Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Easily Entertained

My dad used to say that about me.

Occasionally I like to look at my sitemeter thing-a-ma-jig to see where and how people got here. You know how google will put together random words found on your blog and you'll get hits for "clowns ice cream sex" or some such nonesense. This amuses me in the same way my kitties are amused by shiny things. It's good for about 2 minutes and then I need to move on.

Well, my latest surge in hits was courtesy of my Kenny Chesney post from a couple of weeks ago. It was linked to a fan board. They were discussing whether or not I was legit. Was it nice to say that Kenny looked rode hard and put up wet (he did. At least I didn't say he looked gay - which other bloggers have said.) And "What kind of person sees them at lunch and then runs back to blog about it? They do deserve some privacy!"

Uh... and that person making that statement would probably have bothered Kenny for his autograph while he tried to enjoy his potatos. Celebs in Nashville have it better than just about any other major city. They can go out to lunch and eat in the main room and not be bothered. Not that Jackson's has a super-secret VIP room. We don't have legions of paparazzi running around town. Unlike in LA, we don't have reports of stores shutting down just because Faith Hill wants to go clothes shopping. And as much as it drives some fans crazy when they see their favorite star out at Kroger, and they DESPERATELY want a picture/autograph, we just don't do that.

Why? Because they need their privacy. By the time I got back to my desk to blog about my Kenny Chesney sighting, I'm sure they were done eating and gone. I stand by whatever journalistic ethics I have! I didn't break the Nashville-resident code! I am innocent, I tell ya!