Monday, October 25, 2004

When you only get one side of the story...

You think everything about a particular area stinks. For example, when the local news runs story after story about break-ins, murder, robbery, government corruption, etc... you start to think that life sucks and you wouldn't want to live there anymore.

Then comes the heart warming humanitarian story about someone adopting the puppies stranded by the fire. Awwwwww.... then the city doesn't suck so bad.

Well, all we hear about on the news is how Iraq is apparently in the toilet of the world and we should get the heck out while the gettin' is good. I'm sick of it. Via Bill at INDC, here is a lengthy update on some GOOD things happening in Iraq...

like open debates on democracy and its future in Iraq at universities, internet service expanding at those universities, the upcoming voter registration campaign, Iraq being removed from the US list of state's that sponsor terrorism, 10,000 Glock pistols arriving for the Iraqi police, and how the residents of Fallujah are hacked off at the foreign insurgents endangering their lives.

Yes, Iraq is a dangerous place. No one is denying that, but why not share the occasional good story? Let us know that there is life growing after Saddam, huh?

Read it and be encouraged.