Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Assigning Blame

Looking for a new reason to blame W for everything wrong in the world, there are those folks saying: George Bush and 'global warming' to blame for hurricane?

But not the hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen to build homes and businesses on the coast. It isn't their fault at all for choosing to live next to a body of water which has been known to be a pathway for hurricanes to make landfall for at least 100 years.

Nope. Personal responsibilty doesn't plan any part here.

Update: Miss O'Hara rightly pointed out that the Mississippi River is a vital avenue of commerce. I am very sorry to see so many people displaced from their homes, having lost everything they owned and possibly their jobs as businesses fold because they do not have the money to re-open. But one should assume the risk of living on a coast or in a city that is below sea level.

And where are the celebrities? No offense to the tsunami vicitims but... uh... where are those people complaining that Americans are stingy? Where is the telethon? Is it only because it happened over there or to the other that certain A-List people even bother?

True Financial Genius

WKRN has a story on the possibility that the Miss America pageant might move from Atlantic City. The owners are hoping another city might pay a fee to host the near-broke organization, in addition to paying a licensing fee, room and board, and provide a venue. You would think they are talking about a professional sports team.

Here's the most brilliant line:

"We don't need to break even. We need to put money in our pockets," he told officials here. "We are on a very short fuse financially right now."
OK, I'm not an economist. I've not had a business class either but even I know that a business does need to break even. The first couple of years might be rough but eventually, profitability should catch up. If it doesn't, it's a time to re-work the idea or close up shop. After 85 years, you'd think they would have figured this out by now.

Now, this doesn't apply if you are Donald Trump and can bilk your investors out of millions, file for bankruptcy and leave them holding the bill while you make enough to gold plate your underwear and date East European supermodels.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Freaky People

Apparently rain from a hurricane to Nashville drivers is the summer equivalent of snow. It took me 10 minutes to go 2 blocks for no other reason than people are stupid.

No wrecks. No traffic signals out. Not that many cars on the road.

I am not advocating un-safe driving because, well, most Nashville drivers are awful and they need to be more careful. But I just wanted to say "EVERYONE RUN TO KROGER FOR MILK, BREAD, and EGGS!!!!! IT'S RAINING!!!! RUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!" for all the panic and bad behavior on the road.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Vote for Pedro

For the non-Nashvillians: our Director of Schools is named Pedro Garcia

Blake pointed this out from another Nashville blogger. Apparently Pedro is wanting Metro employees to come work at a phone bank to drum up support for a sales tax increase.

I thought my comment was too funny to just leave buried at Blake's:
Because we all know if we vote for Pedro, all of our wildest dreams will come true...

And [Mayor Bill] Purcell will come out in some sweet moon boots and dance to Jamiroquai.
Napoleon Dynamite rocks.

People with money should know better

It's been a while since my snark has been unleashed at bad celebrity fashion. With the gofugyourself website (as well as thesuperficial and idon'tlikeyouanymore - or whatever its name is), there is an abundance of celebrity gossip snark to be had.

However, somethings just can't be let go....

Paris Hilton, in an attempt to channel Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind, yanked down the drapes in her family's hotel. What worked for Scarlett doesn't work for Paris. Maybe she needs the curtain rod a la Carol Burnett.

(statement from Miss O'Hara) "She looks like she swam through Vaseline."

Friday, August 26, 2005


Still no word on Kitty. She's still out there somewhere.

Stupid cat.

UPDATE: No, I didn't find her, but there was a similar looking cat in the email I got from that had me fretting. Elena doesn't think it's Kitty. When I called, they said that cat had been adopted.

I emailed Elena and said, "What if that was Kitty and someone else took her????"

Elena said,
The Web site showed that the personnel there think that kitten is a year old. Kitty's much older than that. Wouldn't they be able to tell that?
PK said,
I don't know. Some of them don't seem that bright. They do work for the government, you know.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Misusing Christianity

There are times when other 'Christians' want to make me crawl under a rock and hide because they are so freakin' stupid it isn't funny.

It isn't even sad. It's enough to leave most reasonable people aghast at their behavior. Nathan, our new TN chapter leader of Protest Warrior brought this story to our attention. Another entry can be found here.

Apparently being a moonbat doesn't just mean that one is to the left. I mean, Cindy Sheenan is looney but this is by far worse...

The Westboro cult that has website is now protesting the funerals of fallen US Service men and women saying that the US is being punished in Iraq for homosexuality.

I would make fun of it and of them but, somehow, I have more respect for our troops than that. I have more respect for people who disagree with the current policies than this group.

It is a funeral! Could it be in any more bad taste than to attack a grieving family with a non-sensical ideology than defies logic? Protest Warrior is organizing a counter-protest. I have details for those interested. Send me an email.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Second Memo: A Pink Kitty Original

From: Lisa Miller, Dean of Diversity
Harvard University

RE: Mascots

I applaud the NCAA's recent efforts to elminate harmful and offensive school nicknames and mascots. We must all work together to create a peaceful environment where no one is offended by the name of a particular sports team - only the fact that their team may lose. That is the subject of another memo. Perhaps the NCAA and other sports governing bodies will consider eliminating scoring altogether so that no student is left feeling bad about him or herself because of a loss.

I will not even begin to address the ranking system or BCS polls. Those are a travesty!

Back to the subject of nicknames, forcing schools to change obvious offenders such as Seminoles, Utes, and Warriors is not enough. We must also be sensitive to our animal friends. Names like Bruins, Gamecocks, and Ducks are harmful to animals. They create false sterotypes that animals are... well.. animals. They are not lowly animals, beneath us and here for our pleasure or to serve as workers! They are vital parts of this world; we must live in harmony with them - in the great circle of life.

I recommend that Harvard change its school color from Crimson, which invokes blood, lust, and violence, to something more sedate and non-offensive like baby blue. That color works for the University of North Carolina. It could work for us as well. Although UNC must change its nickname. Tarheel is offensive though I really don't know what it means or what it says about North Carolina history.

I'm from the North and I know better than those raggedy, backwards Southerners.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Go say Happy Birthday to Difster!

Playing with Dolls

Via a story on, I came across this... uh.... guy... who wants to be a human Ken doll.

After some searching, the only Ken doll that I found that remotely looked like him was this gay-ish looking German clubbing Ken who hangs out with Masochist Barbie. This Barbie looks like the love-child of Til Tuesday, Kajagoogoo, and a skunk.

Then I came across a trio of the most non-hetro dolls ever....

Hudson, River and Sutton? What the...? That's like your parents were hippies but they aren't now.. but they are pretending to be hippies so that the look sort of cool and to hide the fact they totally sold out and went corporate.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Have you seen me?

Help! I've been missing for almost 3 days now. My serv... I mean, human is very worried about me. Despite what my human has said about me on her blog, I really am very friendly. I would probably walk right up to you if I saw you on the street. Miss O'Hara and her Dear Fiance' can attest to exactly how cute and sweet I am.

Yes, my name is Kitty. I'm 12 years old in human years and am your typical looking domestic short-hair: gray with black stripes. I have big green eyes - that comes from the fact that I'm also 1/2 Persian.

If you are from Nashville and you've seen me, please email I'm sure my human will give you something for my safe return.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Caption Contest Winner

It's been so long... you might have forgotten there was a Caption Contest going on.

The winner is.....

"Grandma never was very good at playing Peek-A-Boo".
by Pablo

Congrats! You get to wear the Burger King Caption Crown until such time as I hold a new contest.

Monday, August 15, 2005

You can save the environment...

with your hybrid car, but the state won't let you get there any faster.


If you see this on Nashville is Talking aggregator (specifically I'm asking for help from Nashville folks because y'all folk around the country aren't going to be of much help unless you happen to know someone here in Nashville)...

Have you remodeled your home recently? Know a good contractor? I am remodeling the house in Berry Hill and would love some referrals. Email me at


Friday, August 12, 2005

Erotic Foods

You know.. just because I choose to enjoy an ice cream cone on a warm day doesn't give you permission to stare at me and wonder exactly what my tongue could do elsewhere!

How did I know? The man, who was standing nearby and staring, had a bulge in his pants that wasn't there when I sat down on the bench.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Well, which is it going to be?

Toleration of other cultures in a super-PC manner or extreme women's rights?

In this little news story, a group of faculty at VA Tech are upset that the school has segregated classes for a delegation of visiting Saudi faculty - which is in accordance with Saudi custom at their colleges and universities.

I just find this very humorous that this professor would probably tell Joe Sixpack on the street that you have to respect another culture and don't infringe upon their practices because who are you to judge. But when it plops down in the middle of their world, someone gets their panties in a wad that the other culture isn't respectful of women's rights... when everyone pretty much knows that conservative Middle Eastern cultures don't have the same appreciation for women's rights that Western societies do.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bass-Ackwards, lemme tell ya

So, my brother and I finally came to an agreement on what to do with the houses. I'm going to keep the Berry Hill house and he's going to keep the Antioch house. We can each do with them as we would like.

So I called the loan officer I had been working with to ask about switching from a mortgage to some type of home equity loan. I plan take out a small loan to do some repairs and upgrades and then pay it off with the life insurance money.

It turns out, I may have to buy a home I already own to get money to do the renovations...

Now does that make ANY sense? I didn't think so.

Perhaps it is the failure of the reader (me) to comprehend the complex issues via email. I hope that it will make more sense when we speak on the phone tomorrow.. because right now.. it's just stupid.

In the useless study department

Study: In dating, extravagant gifts keep on giving

Thank you:

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Watch where you spit....


Another He-Man is in the works. I remember the first one... it wasn't very good.

Starring super-hottie Jason Lewis of Sex and the City. He's another in the long line of proof that men in their 30's are... are.... *mind wanders off for a moment* Hm... sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yeah... men in their 30's are hot.

Strangly enough, Mr. Lewis looks a bit like Mr. Ledger. Mr. Ledger was involved in his own SATC like story while dating Naomi Watts, a woman 11 years older than him. In Mr. Lewis's story line, he hooks up with the ultimate urban cougar: Samantha Jones. But enough of that....

Will this movie have She-Ra? Who will play Skeletor? Will He-Man and Teela hook up? Or will it get all "Star Wars" on us with some brother/sister love like Luke and Leia in Empire Strikes Back? Will they get Andy Sirkis to do the human representation of Orko... or will they spare us and leave Orko out of the movie?

Thanks to Elena for the tip!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Uh.... that's an interesting ad.

Given the subject of Vox's column this week, which is where this screen shot was taken from, is it just a coincidence? Or a bad choice of wording on the part of Target? You will have to click on the picture a couple of times to get it to the right size.

The First Memo: A Pink Kitty Original

To: Harvard President Larry Summers
Harvard Deans
Harvard Department Chairs
Harvard Faculty and Staff

From: Lisa Miller, Dean for Diversity

RE: Increasing Diversity at Harvard University

To begin this note, I would like to thank President Summers for his forward thinking actions to promote diversity at this esteemed and well-respected institution. The push for increased diversity came from a contentious place (the meeting where he said the reason more women were not in the sciences because women had made other choices - like have families - that would take them off the tenure track), but I know that his actions will create a ripple effect across academia.

In my new role as Dean for Diversity, I will focus my efforts for the 2005-06 academic year on two key areas: diversity in hiring of faculty and diversity of and within the student body. This first in a series of memos will discuss hiring policies to create a more diverse faculty.

My staff will be working with the Office of Human Resources and academic departments to ensure that all top candidates are minorities – regardless of educational background or experience. Female minorities are particularly encouraged to apply as they will likely be hired. Male minorities will do well. European-American women come next, and last and least are European-American men. They are a part of the problem – the patriarchy. It must be stopped.

My office will be the shining example on which the rest of Harvard and ultimately academia should follow. I have already placed women into the management positions. Men have been hired in the support staff area, completely reversing the stereotype of the female secretary/office assistant.

It is a shame that only 11% of Harvard’s faculty are women yet represent over half of the student body. Thank you to President Summers for having the vision to correct this travesty! I look forward to the new challenges that we will face in making Harvard a truly multi-cultural university.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Modest without the FRUMP!

I'm not sure who's style they are talking about but.. uh... er... this is not cute. It's not stylish either. Why is it that modest must equal colorful burlap sack? Huh?

Girl's thought: I need to leave the house but lest I incite some man to lust, I need to be modest. I know, I will wear nana's quilt! It will keep me safe!

Just wear the burqa and get over it. At least the blue burqa is a cool color.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Caption Contest

It's a slow blog week. I've been trying to avoid just absolutely b*tching here because I know no one wants to hear it. God bless Elena and Miss O'Hara for listening to me.

For some reason, this picture needs something funny. I need something funny.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Old and Busted

That would be Perry March. You know, Nashville-folk.. the whole Janet March story from way back when. It just screamed to be made in to a TV movie (It would be for Lifetime but maybe some other crap chanel would pick it up) but since there was no end to it, it couldn't be a movie yet.

So 48-hours did a special. And the Nashville Scene did a story (thanks to NIT for linking those so I don't have to.) This will be Nashville's version of the trial of the century. I can't wait to see the media circus!

Arrested and brought back to face second degree murder charges. I couldn't be a juror because I've thought all along he did it. Why? I dunno. As one poster said on her blog: it's a very Perry Christmas.

Thanks for the Memories

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto