Sunday, October 31, 2004

Post-Halloween Wrap Up

I had about 20 trick or treaters, the most I've had since my mom passed away and I took over handing out the candy.

Nate had the teenage hookers in training, I had the "If you were any cuter, I would cry" kids... and the "Why the heck are you out? You aren't even dressed up. You are too old to be doing this. Get off my lawn" group.

There was this little boy being carried by dad in a bee costume sucking on his thumb. They asked me to hold the bag of pretzels out to see if he would take it on his own since this is his first Halloween and as Nate said, at that age, it's about showing off the baby. When I wiggled the bag and the pretzels made a noise, he giggled and reached out for it. Once the bag was in hand, he started shaking it like crazy.

Who needs food when you have a new toy?

Friday, the kids at the daycare at work went trick or treating around campus. The last group to come around were the 3 & 4 year olds. The little boy in the lead was in a tiger costume. He was looking around like he had never seen trees before. When they got to our building, I crouched down and said "You are so cute, you little tiger. I'm scared of you!"

His response: a big huge grin and "RRRRAAAAWWWWRRRR!"

Yeah - it was just that cute.

Edit: The baby boy was in the bee costume. Not the dad. If it were that way around, it would just be creepy and I probably would have stayed inside.
Tales from the Bubba

When we were younger, I went through a period where I called my little brother, Bubba. It never stuck.

UT Man is back in town for his 10 day leave before deploying to Iraq and has a full social calendar while in town courtesy of BamaGirl (the girlfriend). Today's activity, and why I did not attend the counter protest, was lunch at some converted market in Christiana, TN.

Excellent food by the way. If you leave a buffet and aren't full - it's your own stupid fault.

Anyway, this was the one place he wanted to eat at before going overseas and being subjected to MRE's for the next year. BamaGirl called and asked them to be sure their Snicker Cake was on the dessert table. They went one better. The made UT Man a whole Snicker Cake to take home with him. It weighs like 10 lbs. It's huge! The waitresses wrote messages all over the box of thanks and encouragement.

When the waitress announced that he was going to Iraq, the entire restaurant stood up and applauded.

And that makes a sister proud.

Friday, October 29, 2004

A Bush Campaign Diary

- by Empress Kitty -

The spirit of America Past visits George Bush during a campaign stop and kisses his shoulder blade. No word on if America Present or America Yet to Come will also be visiting him before 3am.

This W goes in costume - ready for Halloween.

Wonder Twin Powers - Activate!

Yes... yes... all the W's will go out and do my bidding! Fly! Fly little W's!

Jeb Bush: Hey.. uh.. does anyone know why my tie is like this? Wait - you guys aren't wearing ties. Why didn't you tell me? Your stylist was supposed to tell my stylist...

The band tunes its instruments

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday one day early to Elena!

Happy birthday to yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!

Pretty Green Polka-Dotted Sky: What a girl wants
Queer Eye for the Workplace Guy

It isn't enough that metrosexuals have taken over TV.. no. They have moved into workplace management fad.

(I'm glad that I'm out of organizational theory classes because I'm so sure this would come up in how to manage people)

Workplace Moves to Metrosexual Mode offers advice to men on how to succeed by adopting feminine traits of concensus building, good posture, and other 'soft skills.' This prompted one consultant to write a paper called "The Feminization of Men."

Oh lord in heaven! What has happened? What have we done to frighten away all the men? What have we done to bring down the idea of masculinity?

The author of the study now says that the glass ceiling is back because metrosexuals are vaulting past women for top jobs by adopting feminine traits.. and that women were given 20 years of bad advice. You know 'be like a man in the workplace. Don't care, work all the time, climb over everyone. It doesn't matter' schtick. It doesn't matter what women do, it will always be the fault of men.

(Side note: I saw a bumper sticker that said "Be a Patriarch" yesterday)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Kerry Campaign Diary

- by Empress Kitty -

Finally - the stupid ballons show up. I'm so happy. I love ballons as much as John Edwards loves bunnies.

Kerry shows off typical body language in France - "we surrender!". Bruce "the Boss" Springsteen looks on, upset that the guitar has prevented him from following suit. He is also cranky that he was not selected as John Kerry's running mate. Bruce would have kicked butt in the Senate - rockin' the house during roll call! YEAH!

The mothership is landing and calling him home. *music from 2001 playing in the background*

John Edwards shows he is Jesus, too.

That woman is in trouble. She took 2 stickers and is upset that she can't have a third. "Give me my sticker you whipper snapper! Don't you know that I walked up hill both ways in the snow to get to the polling place?"

Only Kerry-Edwards supporters cut their grass and make their yard nice. Bush-Cheney folks are evil and let it grow up high.. but it gives a place for the bunnies to hide. Maybe it isn't all bad. For a handsome looking yard, vote Kerry-Edwards.

(All pictures found at Yahoo! News. The W diary coming tomorrow.)

Useless study of the week award!
"Twenty percent of all searching [on the web] was sex-related back in 1997, now it's about 5%," said Amanda Spink....
Well, they don't have to search for it when it comes by the dozens to your email box. Der...

And the golden quote goes to:
"We were surprised that people weren't doing more complex searches," Spink said. "I think people aren't trained very well to use the search engines."
*blink... blink* Really? Nooooo. You don't say? The sleep deprived koala could have told you that and given the Empire the money. We need it till we get paid tomorrow. - Experts: Web searches for sex declining
Did you know?

There is a Visa Type:
O-1; Alien of Extraordinary Ability?

I didn't. We best be careful.. talented aliens are walking around.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's the dress, the hair.. EVERYTHING!

I can't find my bouquet. I've looked everywhere for it.

What? Do you know where it is? I haven't seen it since I sat down over there. It's just gone.

Why are you laughing? Help me find my frickin' bouquet!
The caption courtesy of

Not only is the dress nasty but she has little girl ponytails in her hair. I have not worn my hair like that since I was maybe... 7. Visit their site for other appauling bridal "fashions".. including a University of Tennessee Big Orange wedding dress.

Wictory Wednesday

The lovely Miss O'Hara asked me to write a post in support of Wictory Wednesday, a campaign around the Republican Blogs that encouraged their readers to give of their time and money.

When the Professor and I spoke recently about who I was going to vote for. He encouraged me to vote for John Kerry (and to get my friends to do the same. The Professor has yet to meet my friends ...... VERY few plan to vote for Kerry). I told him I was going to vote for Badnarik.

But the constant nipping I've received at work about the 1 day I had a Bush/Cheney sticker up has caused me to reconsider. "How could you..." "Why would you..." "Don't you know...."

I planned on voting based on my libertarian principles... protesting the major parties. But it will not make one flippin' difference and I don't think I will feel good about it. I agree with Vox - W is no conservative and is barely passing for a Republican with his voracious spending habits.

It is my vote... and I'm going to cast it to tick off all my co-workers. I am voting for George W. Bush.

Academe needs to stop harassing those of us who lean Right of Center!

In related news, a former LP Presidential candidate is coming out in support of Bush. (via
The Democratic Party today is a haven for anti-Semites, racists, radical environmentalists, plundering trial lawyers, government employee unions, and numerous other self-serving elites who despise the Constitution and loathe private property. It is opposed to free speech: witness the mania for political correctness and intimidation on college campuses, and Kerry's threat to sue television stations that carry the Swift Boat ads. If given the power to do so, Democrats will use any possible means to suppress opposing viewpoints, particularly on talk radio and in the university system. They will attempt to enact "hate speech" and "hate crime" laws and re-institute the Fairness Doctrine, initiate lawsuits, and create new regulations designed to suppress freedom of speech and intimidate their political adversaries. They will call it "defending human rights." This sort of activity may well make up the core of a Kerry administration Justice Department that will have no truck with the rule of law except as a weapon to use against opponents.
They already suppress it at universities with hate speech codes, "free speech zones" - where you can say what you like but if you attempt to say what you like anywhere else on campus, you could face disciplinary action, tolerance of the heckler's veto when conservative speakers come to campus, etc...

(Be sure to read the other articles linked in the original letter to see more reasons why libertarians should support W.)

One of the comments on the original blog with the letter said "why don't people take the time to educate themselves about all the candidates and then make an informed decision?" Because they are too stupid and lazy to do that! You have to do some research to decide what principles, values, and issues matter most to you. Reading about the candidates takes work. The mainstream voter guides often ignore third party candidates. Heaven forbid we have any personal responsibility around here!

I think the best libertarians, Constitution or Green party supporters can hope for is to do well enough to be a part of the national debate. The unfortunate thing for libertarians is that it will take much more work to make America go in that direction than it will to go in the Green or Socialist direction.

Of the two major candidates, W is more friendly to libertarian principles than Kerry will ever be. And that is something I can support.
The single most useless major at any college or university

At first, I was going to say Human and Organizational Development - the crap major my employer has that funnels people into classes on Meyers Briggs, organizational theory and the wonders of Power Point presentations.

Then there is Urban Studies, which seems to be very popular with football players at many of the top 25 schools. And by top 25, I mean in the BCS - not US News.

But no, I think the most useless major is sociology. What do you do with that in the real world? I took 3 sociology classes as an undergrad and I cannot recall an instance of critical thinking being used. I vividly recall getting in a shouting match with one of the guys in my class (who eventually became a pretty good bud once the rhetoric died down) about gender.

I went to see my Professor about my paper topic. The parents of the guy I was seeing at the time were from Brazil. So I thought that would be interesting, considering they were Seventh Day Adventists in the very Catholic Brazil. I wanted to write my paper on religious minorities in Brazil. I found several books and articles; I was set to talk to his parents.

"No you can't do that."
"Because why?"
"Because I said so."

And then some blather about how those were differences we couldn't see and I needed to write on racial discrimination.

"There aren't any resources in the library on racial discrimination in Brazil. There are 3 books on religion..."

Mike Adams, the wonderful Professor from North Carolina, answers the question of
"Why Johnny's Sociology Professor is a Marxist". My sociology professor was a Marxist. I was a liberal feminist at the time and even she grated on my nerves with her lovey-dovey schtick. The second class I took with her was the same term I took my Judiciary and the Constitution - or how to make libertarians. My responses were often quite different.

"Please explain to me WHY this should be the government's responsibility?"

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

All the Caption Contests you can take!

Well, maybe not contests but some people with some imagination are telling silly stories about Rumsfeld, Kerry, and Bush.
Overheard in the hallway

Secretary: Have you seen the Dean?
Person 1: No, I haven't.

Secretary: Have you seen the Dean?
Persons 2 and 3: No. Not since early this morning.

Secretary: Have you seen the Dean?
Person 4: No. It isn't my day to keep up with him.
How...? What?

This must be wrong.

Miss O'Hara and I were BOTH listed as Progressive Girls. We decided that the quiz was biased and only dealt with girls that have liberal tendancies.. there was no where for us cool chicks of the Right to fit in.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I am open to new experiences and will try just about anything.

I am not in NOW, Planned Parenthood or the Sierra Club. You will find me at a Libertarian Party or Protest Warrior event.

You will never hear me utter "Susan Sarandon says..." unless it pertains to her character in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

via Dariana

Monday, October 25, 2004

When you only get one side of the story...

You think everything about a particular area stinks. For example, when the local news runs story after story about break-ins, murder, robbery, government corruption, etc... you start to think that life sucks and you wouldn't want to live there anymore.

Then comes the heart warming humanitarian story about someone adopting the puppies stranded by the fire. Awwwwww.... then the city doesn't suck so bad.

Well, all we hear about on the news is how Iraq is apparently in the toilet of the world and we should get the heck out while the gettin' is good. I'm sick of it. Via Bill at INDC, here is a lengthy update on some GOOD things happening in Iraq...

like open debates on democracy and its future in Iraq at universities, internet service expanding at those universities, the upcoming voter registration campaign, Iraq being removed from the US list of state's that sponsor terrorism, 10,000 Glock pistols arriving for the Iraqi police, and how the residents of Fallujah are hacked off at the foreign insurgents endangering their lives.

Yes, Iraq is a dangerous place. No one is denying that, but why not share the occasional good story? Let us know that there is life growing after Saddam, huh?

Read it and be encouraged.
Sense of humor required

Gilly supplies this radio commercial the DNC dreams about.
Office Politics

Only designated persons will be allowed to operate the microwave. Posted by Hello

(I don't remember where I found this... probably on, but you can make your own warning signs here.)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Things we learn on Cable Access

That toothpaste is a product of the devil designed to keep the black man down... Louis Farrakhan.

And that perfumed douches are going to kill women because they are filled with aluminum when the Quran calls for women to cleanse themself after their monthly cycle with white vinegar.

Both methods sound icky to me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And just how big do you want it?

I have a coffee table for sale.. actually it is a rolling table ottoman but given the intelligence of some people, I just called it a coffee table.

So this guy calls up and asks about. He asks "how big is it?"

PK: "Well, sir, I've not measured but it's a pretty good size. I would guess it's 2' x 3' but it could be a little bit bigger."

Guy: "No. That's not big enough. Thanks."

PK after hanging up phone: "What? It's a coffee table.. not a freakin' dinner table. How big do you want it?"
*gasp!* Free Market!

Alert! Alert! RockyNoggin has suggested that we allow the Free Market to regulate prescription drug prices.

For Shame! You are suggesting that we remove all government controls that would inhibit companies to compete effectively in the marketplace. How dare you!

They are there to help us... to protect us....

*all said will trying desperately to keep a straight face*
A new plan from the Empress

Miss O'Hara: I want some almond M&Ms
Pink Kitty: Go get some then.
Miss O'Hara: I just might. I am just not sure I want to pay $1.25 for them at the deli downstairs.

The plan is to price fix the small bags of M&Ms for under .75 a bag.. otherwise it is highway robbery for those of us who need our afternoon chocolate high!

Yes, I know it is completely anti-thetical to my libertarian principles but sometimes the government MUST take action!

M&Ms MUST be affordable and able to be purchased by the masses!
Saving Elena

I don't know if Elena will fuss at me or not but I'm going to say it anyway...

Elena is a Type 1 diabetic, meaning she has had diabetes since she was a child.

Lee Iacocca lost his wife to diabetes years ago and began a foundation to find a cure. Clinical trials will hopefully start soon, moving from mice to humans. The trials in mice have been very successful.

As Elena said, if all goes well, she could be cured by the time she is 40. And that would be such a God thing.

Join Lee Now

Iacocca Foundation

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Scratches to the post

Nate opines:

Do neither of you have men in your lives?

As Elena can attest to, this comment touched a very deep nerve.

While I’m sure it was not Nate’s intention, it hurt and made me very angry. Many of the men in my life are now deceased or in harm's way heading to Iraq. Those that are left barely know me.

I’m not sure having a man in my life would change my interest in pop culture. Sure, it might lessen it because there are other things to do. So does working on the estates I am trying to close out, the new drama ministry at church, Bible study, and walking – all things I do on a regular basis.

Nate, I am glad that you visit and you are most certainly welcome. I think you are a funny guy and your stories leave me in stitches - it's like listening to my dad. But, if my blog-centered obsession with pop culture bothers you, there are thousands of others to read and some linked there on the right that have nothing to do with shoes, Clay Aiken, or Survivor.

The best way you could help me in this area is to pray that Godly men would be brought into my life as friends.
How to spend a slow afternoon at work...

Looking up buzzwords at Some selections:

bobbleheading: The mass nod of agreement by participants in a meeting to comments made by the boss even though most have no idea what he just said.

helicopter mom: An overprotective and overly-involved mom. Helicopter moms can't simply drop their kids off at school. They must visit their children's classroom daily to hover and see how they are doing – embarrassing the child and irritating the teacher.

spinach cinema: A movie that’s supposedly “good for you,” but you dread having to see.

wardrobe malfunction: A term that could not be found in the 3,307,998,701 Web pages searched by Google until Justin Timberlake used it to explain Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl unveiling.

yogurt cities: Cities with thriving "active cultures" -- museums, symphonies, opera, independent bookstores, etc. -- where baby boomers will choose to retire (instead of retirement communities).

I see that I have a variety of new visitors courtesy of trackbacks from the Commissar and My Pet Jawa. Thanks for visiting and I hope that you will come back again soon!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Something for Miss O'Hara

Aladdin has a new song on it called "Proud of your boy." There is a music video of this new song on disc 2... performed by Clay Aiken.
Scratches left to the post

Elena adds...
Computer, run Perkiness Program 5.

*morphs into BHS cheerleader* We've got bias, yes, we do! We've got bias; how 'bout you! OK! Yeah! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh!!! Spirit fingers!!! *twinkles fingers*

Computer, end program.
What? Who are you and what have you done with Elena!
You know you blog too much when...

You are at the movies and see the intials LGF and think "What isLittle Green Footballs doing with a movie?" and are a bit shocked to see it really means "Lions Gate Films."
I need you like...

Ben Affleck needs acting school.... Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you.

One of the choice lines from "Team America: World Police." The Empress gives it all paws up (but not in that French surrender kind of way.) Funniest movie of 2004. I am in love with Trey Parker and Matt Stone! They totally make the hot conservative guy list - because they are so funny!

The songs make the movie and it's such a shame that they will be ignored by the Academy (mostly due to the fact they cannot be performed on network tv without some editing). Another song:

"Montage. To show it all would take too long. You need a montage. To show him going from a beginner to a pro, you need a montage. Even Rocky had a montage."

Kim Jong-Il sounds like Cartman doing his Vietnamese prostitute impression. It's great!

Warning: The language is horrible.. wow. But, even with all the four letter words (it can never be televised aside from pay per view, I think), it is definately worth the price of admission. War mongering neo-cons get it just as it was great to see Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin get their come uppance.

Update: Rusty at My Pet Jawa is keeping tabs of what the right side of the blogosphere thinks about "Team America."

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Lessons learned in the Wal Mart parking lot

No amount of gangsta rap boomin' out the windows is going to give a guy who looks like Opie driving a blue station wagon any street cred.

So not cool.. and Erik's Kia is better for it. :)

Friday, October 15, 2004

The Commissar got me!

I'm on trial for crimes against the State... the Politburo is after me... but they shall never take me!

The Politburo Diktat: Show Trial #14
Cleaning up the camera-phone

From Oktoberfest Posted by Hello

It's the nipple glass!
The Truth

Fellowship 9/11

(high speed internet connection recommended)
You are Snoopy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*man in a trench coat, hiding the shadows of a Aurora alley. He opens one flap of his coat and says... *

Do you want to buy a flu shot?
Do you listen to the Commisar?

The Show Trial has commenced. No one will be spared.

All are must reads (the Empress's favorites are Rusty's analysis of Kerry's job loss claims, Jennifer's questions of Ted Koppel, and anything from Scott Ott at Scrappleface.)

But we are not trying to influence your choices..........
Who has bias?

Big Media Trying to Influence Elections - title of recent email from NOW.

PK's response: YES! Absolutely! CBS's foul-up with memogate. ABC explicitly telling their reporters that they don't have to hold Kerry as accountable as W. Finally, someone has noticed!

The email goes on:
Tell TV Stations to Stop Partisan Programming Coup!

Remember, broadcast television stations are required to serve the public interest. It serves only George W. Bush and big business when the public airwaves are used to tip a national election.
Didn't seem to bother them too much when Michael Moore wants to show Fahrenheit 9/11 on TV, now does it?
Sinclair Broadcast Group owns and/or manages 62 stations across the country--many in swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin--and reaches nearly a quarter of all television viewers in the United States.

David D. Smith, president and CEO of Sinclair, is a conservative business owner who has a history of using his media outlets to support the Bush administration. Most recently, Sinclair ordered its ABC stations not to air the Nightline special during which Ted Koppel read aloud the names of the U.S. troops killed in Iraq.

What was Koppel's point of such a stunt? There are better ways to honor the dead.

The creator of the upcoming program (currently titled "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal") has strong Republican ties, having worked with the presidential administrations of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Two men who appeared in the Swift Boat Veterans ads also appear in this so-called documentary. In the hopes of appearing "fair and balanced," Sinclair has invited Sen. Kerry to participate in a televised post-discussion where he would, no doubt, be subject to highly partisan attacks.

But Michael Moore's ties with Democrats are peachy. Didn't Moore also invite W to participate in F 9/11? If so, wouldn't have that been highly partisan?

They are so-called documentaries if they lean to the right.. Oscar worthy if they lean to the left.

According to The Center for Responsive Politics, Sinclair executives donated 97 percent of their 2004 campaign donations to Republican candidates. Does that sound like the kind of company that should dictate what airs on local TV stations across the country?

When Miss O'Hara and I looked up names of people who donated money to campaigns, I typed in the only zip code I could think of in and around Hollywood: 90210. I came up with a fair number of celebrities, such as Ben Affleck, Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Ted Danson, Judith Krantz, David Crosby, Leonard Nimoy, David Geffen (who co-owns Dreamworks, NOW - so you know.. that's a major media outlet, producing big movies... we don't want any discrimination of ideas here!), George Clooney, Joe Francis (of Girls Gone Wild), Kathy Griffin, Tom Hanks, Hugh Hefner, Dennis Hoffman, Quincey Jones, Ben Stiller, Daniel Stern, P. Diddy, and Viggo Mortensen all gave money to Democratic candidates or the DNC.

Paris and Nikki Hilton's parents gave large sums of money to both national committees.

I don't know who TV execs are but just this quick sampling shows what we all knew: Hollywood is highly partisan. But since they are partisan to the left, it's ok. Don't be partisan to the right! That's discrimination.

Like the fact our tech guy can keep his Kerry sticker up in his office across the hall but I had to take the Bush/Cheney one down.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Gap? Old Navy? No - it's a banana republic

Stephen at Vodkapundit rips Democrats a new one for sacrificing our Constitutional form of government all for the sake of power:
I'm just one guy; I don't expect my vote to mean much. But the Democrats are willing to treat my vote – in advance - with feigned contempt. So I can't, in return, treat the Democrats with anything less than genuine contempt.
It is truly a must read.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely - to both Republicans and Democrats. It is why we as citizens must not fail in our duty to hold elected officials accountable (for all matter of things, like Rep. Fitzhugh and his "Special Olympics" flier.)
"A Mob of Angry Liberals"

Thus spake Nashville Scene in reporting of the altercation at the Michael Moore event. The police just stood by and "were content to let the unpopular viewpoint be silenced."

I'm supportative of getting revved up for whatever candidate you support but violence is out of the question. For all of the talk of civility and discourse, I've not seen much at all.

Going through a mid-life crisis a bit late, the Pope gets a Ferrari.
Kerry's latest variation on his campaign

He's Jesus!

Praise him...

Edited to fix link. Bumping it so y'all know.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Live blogging

The debate will start shortly and so will the live blogging.. though I don't think I will refresh as much as usual. Hope you enjoy!

8:02 - Bob looks kind of thin in the face. I guess the stress at CBS News is too much. W bolted out - he wanted to be the first across the center line this time. Kerry has beat him the previous two times.

8:04 - They aare wearing very similar ties. The stylists did not communicate again. Kerry is beating the drum of cargo hold insecurity again. After 3 times, I'm tired of this same ol same ol. The President's mic is not balanced correctly. Lots of echos and humming.

8:08 - Bush is over animating to make up for what happened in the first debate where he looked tired and bored.

8:12 - Pandering to the audience, again Kerry.. by bringing up local #'s. "A plan is not a litney of complaints." - W. Is it me? Or is this debate boring... dull.. You know. I don't know if I will live blog or not because there has to be something better on TV.

8:17 - Bush is going after Kerry's record.

8:49 - Kerry says that Greenspan is a a financial guru or something. Is that Vox I heard screaming?

8:54 - Did Bush just flip flop? I thought W supported amnesty for illegals too. Am I wrong?

9:12 - Kerry talks about the assault weapons ban and says police are less safe now that the ban has sunset. He also said that he would have gotten out there and campaigned for it. Gee... he wasn’t exactly in Washington very much to campaign for anything.

9:13 - In one minute, he as invoked High Poobah Clinton twice. Kerry has said that W hasn’t met with the NAACP.. That could be because the NAACP is hostile to W.
Per Request

Candace asked for more stories with The Professor... he will be flattered to hear he has a fan (considering I'm not sure he reads my blog.)

In an IM conversation with The Professor the other day, we were discussing Star Wars on DVD and the failings of the second trilogy as compared to the first.

The Professor's statement: Episode 1 was George Lucas taking my favorite toy from childhood, throwing it on the ground and pissing on it. Episode 2 was Lucas now picking up that toy and handing it to me without wiping or rinsing it off.

My statement: Episode 1 and 2 stink. Just ruined the whole thing.

Being the literary type, he decided to start making up new Villian names..

The Professor: Darth Enhome.
The Empress: What?
TP: Darth Enhome.
TE: What is Enhome?
TP: You've never heard the phrase "Hearth and Home" before?
TE: Yes.. but what is Enhome.
TP: *flicks her ear* It's a play on words. Pay attention.
TE: *spends next few moments sounding it out and finally...* I get it!

Yeah.. it worked much better as an audio thing than to read in IMs.
Saving the environment through recycling

Miss O'Hara's posts that is. It has the links for the final debate party if you are so inclined to attend.

Miss O'Hara's Xanga Site

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Vote for Lenin!

Not really.. but you can see his blog:


(That would be one of the Empress's favorite Communists for Kerry peeps)

I'm having a momentary lack of creativity (probably due to sticking labels on mailers for hours on end.. what can be creative about that).

So, in my brain fart-dom, I'm going to ask if there is anything that you would like to see here.. perhaps my unique view of the world has been missed on some topic.

You all are good enough to spend part of your day reading what I have to say - for that I am very appreciative.

Or I could talk about the evils of velour tracksuits.
Why write it twice...

It is so good, I will just use it again.

It is appropriate for today, after all.

Al-Q'erry Flafloojahs!

Are they chicken, steak or seafod?

Monday, October 11, 2004

Derrida Deconstructed

Last year, I attended a lecture (for 3 hours) by Jacques Derrida. I sat in the back corner and couldn't hear anything. I felt deconstructed after it was all over. Still, it was neat to be in the same room as a giant of philosophy.. and someone who I disagree with as much as say... Marx.

Anyway, ScrappleFace has the news of the unfortunate passing of Derrida and words of comfort in this difficult time for those of us who still believe we are here.
Update on Operation: FatBack

NashvillePW's turned out Saturday evening. Read the account and find out just how tolerant they were.
Attack of the Baby Blue Caps

No longer content to be militarily weak, the EU and UN and teamed up to form hit squads. They are troops that are rapidly deployable and were used last year in Congo. They are just jealous of the US. *winks*

The hope is that they will be able to "avoid a repetition of the Rwanda tragedy ten years ago." Really. I guess General Secretary Annan is completely unaware of what is going on in Sudan. Mass killings, a large refugee problem, and Islamists in the North instituting Sharia and killing Christians, animists and well.. any non-Muslim must not amount to what happened in Rwanda yet.
Why I didn't make it to the protest this weekend

Because Oktoberfest in Germantown was alot more fun! Come on everyone! Chicken dance!

Much keilbasa and beer was consumed. Yummmm.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


Australia! Australia! We love you! God bless you!

In a striking blow against creeping socialism, Australians re-elect Prime Minister Howard and show that they are bright and freedom-loving. America stands by her friends and this blog is proud to say Australia is America's friend and ally.

No MATTER WHAT John Kerry says. Australian accents are way better than French or German accents any day of the week.

Hey! It's the coalition of the leaders with great accents! Bush - with his Texas drawl. Blair with his noble British accent. Howard man who speaks Australian. (Yes, I know - it isn't a language. Sense of humor people....)

The Empress most definately approves. *grins*

Friday, October 08, 2004

Live Blogging

7:31 - This space is reserved for comments about the upcoming debate. I've had my soup, have my Coke and my bowl of grapes. Now... I need my cabana boy to feed them too me. Peeling isn't necessary.

7:52 - sshivell just said that Teresa H-K looks like Cruella DeVille. I think I will have to pen a song later this evening.

7:55 - How do you be certified as undecided?

8:05 - First question - Kerry is "wishy-washy." Is it possible that any President can actually create jobs?

8:13 - DRINK! "Win the Peace!"

8:14 - Kerry, how do we know that Osama isn't already dead?

8:18 - They are holding to the light system tonight and are not going over time.

8:22 - Inspections went on for 12 years... DRINK! "Win the peace!" 3 times...

8:25 - OK... flip flop - he just said let Iraq sanctions go but sanctions won't work for Iran (Kerry.)

8:29 - The Draft - DRINK! hehehehe. W - why are our troops writing home and asking their family to send them cleaning supplies for their weapons? You need to be supplying them adequately.

8:30 - Bush needs to calm down and not completely override the moderator. Kerry said that Wes Clark won the war in Kosovo. The fighting has not stopped in the former Yugoslavia. And why is it that a Democrat can win a war but a Republican must win the peace?

8:38 - Kerry said that Bush is underfunding Homeland Security. Bush said they added $20 billion to the Homeland Security. Kerry said that it wasn't about $'s. *blink.. blink blink*

8:41 - What John Kerry is writing on his paper? Bunnies? Halliburton? At least he didn't bring up Vietnam tonight.

8:44 - John Kerry and John Edwards are both lawyers. No wonder I don't like either of them.

8:47 - RickPinNC said that Kerry's epitaph would be 'But I have a plan....!'

8:50 - Good question - the man is nailing Bush on his spending but not having money to pay for it.

8:52 - Spending on the military is the new buzzword. Remember when politicians would justify a tax increase on spending more money for the children? And I was going to say something else but I forgot.

8:55 - Kerry tucks his chin and lifts his eyes when he talks.

9:00 - Fuzzy math, Kerry? Please - that is so 2000. Get current.

9:01 - Here comes the green question. Bush said that he supports urban renewal policies. Does he also support cities that go in and take out personal homes to build new shopping centers and have more tax revenue?

9:07 - Next drinking game, I'm using "I have a plan." The debate will be much more entertaining....

9:11 - Miss O'Hara said we are having "Wetland Bunny Fufloojas" for dinner.

9:13 - I agree - the Patriot Act needs to be reformed.. or better yet, scrap most of it to just let law enforcement share information.

9:15 - Stem cell question. No comment other than to say "balance science and ethics."

9:19 - Supreme Court vacancy question. W said he wasn't telling.. "Strict intrepation of the Constitution." Conservative judges tend to be strict constructionists. The Constitution says what it means and means what it says.

9:25 - Kerry just said that we should provide poor people with all of their Constitutional access to education.. and all their options. Translation - we need government funded abortion. Bush plainly states that government should not pay for abortion as well as create a "culture of life."

9:29 - Bush is walking with a Texas swagger. Last question asks if Bush has any regrets about any of the decisions he made. Load-ded! And showing Gibson's bias by placing this question last and allowing Kerry to hammer away on Bush's record as the last memory voters will take away.

Win the Peace - DRINK!

9:34 - Closing statements. "I have a plan" - 5 times. I would so be toast if that were my drinking phrase.. and I were drinking anything other than coke.

9:41 - The Fashionista reports that the First Lady's outfit is awesome. Very pretty and classy.. great shawl. Decision - Bush just because his performance was so much better. But to come back, he will need to win the debate next week.
Because Marcel Marceau is a great "actor"

We need to stop Hollywood and bow down to French culture. Would he say the same thing if the roles were reversed and everyone wanted to speak French (as they did a couple hundred years ago).

Then those upstart Americans came into play and ruined everything...

I think Chirac is just mad because he couldn't get tickets to Shark Tale.
Running Commentary

In addition to partying it up with Miss O'Hara, Blake, and the gang, I will be live-blogging too to preserve pithy comments and analysis for future generations.

The Professor suggested that I say something like "Kerry looks like he is bored and wondering how much longer he has to put up with the Chump before drop kicking him in the balls."

Anyone want to guess The Professor's favorite candidate... and why he and I don't discuss politics that much? :)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Your Afternoon Activity

Click it as fast as you can
Shoulda known better

Our tech guy is a big Democrat. The University had it's "meet the candidates" picnic where representatives from different campaigns stumped and pressed the flesh. I stopped by to ask him if he was going to walk over with our little group to get the free food. He said he couldn't make it and asked me to pick up a Kerry/Edwards button for him. I said "sure."

The button I got for him said "It's up to women to elect John Kerry."

Shoulda known better than to ask me to go over and pick one up.. ME - the avowed enemy of the major parties.. Particularly Democrats.

When I went to the Bush/Cheney table to get a button, they wanted a $1. I said "But I got 2 for free from the Kerry table." She just stared at me... and thought "stupid undecided voter." And I didn't get a button.
The remains of our education system - U.S. & World - Vocational Classes Fall Out of Favor

As a student of higher education administration (so my degree tells me), I often rubbed my classmates the wrong way when I said "not everyone is cut out for college - or at least a traditional 4 year degree." Some people would be happier in a vocational program learning a trade/skill.. whether it is how to be a stylist, mechanic, or landscaper. And if they are good at what they do - they make really good money (as evidenced by how much I pay the guy who cuts my hair but I always look fabulous. It's worth it.)

Given the obsession with pursuing advanced degrees that often have little to no bearing on many of the jobs you will have upon completion, it is no wonder high schools are dropping vocational classes.

So I can share some of what I've paid beaucoup bucks to learn, time for Empress Kitty's higher education history lesson:

College until the 1940's had largely been reserved for upper crust types. Then hundreds of thousands of troops were coming home from World War II. To let them all back into the economy at that time might have been a disaster. What did the government do to give the US economy time enough to grow (and re-educate women about their proper roles and stuff so they would go back home and free up jobs for me): send the GI's to college!

*poof* GI Bill. That gives the US 4 years with lots of people not necessarily in the workforce at the same time.. they will enter at a staggered pace. GI Joe graduates, gets married, has kids.. recognizes value of college education.. pushes for more academic programs over time in high schools, saves up money, student loan programs, possibly sends kids to college. Rinse and repeat for next generation.

Add to this the lax entrance standards at many public colleges and you have a system paying more attention to the bottom line than educating its students. How many of us sat in a class with someone who should not have been admitted in the first place? They probably lacked a grasp of the English language (even though it was their native language), could have cared less about showing up at least somewhat prepared, and were more interested in the social perks of college - such as fraternity row.

George Leef
has this to say about some college curricula:
In my view, the reason is that colleges and universities are so eager to enroll students that they have turned themselves into retailers of a product — a degree — that many young Americans want just for itself and not because of any learning that it entails.

University of Florida professor James Twichell contends that universities have changed to suit student tastes: “What used to be the knowledge business has become the business of selling an experience, an affiliation, a commodity that can be manufactured, packaged, bought, and sold.”

College degrees are today often little more than credentials that students want to get as cheaply as possible. Watering down the curriculum is one way for colleges and universities to satisfy their customers.
Gone are the days when one could be challenged by a true liberal arts curriculum based on the Great Books. There are still a handful of places like University of Dallas and Hillsdale College that use it. (Though at UD there wasn't much discussion going on the days I was visiting. The professors tried to bait the students but no takers.)

I was very blessed to be at Belmont where contemporary theory was based on classic philosophy and literature. When I looked at doctoral programs, I realized I was trying to re-capture that time at Belmont where Elena, myself and a few others would sit on the nasty yellow couches up in the Philosophy department and debate for hours. It was a feeling that I was contributing to an intellectual tradition that had been going on for hundreds of years, a sense of community with other budding scholars.. and a chance to hang around some really cute guys.

The most important development out of our discussions was that I know what Hume's Theory of Causality is.. and just because you hit the 8 ball into the corner pocket every time in the past doesn't mean that this time, it isn't going to jump up and start singing Danny Boy (- Mark Anderson).

I think that is also part of the reason why I blog and read blogs. I don't think my little plot on the blogosphere will change anything but I have very much enjoyed engaging with you fine folks on a variety of issues and hope to do so many times in the future.
Because fish farts are important

Winners of the IgNobel Prize - 2004

One important piece of research was to prove the 5 second rule. We all know that it's good if it's been on the floor for less than 5 seconds.. unless the floor is really really nasty.

I guess I wouldn't pick up raw meat and eat it (I would throw it away and then wash my icky hands). But a Oreo - that's different.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Test


Find out where you stand and which candidate agrees with you. For your Empress, I scored a total score of 50% for Michael Peroutka of the Constitution party with matches of 65% for personal issues and 35% economic. My highest economic match came with Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party with a 45% match on that topic. Badnarik, Cheney, and W were all tied with an overall 43% match with the Empress.

Interesting notes: I am more compatiable with Ralph Nader than John Kerry (who ranked last with an overall 15% match).. and more compatiable with Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephardt on economic issues than with Cheney.

A purr to Erik for this one.
What's good in Nashvegas?

You can find out here in this week's Nashville Scene.

As always some of the reader selections will leave other locals scratching their heads.. like best church? I know I shouldn't slam other houses of worship but the winner was my former church (and where alot of CrossPoint members came initally came from).. and the church-that-shall-not-be-named is.. well.. more of an auditorium with a kickin' band and a motivational speaker rather than a pastor. But, you know, that is what some people need to connect with God. I did when I re-dedicated my life to Christ in 1999. The people were there for me during one of the most difficult periods in my life.

Let's just hope it goes deeper than that eventually (why many of us left to start CrossPoint).

Then there is Best Chinese food - PF Chang's. It's good.. but I'm sure many Nashvillians think it is real Chinese food. *sigh*

And Nashville Scene - come on! Best place to spot a Metrosexual as a category? Puh-leeze. At least Kroger didn't win best grocery store this year.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Get these droids into the house...

I want them cleaned up before dinner.

But I wanted to go to Tashii Station to pick up some power converters

You can waste time with your friends when your chores are done.

Correct spelling is Toshi but I'm quoting. Purrs to Ace.

Star Wars starring:

John Edwards as Luke Ambulance-Chaser
John Kerry as Han Global Test
George Bush as George Solo
Michael Moore as Jabba the Hut
Karl Rove as Darth Tickler
Laura Bush as herself - Princess Laura

The casting department regrest to inform Teresa H-K that we do not have a part for her.

Live Blogging

7:59 - Are they trying to answer that last written question on the GREs? They were scribbling so fast...

8:02 - "Rules of Engagement"? Politics is war.. and war is hell.

8:05 - Edwards has pulled out his drawl in a BIG way.

8:09 - Edwards still hasn't answered why this is the "wrong war at the wrong time." My question: is the world safer with Saddam out of power? And Cheney is right - Saddam would have given WMDs and technology to terrorists in a heartbeat.

8:14 - "Freedom is the best antidote to terror" is a great quote. (Cheney)

8:17 - Why does world opinion matter? Kerry would be elected President of Finland and Bush couldn't be elected dog catcher. And I do NOT believe that Kerry would not outsource our military just like Clinton did - stretching our military out in Somalia, Kosovo, etc.. where we are still involved under a UN flag.

8:20 - "But you probably weren't there to vote for that" - great dig at Kerry/Edwards.

8:26 - I get to take a shot now - Edwards mentioned Halliburton. Whoo-hoo! Shot of Sprite, here I come!

8:28 - Edwards's drawl is fading in and out.

8:31 - Cheney just b*tchslapped Kerry. Edwards can't get off his talking points memo.

8:38 - I'm done liveblogging unless something really interesting happens, which I doubt. The debate is boring and my Spider Solitare game is far more interesting.

8:52 - "Medical expenses are the highest..." - Edwards. Could that be because people like yourself keep suing hospitals and doctors? Huh? Maybe?

8:56 - If Kerry supposedly sponsored or co-sponsored 600 tax cuts, why hasn't Kerry mentioned that before tonight?

8:57 - Gay marriage.. here we go. *rolls her eyes* Yes, marriage should be left up to state legislatures... WHAT? No state has ever had to recognize marriage and that isn't in the constitution? A lawyer who doesn't know the Constitution - shock! What about the full faith and credit clause? That's the whole point to getting it on the books in one state - then gay couples get married in California, for example. They come back in TN and sue saying "recognize our marriage because you recognize Joe and Jane's certificate from California and they don't have to be re-married in TN." Ugh.

9:02 - Medical malpractice... heh.

9:07 - How can you 1) reduce the deficit, 2) reduce health care costs, 3) cover more people under some grand health care scheme all at the same time? Huh? Are you going to put it on Teresa's Mastercard?

9:14 - AIDS is a behavioral disease. It isn't a genetic or hereditary disease like cancer (unless a mother passes it to her unborn child). As Miss O'Hara said "maybe we can teach people to keep their legs together?" since they are both so concerned health education.

9:15 - A long resume' doesn't equal good performance, Edwards? That leaves Kerry out, too if you are excluding Cheney.

9:23 - Here comes the flip flops. And anyone know what rule Edwards broke by mentioning John Kerry's name? My flip flops have rhinestones on them. And they are cute. Not as cute as Elena's. She has lots of cute flip flops and slides.

I decided that I know that Edwards wrote on his paper "Halliburton, Halliburton, Halliburton, bunnies."

9:34 - "America's light is flickering..." - Edwards. Yes it is - because of both Republicans and Democrats gutting the Constitution and ripping personal responsiblity right out of the hands hard working, decent people.

9:37 - Cheney's closing statement is hitting on what exactly people are concerned about: terrorism. Better to fight it over there than fight it here. And the potential second ladies got together to make sure they were not wearing similar outfits. My opinion: Cheney win.

An Ode to Christian Dior and John Galliano

Imagine there are no labels,
It's easy if you cut them out.
No Wal-Mart to haunt us
Above us, only Neiman Marcus.

Imagine all the people
wearing haute couture.

Imagine I could afford your clothes
No matter if I work.
No need for off-brands or sales,
A sisterhood of fashionistas
In perfect harmony.
Work update

I'm not sure what the other lady in my office was talking about behind her door.. but from the sOund of it... wow... Oh yeah... Ooooo... and Ohh!!

I'll have what she's having.
Art? Literature?


Purrs go out to Ace for making me aware of this fine post.
Jumpin' the gun

or Jumpin' the shark - whatever you please. This is an email I received today:
Right now I need all of you to join me and make a pledge: the mistakes of the 2000 election will NEVER be repeated again. The day after the election, as the recount began, Al Gore's campaign was already outgunned, outmanned, and outmatched -- we learned one lesson: be prepared. With the race so close in so many states, we need to be prepared for any possibility -- and that means being ready for any recounts.
Why would there be a recount? Hmmmm... maybe because Democratic leaning organizations are registering thousands of people... who will show up and be told they cannot vote because their application was not filled out properly or they do not have ID? They will scream disenfranchisement when some poor election volunteer is just trying to follow the rules given to him/her by the Secretary of State. Bill Hobbs is doing an excellent job of keeping track of possible voter fraud.
The Federal Election Commission has just granted our request to raise funds now to cover recount expenses. Your contribution to Kerry-Edwards 2004 GELAC (General Election Legal and Accounting Compliance fund) will provide the resources to make sure we are prepared to win any post Election Day battles.
Since we can't raise money for the campaign anymore, we want to keep pestering you with fundraising letters so we have a new fund we created. And since we can't win on the first go-round, we are going to keep counting until it goes our way with different methodology each time (same statement can be applied to the Bush/Cheney recount fund.)
Make a contribution to our GELAC fund today.

Our GELAC fund also pays for the administrative costs at the campaign -- by paying for these expenses with GELAC funds, the campaign is able to spend more of its limited public funds on critical campaign expenses such as media, candidate travel, and direct contact with voters.
Where is Kerry spending that money? I heard they have stopped advertising in Virginia altogether (I could be mistaken - I can't find the source but I did read it yesterday). I've seen more Swiftboat ads in Nashville than I've seen either Bush or Kerry ads. I've seen 2 Swiftboat ads to the others none. Any other locals see a campaign ad? I may be watching the wrong channel. Not that I'm out looking for ads.. and I'm a notoroious channel surfer.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Forget Swiftboat Vets

And the forged memos, botox.. and even Teresa.. this is the real story about why you should not vote for John Kerry.

Football Fans For Truth
Amen! Well, sort of...

At first, I agreed with the headline... that changed in about 2 seconds.
From the NOW Action update email: Tell Time/CNN and USA Today to Reject Biased Polling Data!

Action Needed:

Recent polls of likely voters conducted by The Gallup Organization have substantially over-sampled Republicans and under-sampled Democrats and women -- overestimating the support for Bush.

Time/CNN and USA Today -- two of the country’s most prominent news organizations – routinely commission and report (and thus legitimize) Gallup’s poll results.
Because we don't agree with them, we are going to imply that Gallup is a corrupt evil organization that forces women to stay home and be barefoot and pregnant when they could put their kids into day care and work like a drone!

Please send messages to Time/CNN and USA Today to protest their use of The Gallup Organization’s election campaign polling data until Gallup can prove it has eliminated such biases from its data sampling.


If you are having a difficult time believing some recent polls that show George W. Bush leading John Kerry by a double-digit margin, especially since other polls indicate the race is a dead heat -- trust your instincts! A number of reports indicate that recent Gallup polls commissioned and reported by major news organizations such as Time/CNN and USA Today have substantially over-sampled Republicans and under-sampled Democrats and women, erroneously creating a double-digit lead for Bush.

For example, a Gallup poll conducted Sept. 13-15 reported that Bush leads among likely voters by 13 points -- 55% to Kerry’s 42%. Despite the fact that Democrats voted at 39% in the last two presidential elections, Gallup assumed that only 33% of those turning out to vote will be Democrats.

The result? Democrats were under-sampled by six points.

Gallup also assumed that 40% of November voters will be Republicans -- yet Republicans only voted at 35% in 2000 and 34% in 1996, the last two elections.
I think it is a logical assumption since it is their party that is in power though not many Republicans are insanely supportative of GWB the way many Democrats just cannot get over Clinton. Though according to the journal American Demographics, the numbers might be even further in the Democrats favor (though it still doesn't add up to 100% or even 77% that say they are registered to vote so, I must be missing something in how they intrepreted the data.)

Also, how people are registered to vote and who they vote for are two completely seperate things. For example, I am un-affilated with any major party in Tennessee. I would, in this survey probably be listed as an independent. They ask, "who do you plan to vote for in the next gubenatorial election?" I may say "Phil Bredesen" - who is a Democrat. They may ask "Who do you plan to vote for in the next Senate race?" I may say "Marsha Blackburn" - who is a Republican. They won't ask why because that cannot be qualified as a percentage.. but my flip-flopping will wreak havoc on their pretty little theory! Mmwwahhhahahahaha!

More than anything - it sucks being a statistic.
The result? Republicans were over-sampled by five to six points.

Furthermore, Gallup under-sampled women, who are more likely to support the Democratic candidate. Cumulatively, these errors created a double-digit lead for George W. Bush out of thin air.

George Gallup, Jr., is an evangelical Christian who said in a speech earlier this year: "The most profound purpose of polls is to see how people are responding to God" and "When I ask a question on these subjects, what I'm always trying to find out is: 'Are we doing the will of God?'
"And this has what to do with his polling abilities? Non sequiter anyone? This paragraph is COMPLETELY out of place in this email... but I wouldn't expect NOW to use logic.

It is the media’s responsibility to provide accurate data to the public, and to reveal any biases in the data collection or sampling. By reporting biased polling data, Time/CNN and USA Today have failed in this obligation and need to hear from people who care about accurate reporting and polling.

Again, please send messages to Time/CNN and USA Today to protest their use of The Gallup Organization’s election campaign polling data until Gallup can prove it has eliminated such biases from its data sampling.
Yes - completely un-biased questions like "If all the money were going to support education, would you vote for a income tax?" or "If it were down to John Kerry, Hitler, and your mother-in-law, who would you vote for in the next Presidential election?"

Pot calling Kettle!

" erred ... on Friday, posting an item purporting to contain quotes attributable to Kerry," the statement read.

"The item was based on a reporters partial script that had been written in jest and should not have been posted or broadcast. also regrets that error, which occurred because of fatigue and bad judgment, not malice."

US media quoted a statement by the Kerry campaign's spokesman, Phil Singer, saying Fox was right to own up to the gaffe.

"Fox is doing the right thing by admitting its mistake and correcting the record," Singer told the New York Times in an article published Sunday.
But CBS can wait almost 2 weeks to own up to using forged documents on GWB? Riiiiiiiiiight.

Yahoo! News - Fox News Channel admits reporter posted fake story about Kerry

Dan Rather: White House Out to 'Smear' Me
CBS's scandal-plagued anchorman goes on the offensive after he used fake "documents" in a bid to discredit President Bush.
But CBS can smear GWB all he wants because he is a journalist... no, he ceased being a journalist a long time ago. He's just a TV personality.
Quote of the Week

It's only Monday and I've already found the week's best quote:
[I]f one considers how TV shows such as "Law and Order" see fit to preach that homeschooled children are malnourished and abused little freaks, it seems only reasonable to point out in like manner that public schooled children are brainwashed, quasi-illiterate savages..
- Vox Day

I plan on using "quasi-illiterate savages" sometime soon. I love that phrase!

Friday, October 01, 2004

If my eyes have to burn...

So do everyone elses. From The horror...


I have no words.... *ducks in case Nate goes ballistic*

Elena, it may be questionable for your work computer. I'll show you next time you come over.
The Pink Kitty Brand

Posted by Hello

The lovely and talented Miss O'Hara made this for me after a silly conversation. It says Unmistakably clear. For the Fabulous in you!

And the warning about being responsible and all that. And I like it!