Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Select a Candidate 2008

Select a Candidate 2008

Uh... der... Ron Paul was my number one choice by a long shot. John Edwards is the candidate at the bottom.

Enjoy! Results may not be entirely accurate for you. For entertainment purposes only... and maybe get you to think or something.

Friday, September 21, 2007

More Compare and Contrast

Marie Osmond....


You make the call.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Ron Paul epiphany

The Ron Paul epiphany from Vox Day.

It's required reading. There will be a test in November 2008.

Your Secret Life

and my secret life, too. Doubts, worries, fear of being found out that you aren't who you say your are. Tell me about it. I got a wonderful card from a lady at church who said that I was wise. I laughed and said 'if she only knew.' A few days later, God pressed on me HARD to start studying Proverbs, especially 3:5-6.

OK, that isn't the same as the hidden affairs, bad finances, crumbling marriages but secrets start somewhere.

If heading to church is just too much or too far away, check out the blog. Honesty is a good thing. Bring it out into the open.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Favorites

You just need to watch because Shalene is everything I want to be in a ballroom dancer. This was their showdance from Ohio Star Ball 2006. It was their official retirement dance (though there was 1 more dance in the competition). And she is in near tears at the end. When I saw the debut at the studio, I was just sobbing. I'm all choked up right now. Talk amongst yourselves. The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, Roman or an Empire. Discuss.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear Apple Haters,

The next time you whine about how expensive Apple products are or that they aren't any different that Dell, Treos, Blackberrys, Vista or whatever, please note that Apple is giving the difference in cost of the iPhones back to people who purchased them within 14 days of Wednesday's price drop.

And those of us who bought them earlier - even back to iPhone Day - are getting a $100 Apple store credit.

I certainly didn't expect them to do anything for the early adopters because one has to decide where jump on the bandwagon because there is always something better, faster, smaller, cheaper in the pipeline. It isn't a matter of being punished for being first. My iPhone has done everything I wanted it to do and more. I'm very happy with it and what I paid for it. But yep... that store credit will be put to good use. New iPod? Leopard? AppleTV? So many choices!!! Curse you Steve Jobs for making my decision difficult!

Anyway, I don't think that Palm, Dell, Microsoft, or any of the other big companies (including the game console manufacturers) would do the same thing. If they did, I might have missed it because... well, there is only Apple in PK's world.

Most sincerely,
Pink Kitty

I don't think MacRumors meant for that to happen...

A Zune ad.... on macrumors.com. Hah.