Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Good for them!

GrandForksHerald.com has a story about 2 gay men denied communion or a place in the choir because they are partners.

Bravo to the priest for taking a stand! Communion (or Lord's Supper) is sacred. My pastors continually emphasize that if have not sought forgiveness from God or in any way not made yourself right with the Lord, then you should not take communion. It isn't just about being gay either. If you are stealing or covering up some lie... knowingly then you shouldn't receive communion.

There have been times that I haven't taken it. I sat in my seat and prayed.. feeling obvious that I was one of the few not going up for the elements but I needed that time to focus on why there was a wedge in my relationship with God.

It is time that the Church start taking its traditions seriously. The road is long, straight and narrow. Not many will be going down this path. You can make Christianity accessible but it isn't easy. And those in leadership roles should hold those in their flock responsible for the lives they lead.