Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Live Blogging

7:59 - Are they trying to answer that last written question on the GREs? They were scribbling so fast...

8:02 - "Rules of Engagement"? Politics is war.. and war is hell.

8:05 - Edwards has pulled out his drawl in a BIG way.

8:09 - Edwards still hasn't answered why this is the "wrong war at the wrong time." My question: is the world safer with Saddam out of power? And Cheney is right - Saddam would have given WMDs and technology to terrorists in a heartbeat.

8:14 - "Freedom is the best antidote to terror" is a great quote. (Cheney)

8:17 - Why does world opinion matter? Kerry would be elected President of Finland and Bush couldn't be elected dog catcher. And I do NOT believe that Kerry would not outsource our military just like Clinton did - stretching our military out in Somalia, Kosovo, etc.. where we are still involved under a UN flag.

8:20 - "But you probably weren't there to vote for that" - great dig at Kerry/Edwards.

8:26 - I get to take a shot now - Edwards mentioned Halliburton. Whoo-hoo! Shot of Sprite, here I come!

8:28 - Edwards's drawl is fading in and out.

8:31 - Cheney just b*tchslapped Kerry. Edwards can't get off his talking points memo.

8:38 - I'm done liveblogging unless something really interesting happens, which I doubt. The debate is boring and my Spider Solitare game is far more interesting.

8:52 - "Medical expenses are the highest..." - Edwards. Could that be because people like yourself keep suing hospitals and doctors? Huh? Maybe?

8:56 - If Kerry supposedly sponsored or co-sponsored 600 tax cuts, why hasn't Kerry mentioned that before tonight?

8:57 - Gay marriage.. here we go. *rolls her eyes* Yes, marriage should be left up to state legislatures... WHAT? No state has ever had to recognize marriage and that isn't in the constitution? A lawyer who doesn't know the Constitution - shock! What about the full faith and credit clause? That's the whole point to getting it on the books in one state - then gay couples get married in California, for example. They come back in TN and sue saying "recognize our marriage because you recognize Joe and Jane's certificate from California and they don't have to be re-married in TN." Ugh.

9:02 - Medical malpractice... heh.

9:07 - How can you 1) reduce the deficit, 2) reduce health care costs, 3) cover more people under some grand health care scheme all at the same time? Huh? Are you going to put it on Teresa's Mastercard?

9:14 - AIDS is a behavioral disease. It isn't a genetic or hereditary disease like cancer (unless a mother passes it to her unborn child). As Miss O'Hara said "maybe we can teach people to keep their legs together?" since they are both so concerned health education.

9:15 - A long resume' doesn't equal good performance, Edwards? That leaves Kerry out, too if you are excluding Cheney.

9:23 - Here comes the flip flops. And anyone know what rule Edwards broke by mentioning John Kerry's name? My flip flops have rhinestones on them. And they are cute. Not as cute as Elena's. She has lots of cute flip flops and slides.

I decided that I know that Edwards wrote on his paper "Halliburton, Halliburton, Halliburton, bunnies."

9:34 - "America's light is flickering..." - Edwards. Yes it is - because of both Republicans and Democrats gutting the Constitution and ripping personal responsiblity right out of the hands hard working, decent people.

9:37 - Cheney's closing statement is hitting on what exactly people are concerned about: terrorism. Better to fight it over there than fight it here. And the potential second ladies got together to make sure they were not wearing similar outfits. My opinion: Cheney win.