Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stop saying...

"See you next year!"

It's annoying and not cute. "I'll see you Tuesday" or "have a happy new year" are far more appropriate.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


One of my neighbors apparently doesn't understand how to use the trash cans provided by Metro. They were just putting one bag in my trash can and that didn't bother me. When they filled it up, I was so angry, I couldn't see straight. After completely filling it for 2 weeks in a row (to the point I had no room for my 1 bag of trash), I put a lock on mine. That has worked so far.

Now, this _@(&#)&@! has filled up someone else's can AND the green recyclable container with trash. I wouldn't be bothered by this at all IF they actually put the cans to the street, but they don't. They have been sitting there for weeks - full. I picked through it to see if I could find anything with a name or a unit number so I could talk to them (and order a trash can from Public Works to be delivered to them on their behalf). No such luck to date. Apparently, they do not receive mail or other packages with an address on it but they drink a helluva lot of wine and beer.

Yes, this is completely petty but come spring, there will be a serious problem with inscets if this idiot doesn't learn how to take his/her trash to the street. And my back deck faces the trash area. Suggestions on how to handle this?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas everybody!

Have a great weekend and a very happy holiday!


Monday, December 18, 2006

I shouldn't laugh...

but it was funny.

A grown man on a scooter, throwing his helmet on the ground in a hissy fit about something. I don't know what. I tried really really hard not to laugh but I did start snickering once my back was to him.

Memo to me: throw fits out of sight of other people.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bad Parenting, Exploitation, Radio, and Annoyance

107.5 The River has been playing calls into their Santa tip line or whatever it is. Parents and children can leave messages about who has been naughty or nice. This morning, a mother was saying over and over how bad her son was, that he doesn't listen to his mom, he was awful and that Santa should not visit him this year. All while I'm assuming said child was screaming in the background.

The second one I remember was a young girl calling in to say she had been good. In the background, her mother said "No you haven't!" The girl responded with "MOM!" and nearly went into tears.

Something that was intended to be funny and amusing exposes the emotional abuse that can and does occur with parenting. I'm sure the conversations went like "If you don't do X, I'm going to call Santa and tell him not to visit you this year." The mother in the first message was obviously distressed and at the end of her rope.

Granted, I'm not parent. I'm not particularly fond of children so say whatever you want about my grandstanding or speaking without knowledge or experience. I don't care.

I know what I heard. What I heard wasn't funny. It was sad, manipulative, hurtful, and angry. And I won't be listening any more.

Desde Brasil

Originally uploaded by pink-kitty.

Since you weren't there, you can see the photostream on flickr.

It was actually difficult to choose from the photos. There were a number of pictures with really good lines and angles (but strange expressions) that I left behind.

People were still talking about it over a week after the event. It was the number that 'woke the crowd up' and got them into the show. I had several people tell me it was the highlight of Act I or their favorite number. Even David Hamilton told me that I did an amazing job and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Todd said that after 24 years in the business, he tends to be kind of jaded when it comes to Showcase routines. "Oh great - another showcase. Let's hurry up and get it over with so we can get back to other things." He did say that after the opening step sequence he said to himself "wow - this is fun!"

That's when he told me we will be doing this routine again at Nashville Starz (formerly The Dancer's Cup) in January. It will be open to the public. Information is at

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kind of a duh thing...

But... yeah... blogging is really not my thing right now. I don't really have anything to say. Actually, I probably do (as evidenced by the 20 minutes discussion in the parking lot outside the studio on why I am a libertarian and NO it isn't a wasted vote. You may think you are being practical by holding your nose and voting for one of the major parties but if you don't agree with them... that is a wasted vote.

Turd or douche - you decide. It was really cold.)

but I'm really lazy right now. Too much mental energy that I don't have.

So, I'll be back... whenever.