Friday, May 28, 2004


I'm trying to decide between disgusted, confused, bemused.. or would just rather leave well enough along.

I first read about The Washingtonienne yesterday in Michelle Malkin's column. Jessica, The Washingtonienne, was fired for blogging about her sex-life at work.

Thanks to the Commissar at Politboro Diktat, I found a link to her now deleted (but archived by another source) blog and took the liberty of reading her mindless rantings. If this is the state of women today, it is easy to see why I'm still single... I have standards. Her idea of playing hard -to-get is waiting till the next morning to ---- a guy. Please tell me that the men of the species do not consider her a 'lady.'

Anyway, I did link one post with an unusually high level of... um... well, I just needed hip waders.

Here's the gem of the quote:

"He [RS - the man whom she's been seeing for 3 days, possibly married... we don't know, more likely divorced] wants us to get tested together so we can stop using condoms. Isn't that sweet? Hope I don't have anything!"

So, the strength of a relationship is that you get an AIDS test so you can drop the condoms... that's a sign of real affection and love for one another. Pardon me while I wretch.

WARNING: Her blog has not-safe-for-work language.

But now that she's lost her job on the hill, she can sign up with an escort service and really be paid for what it is she does so well.. because the money she received wasn't "payment for services." It was a gift.

But she admitted that W paid her for a certain act? OK..... rationalization; justification for bad behavior - first floor, please.


Edited to state: I do not believe that W mentioned in Ms. Jessica's blog is our fine President. GWB seems to have a bit more character than that.