Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Discovery

I was out shopping for home furnishings this weekend and made my way into Pottery Barn. I've never visited the store before but heard stuff about it. After about 10 minutes I decided that Pottery Barn is for people who would probably shop at Pier 1 except they think it's better to spend $2000 on a chair instead of $500.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's Kat's birthday! Yippee!!!

*The Knights of the Roundtable dance whenever they are able*
*Gandalf brings the fireworks*

Furniture Placement Question

Do I put my 7ft couch on the wall that is just barely 8ft long or do I just go buy a new couch that fits the size of the space?

I really like my old couch. At present, I am thinking of having it recovered and re-stuffed because other than that, it's in great shape. The thing has an oak frame. The just don't make them like that anymore. It's also a sofa bed (though it is probably more comfortable to sleep on the cushions as opposed to the mattress.)

*sigh* It will cost about $150 to replace the mattress and re-upholstering it could run up to $800 depending on fabric and other details.

I... just... don't... know.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Learning things...

I've had a youtube account for a while but just now uploaded my first video. Hee.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's a good thing he's cute...

because Smith isn't that bright.

Here he is with his head suck in a Special K cereal bar box. Wesson was sitting on the other side of the kitchen. I know he was laughing on the inside.

My heroine!

Here I am in Evergreen CO just a couple of weeks ago with my favorite belly dancer, Rachel Brice. I just love her!

FWIW - I uploaded a mess of photos to flickr in case you are curious or bored....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Secret Agent Elena Revealed

Photo found here.

Dance Etiquette

Duke Diva and I went to the park Saturday evening for Tango in the Park. It was Argentine Tango with some random Latin dancing thrown into the mix. Before it got started, there was a short class to give people some very basic info on how to tango.

Those not already coupled up were asked to come to the center of the pavilion so they could find other non-paired up partners. I asked the guy standing next to me if he wanted to be my partner.

He said "OK."

PK: "Well, we should move to the side so that they will not think we are still looking for partners."

AND HE WALKED OFF! To the other side of the pavilion. To find another dance partner. I cannot really verbalize how offensive this was to me. I've been called very bad names and that didn't bother me. This... this bothered me. Someone told me that they heard him say he wanted to find someone who could dance, which caused me to yell something not-safe-for-work. I know I don't look like the petite little thing he wound up dancing with but... uh... I can dance.

So, I wished him bad dance karma for breaking the social dance rules. "May you not dance the rest of the night. If you do happen to convince some girl to dance with you, may she step on your feet for 2 minutes straight."

Duke Diva pointed him out to me as the class moved on. He moved like Frankenstein.

So, as the Big Band Dances in the Park weekly free music/dance thing gets underway in June here in Nashville, here are some general social dance event rules.

1) Never decline an opportunity to dance. It is only 3 minutes. It isn't an engagement. It isn't a date. Don't think of it as such. Just let go of the puffy hearts and stars now.

Also, it is socially acceptable for either gender to ask for a dance. While it is still largely the man's responsibility, if there is a gent that you want to dance with, lady, go ask him.

2a) If you must decline an invitation to dance (say you are resting after a particularly fast cha-cha), do NOT dance that song. Keep your rear in your seat, go get something to drink, or go to the bathroom. Do not dance for the duration of that song. If you want to be really polite, offer to dance with them on a future song. "No, I'm taking a break but would you like to dance the next song?"

The only possible exception I would personally allow for this is your significant other/spouse or competitive dance partner. I'm not sure I would dance with my instructor if I declined a dance and he came up and asked me to dance.

2b) Now, if he is a bad leader (meaning you get walked into multiple people or you can't figure out what in the world he's trying to get you to do) or you need to perform constant hand checks because he is touching you inappropriately, or she is leering at you, decline all future dances with a "no, thank you." and leave it at that. If you are at a dance studio, find out who their instructor is and talk to that person. If you are the park or a random social dance event, and they get pushy as to why you won't dance with them, you can say "I don't like the way your hold me/look at me" or whatever it is.

3) Use Altoids/breath strips/mints/gum. No one wants to know you had tuna for lunch. (PK's note: I was in a group class with a guy who reeked of tuna. Every time I rotated around to him, I would barely breathe. It was AWFUL! You don't want your partner passing out because they refuse to breathe around you because you stink. That's very bad.)

4) Use perfume/aftershave. Don't swim in it but please try to smell good. At the very least, shower and use deoderant before dancing. If you have a tendancy to get really sweaty during exercise, bring a clean shirt to change into after a while. And bring a towel to wipe your hands/arms/face off.

5) Don't correct/teach/criticize on the dance floor. If they are bad, you never have to dance with them again (see 2b). If they are hurting you, gently say "that hurts!" or "you are pinching me!"

If something goes wrong, just assume it was your fault even if you know it wasn't. Say "Sorry" and move on. That is assuming that they noticed something is wrong. If they don't notice, don't bring it up.

6) Dance with many different people. That's why it's called "social" dancing. Don't dance with just the person you came with.

7) Smile and have fun!

I know it seems like a lot to remember but it is just common sense. Be polite and treat others how you would like to be treated. For the experienced dancer out there, you were a beginner once. Remember how you felt at your first social dance event - nervous and confused. Someone took the time to talk and dance with you early on so that you would get better. Have the occasional dance with someone new. It won't kill you.

For the beginner, don't be afraid to ask questions. If you see that awesome couple out on the floor and then sitting down at a table, I'm sure they would love to chat with you about dancing.

A near thesis on dance etiquette can be found here. More tips from one of the Harvard Ballroom Clubs and from Street Swing.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gettin' His Groove Thang On

Whoever this guy is... he's bustin'a move all over the internet. I saw it linked on tribe a few days ago. It's very funny.

Admit it - you tried to moonwalk. And you tried to do that Brady Bunch dance. Or shake it like Travolta. I even do a reasonably good impression of the N'Sync dance from bye-bye-bye.

Word to your mutha.

Saying It Outloud

On the chance that my attempt at being silly comes across as hurtful, I want to revise something.

The wedding I mentioned was that of the former Miss O'Hara's and her Darling. I thought what I was saying was goofy. It was pointed out to me that it came across as though I didn't want to be there.

I wanted to be there. I was honored to be a part of their special day. It was my privilege to be there and support their union before God and their family and friends. Shoot - I was the one crying during her walk down the aisle - at rehearsal and the ceremony.

I am humbled that the former Miss O'Hara thought enough of me to ask me be a part of her wedding though we had only met in person one time.

It continues to be my privilege to lift them up in prayer every day that God will watch over them, guide her Darling as the leader of their house, strengthen their relationship together and in Christ, and that the former Miss O'Hara will continue to grow in the Proverbs 31 woman I know she is.

She is someone that I look up to, respect, and admire. There are many qualities about her I want in my own life. Knowing her and being a part of the biggest day of her life outside of the day she accepted Christ is a blessing.

The former Miss O'Hara and Darling, I truly apologize if my comments were in anyway hurtful or cast any shadow on your special and joyous day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Easily Entertained

My dad used to say that about me.

Occasionally I like to look at my sitemeter thing-a-ma-jig to see where and how people got here. You know how google will put together random words found on your blog and you'll get hits for "clowns ice cream sex" or some such nonesense. This amuses me in the same way my kitties are amused by shiny things. It's good for about 2 minutes and then I need to move on.

Well, my latest surge in hits was courtesy of my Kenny Chesney post from a couple of weeks ago. It was linked to a fan board. They were discussing whether or not I was legit. Was it nice to say that Kenny looked rode hard and put up wet (he did. At least I didn't say he looked gay - which other bloggers have said.) And "What kind of person sees them at lunch and then runs back to blog about it? They do deserve some privacy!"

Uh... and that person making that statement would probably have bothered Kenny for his autograph while he tried to enjoy his potatos. Celebs in Nashville have it better than just about any other major city. They can go out to lunch and eat in the main room and not be bothered. Not that Jackson's has a super-secret VIP room. We don't have legions of paparazzi running around town. Unlike in LA, we don't have reports of stores shutting down just because Faith Hill wants to go clothes shopping. And as much as it drives some fans crazy when they see their favorite star out at Kroger, and they DESPERATELY want a picture/autograph, we just don't do that.

Why? Because they need their privacy. By the time I got back to my desk to blog about my Kenny Chesney sighting, I'm sure they were done eating and gone. I stand by whatever journalistic ethics I have! I didn't break the Nashville-resident code! I am innocent, I tell ya!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Home again, Home again

or "Why PK finds the Department of Homeland Security amusing."

So I have spent WAY too much time in airports over the last 3 weeks. First there was some girl's wedding that I barely know.. but she asked me to be in the wedding. I couldn't very well say no to the opportunity to buy a new dress and some fab shoes so off we went to Detroit.

Then there was belly dancing in Florida...

And more belly dancing this past weekend in Denver. Aside from Nashville, Denver has to be my favorite city.

But this isn't about that. This is about why I find airport security funny. They have this program called US-VISIT. It's slogan: Keeping America's Doors Open and Our Nation Secure. I don't know why but... I find this little slogan incredibly amusing. Particularly when my flight back home is delayed by almost 45 minutes while Homeland Security folks inspect the plane I'm supposed to be on because its point of origin was Cancun and international flights require extra stuff.

Note: this is the imagined conversation I had in my head while waiting in line to get to the detector, behind the couple that had WAY more junk than the 2 carry-on bag limit. They had to use 6, 8, or 14 of those gray bins. I lost count. They had at LEAST 6 bags and then were carrying a bunch of stuff on hangers - some big ugly purple/white 'fur' pimp coat. Eww. Whose bright idea was it to buy that thing? It made me wish I was wearing my GoFugYourself "I hate what you are wearing" t-shirt.
"What's in your bag?"
"What kind of stuff?"
"Notebooks, water bottle, jewerly, pens."
"Is there anything that would stick me if I were to reach down there."
"The large silver hair pins. The earrings. The big tribal bracelet has some sharp edges, too."
*concerned look from screener because I certainly don't look like the kind of girl that would wear spikey jewelry*
*awkward silence*
"Are we done? Can I go now?"
*pokes through bag, minding the sharp objects. Hands bag back.*
"Have a nice day."
But this conversation didn't happen. Not the other day. It did on the way back from Detroit when I had to warn the screener about the earrings.
"OH! I have a necklace just like that!" said the screener.
And then it almost collapsed into a discussion of jewelry instead of looking for bombs and stuff. Doesn't *that* make you feel all safe and secure at our nation's aiports?

At least they were nice.

Just to have some fun, what should the motto of Homeland Security be?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gastronomical Gateway

Yep, PK is traveling again; so it's Elena's turn to "woman" the helm. So...here's the promised post...a little late.

Find some great dining ideas here...

Denver, CO

Mataam Fez
PK raves and raves about this great Denver eatery. Or did you mean the Boulder location, PKs?

Charleston, SC (with Duke Diva last fall)

Tommy Condon's
The Irish pub we lunched at on a cloudy day... Yummy sandwiches!

Bocci's Italian Restaurant
In a city where seafood is king, you can also get some fine Italian food. This lovely place, facing Church Street, combines elegance and simplicity, dignity and warmth. It's like a Sunday lunch at an Italian grandma's house, that got a little gussied up for dinner. Enjoy the coastal breezes from the French door openings.

Hyman's Seafood Company
Eating at Hyman's is an experience and an event. Be prepared to wait in line. But trust me, the food is worth the wait. Yes, you can go in your cutesy-pootsy wear, but if you must wear jean shorts, those are fine too. Part of the fun is finding out what famous persons once sat at your table. I think Timothy Dalton sat at a table near ours, when he was filming Scarlett (the sequel to Gone with the Wind). *sigh*

Jestine's Kitchen
Hoo, boy! You ain't eaten in Chahlestuhn, till you done eat at Jestine's! (There's a tidbit o' Gullah thrown in there for ya.)

Detroit, MI

La Shish
This Detroit-area chain of restaurants boasts some of the best hommous PK has ever eaten. I agree with her.

Nashville, TN

Fresh ingredients and tasty combos make this little place on Church Street a favorite lunch destination for downtown Nashville workers.

House of Kabob
Chicken should always taste this good.

Parisa's (Search for it here.)
The Persian restaurant every foodie must try. Delightful atmosphere as well as delicious dishes.

Germantown Café
Trendy meets casual dining. You can go there in khakis or your favorite little black dress. (Please, no dungarees—this is a NICE restaurant.) It is the place that made me change my mind about eating pork... pork tenderloin can actually be an elegant dish. (No more dry, season-salt-dredged pork chops for me!)

Krispy Kreme
Beware the Hot! sign... it's like the song of the sirens, calling us all to the doom of our healthy eating plans. If you can resist making the trek a daily one and can keep your donut dining to a once-in-a-blue-moon treat, then your treat outta be a ring of KK yeasty goodness. If you're gonna leap off the wagon, you might as well go for the good stuff (not the mediocre stuff).

Enjoy your gastronomic adventures!

Next time... Meat 'n' Threes and Greasy Spoons :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Ben Affleck rumored to play Kirk in new Star Trek movie

OK... I know. It is actually kind of funny to think about it. Ben Affleck [who needs acting lessons (see Team America for the song)] would play Capt. Kirk, originally played by William Shatner... who can't act his way out of a paper sack.

What would be said over the Star Trek franchise in Sick Bay? "It's dead, Jim."

I want Firefly back.

Ohhh. That would be funny. A scene between dueling Capt. Kirk's - one by Shatner and the other by Affleck. Wasn't there an episode with 2 Kirks and they had to fight each other? That seems to happen alot on Star Trek.

Monday, May 01, 2006

On the Road Again...

I was on the road this past weekend. I went to an undisclosed location in Florida for a bellydance thing-a-ma-gig. Lots of dancing. Lots of drumming. Lots of feeling like the geek trying to figure out a way to sit at the cool kids table. Add that to the dance geek moments... "OH WOW! That's so-n-so! Sitting at the next table!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" or "I'm in a class taught by so-n-so!" - /end internal monologue. And lots of good times to be had by all...

And lots of pit hair.

*gags* *shudders* *twitches* *gags again*

On women.

Not just the "I haven't shaved in a few days" kind of hair. NO! I'm talking full-on, fully grown, "I'm making some sort of granola-crunchy/feminist statement about beauty" arm pit hair. I know that shaving is a recent development in the human schemes of things but... ick. It completely distracted me from one performance for about the first minute. And this other lady... I looked at her and she just exudes a wonderfully soft feminine quality that I would love to have in my life (I can be a little.. uh.. hard and blunt). So lovely, graceful, and sweet. And then she lifted up her arms and there's all that hair. *twitch*

And the hairy legs. The umpteen piercings didn't bother me. The tattoos? Nope. But pit and leg hair? You bet ya.

Truthfully, I'm just way too preppy for the tribal crowd. I'm not all that granola crunchy. I like red meat. I like my car. I was fighting the urge to channel Eric Cartman and go on a hippie hunting rampage. It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel.

UPDATE 5/2/06: Funny, how I found this article on the history of shaving our pits and legs via fark.com just this morning.