Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Misusing Christianity

There are times when other 'Christians' want to make me crawl under a rock and hide because they are so freakin' stupid it isn't funny.

It isn't even sad. It's enough to leave most reasonable people aghast at their behavior. Nathan, our new TN chapter leader of Protest Warrior brought this story to our attention. Another entry can be found here.

Apparently being a moonbat doesn't just mean that one is to the left. I mean, Cindy Sheenan is looney but this is by far worse...

The Westboro cult that has website is now protesting the funerals of fallen US Service men and women saying that the US is being punished in Iraq for homosexuality.

I would make fun of it and of them but, somehow, I have more respect for our troops than that. I have more respect for people who disagree with the current policies than this group.

It is a funeral! Could it be in any more bad taste than to attack a grieving family with a non-sensical ideology than defies logic? Protest Warrior is organizing a counter-protest. I have details for those interested. Send me an email.