH has watched The Apprentice too much)
L2: No, sir. I think it’s a good idea. Where do we think the tweens are getting their money…. they don’t have real jobs. They are getting them from their parents. If we make movies the parents will like, they will spend that money before the kids. We will lose out a little bit on the product tie-ins, but they have more connections.. word of mouth you know, Sir.
HH: OK.. L1, you’re not fired. But make sure that there’s something that looks like a plot in these movies. Go back and find some old movies that did well in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We can re-make them with younger, more attractive actors as well as update the underlying message to reflect that the war in Iraq is wrong. Let’s get to it!

Friday, May 07, 2004


CBS: Survivor Viewers Choice

How the heck the Gervase wind up on the Sexiest man list from Survivor? Oh.. I know.. because we ned to have at least one African American on the list and he was the only one not pudgey (Ted) or rail thin (Nick). But Clarence would have been a better choice. While he was stealing cherries, he was way better looking than Gervase.

And Greg is just cute in that goofy kind of way... but not sexy.
Survivor: All Stars update

I just have to say that the Empress Kitty is not pleased with this season of Survivor - though all of us in the spoiling community wanted an all-star edition.

Turns out that, well... they just aren't as exciting the second time around. Sure, there have been interesting moments (Rich getting bitten by the shark, NO ONE taking out Boston Rob when they had the chance. He could become the greatest player to never win the game.) but by and large, I'm glad this season is over Sunday night.

Give it a few months off and come back in Sept/October with a fresh new cast and challenges.

Amber wins.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Bush pauses to comfort teen
One of the funniest things I did not write....

How to improve John Kerry's website (other great choices on the original post) from There's Only One.

Have theme song running:

(To the tune of ‘He’s a Lumberjack’ by Monty Python)
He’s a Liberal and he’s OK
He taxes at night and spends all day

He hugs the trees,
He eats his lunch.
He went to Vietnam;
He spent his wife’s money
And then he had Botox.

He’s a Liberal and he’s OK
He taxes at night and spends all day

He hugs the trees
He skips and jumps
He likes to press wild flowers
He supports gay marriage
And performs them in bars

He’s a Liberal and he’s OK
He taxes at night and spends all day

He hugs the trees
He wears Ray Bans,
Gucci and Armani.
If he runs out of money,
He’ll marry Donald Trump.

There's One, Only!: PGH: Kerry Website Improvements
Women are attracted to money and power...

and I have both.... - Dark Helmet. Or was it Druish princesses? Oh well, whatever.

Russian women have hots for Putin

I think for the same reason Putin has become a sex symbol, Bill Clinton was percieved as thus here in the states. Confidence, well-dressed, the appearance of strong character, sense of humor. I think where Bill was in the "I feel your pain" camp which appeals to many American women who like their men sans nads, Putin exudes the... "I'm going to pull you back to my cave by your hair" persona. He looks like a man who isn't going to take anyone's crap (shown by his willingness to bomb the crap out of the Chechens).

GWB isn't percieved as a sex symbol here I think for a couple of reasons, even though he is between Putin and Clinton.

1) The media rarely portrays him in a positive light. The best the establishment media can give him is neutral.
2) I'm sure he could care less if people think he's sexy. Well, maybe except for Mrs. Bush.

He should be though... accents are sexy.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

More commercialism... Is nothing sacred?!

Pretty soon your church bulletin will be brought to you by CBS' "Joan of Arcadia" or something.

Baseball puts Spidey on the pitcher's mound
Something that would never fly at NFF

The Michael Moore Hates America documentary.
The real worst song ever

The Empress' list of songs she hates and would forever ban in her world:

She Drives me crazy by the Fine Young Cannibals
Whatever that song is by Daniel Bettingfield. *shudders*
The Barney Song
Sherrie and Lambchop's song
I believe almost every song by Michael Bolton and Limp Bizkit
Rentals of all kinds

At this Hilton Head Island website, they have a list of things you can rent... including baby rentals.

So, on your next vacation, you can borrow someone's child for a week to thoroughly experience the joys of parenting. Screaming kids for hours, McDonald's twice a day...

And there are happy parents willing to pawn their children off on you for a week (so they can vacation in peace and quiet).

*for those not in the know - they don't really rent babies.. it's strollers and such. there was poor phrasing on the site*

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Who are you?

The Empress is T.S. Eliot - disillusioned, witty and dedicated. Many layers... like onions. Or parfaits.

Who is Your Alter Poet? - Quizilla

Monday, May 03, 2004

NFF installment - important!

This will be a particularly long entry because the Empress has a LOT to say about the movies she Friday and Saturday. One was really good. The other was just ok, but both of them show us how sorry… how sad… how pathetic contemporary feminism is. And Empress Kitty is going to let them have it because she can’t take it anymore! AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

First, the movies. Last night was Born into Brothels. It will be airing on HBO later this year so all of you will have the opportunity to view it. I highly recommend it. It is the story of a photographer who has gone to India to chronicle the lives of the women living and working in Calcutta’s red light district. While there, Zana began to work with the children and taught them photography. We see the harsh reality these children face day in and day out – the violence, the abuse, the squalor and abject poverty of life in the brothels. We see it through the video and the photographs the children take.

Avijit was 12 when the documentary was filmed. He is immensely creative – a born artist with a real talent for telling a story in a picture. Avijit’s mom was murdered in an “accidental kitchen fire” by her pimp. This sent the young man into a tailspin, making him more depressed and apathetic. He said “When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. Then I wanted to be an artist. Now.. well.. I don’t know. There’s no hope or a future to be found here.” (Empress’ horrible paraphrase but very close) My heart broke for that young man. As Christians, we are called to bring hope to those who have none – whether though meeting a physical need, prayer, or sharing the gospel as examples. Avijit was selected by the World Press Photo Foundation as one of 9 children to go to their conference and learn about photography. While there, I believe, he could see there was life beyond the streets of Calcutta and that he was being given an opportunity to get out. Zana stated that he’s now in one of the best schools in Calcutta and wants to be a photographer. You may view some of the children’s work at

This afternoon, I viewed “Witches in Exile.” It is a documentary about women in Ghana who have been run out of their home villages because they were accused of witchcraft. They live in camps in northern Ghana and scrape out a living. Some hope to go home. Some have long given up ever seeing their family again. When the filmmakers asked one of the ex-husband’s why he didn’t go get his wife after she drank the de-witching potion, he said that she was of no use to him anymore. She was past child-bearing age. (Empress’ hope: maybe we can send Gloria Steinhem there)

Government bureaucrats, in their infinite wisdom, were going to close the camps down without even visiting. Eventually, a few of the parliamentarians made their way out to the sticks and found that the women didn’t want to leave. Where would they go? “They could become tourist attractions” stated one brilliant official. They could be killed if they went home. What the women wanted were blankets, clothes, beds, and clean water.

So, why am I so upset about this? Here’s an opportunity for women in affluent Western countries to make a real difference (through organizations like Compassion, World Vision, or Kids with Cameras) in the lives of other women. But no! We have to go to Washington and chant “Keep Bush out of my bush!” because that’s really important.

Women dying in Calcutta at the hands of pimps isn’t important….

Women dying in honor killings in the Middle East isn’t important….

Women dying in remote villages in Africa, having been accused of witchcraft isn’t important…

Domestic violence on both genders around the globe

Female genital mutilation

The sale of young boys and girls into slavery in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe are not important either…

You know why the self-righteous feminists that were marching last week won’t give a flip about the above causes? Because they are not glamorous photo opportunities on CNN. Because fixing them is hard work. It requires sacrifice.

But we don’t have to leave their homes to make a difference.

Before you say the Empress is calling the kettle black when she’s a little teapot, the Empress puts her money where her mouth is. She bought 2.. yes 2 prints at the festival to help fund the children’s education with her tax refund money. She has also sponsored 2 children through World Vision in the past and wants to again in the future. And the Empress some day wants to take a mission trip to Russia to work with orphans. She has also signed up to partner with one of our church members who will be standing next to President Bush outlining the US position on human trafficking. Rhoda, while a drug addict, was sold into sex slavery by the Japanese mafia. Praise God that He has redeemed her and is using her past experience to bring light to an issue no one wants to confront.

After all slavery is so 19th century.

Praise God that Rhoda wound up at a church that does not judge people’s past and use it as a bar to say ‘ohhh.. well.. when you clean up your act, you can visit here.’

Let me ask the celebrities who took time out of their lounge chair lifestyles this question: do you only participate when the cameras are on? Or do you go to Planned Parenthood and help stuff envelopes? I thought so. You don’t. “But I help raise money…”

Well, bully for you. I seriously doubt Ashley Judd’s appearance at the protest last weekend made one stinkin’ bit of difference in NARAL’s bottom line. It did get Ashley some publicity though. Does she have a movie coming out in the next month?

And to the insanely radical, bad dye job college kids who’ve had one too many classes on feminist theory: why don’t you talk to some of the women who’ve had abortions? Murder doesn’t occur in a vacuum.
Praise God

Marines Find Faith Amid the Fire

My brother is in the Army National Guard and we joke about Marines. But, even the most hardened Army-man can rejoice in the knowledge that these young men realize that there was one who made a greater sacrifice.

Praise the Lord that these Marines found the Lord. Pray that they will stay strong in their faith while in the field and when they return home.

"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command." John 15:12-14 (NIV)
Fark photoshop contest

What if Middle Earth met Middle America?

My favorite is by Sneakytoes, which is 9 down. Comments Thingee (931164)

Nate's Blogger Blaster has a discussion on what women want. Nate lists several characteristics and there is some back and forth in the comments section worth reading.

What made me pause to reflect was the idea of women being more feminine will attract a more masculine man. Definately some truth to this, but I also find there is some value in being more feminine for the woman. In this little experiment of de-volving from 28 years of feminist propaganda that I'm undertaking, I have found that...


I enjoy being a girl!!!!

If you knew me 10 years ago, even 5 years ago... and quite possibly even last year, the above sentance would only slipped off my lips when singing that Doris Day song in a karaoke bar. It isn't just about cute outfits either. For the first time in my life, I feel that I am finally grasping how God designed me. And I really really like the sense of satisfaction and contentment that comes from being obedient.

Sarah hit is right on the head when she states it isn't about dominance or treating a woman like a child; it is about him taking the lead. Unfortunately, society has chopped the collective ..... off many men.

I am thrilled to see that there are still men out there... and I think most of them live in the South. But even they are a dying breed.

- The Empress Kitty
More on gay marriage

I was struck by this one line from the referenced article:

"Yet even as gay activists celebrate their civil rights milestone -- achieving their first full measure of equality -- the new Massachusetts reality has set off a ferocious backlash across the country." (emphasis mine)

Um... are gay people denied jobs? Are gay people forced to sit in the back of public transportation? Are gay people forced to drink from other fountains or go to other bathrooms? Are gay people denied their right to vote?

I don't think so. So this idea that this is their first full measure of equality is nonsense. They gay marriage movement is not the same as the civil rights movement of the last century. It's an abomination of the memory of those that fought and died to bring legal equality among the races. Gay marriage is nothing but an attempt to further erode traditional values and another marker of our post-modern, apathetic, everything is morally equivalent culture.

Pivotal day for gay marriage in U.S. nears / Massachusetts move to legalize weddings may intensify backlash in other states

Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Fashionista strikes again!!!


Do not wear cropped blue jeans that are embroidered on the cuff with green and white polka dot socks.

It's not just ugly.

It's disgusting. It took everything I had to not say to this woman in front of me at NFF "I wasn't aware the power went out anywhere in Nashville. Did you get dressed in the dark this morning?"

What on EARTH would possess someone to wear socks of any sort with cropped pants? Let alone nasty avocado green with white polka dot (that matched NOTHING else she was wearing) socks? ::shudders violently::