Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Scratches to the post

Nate opines:

Do neither of you have men in your lives?

As Elena can attest to, this comment touched a very deep nerve.

While I’m sure it was not Nate’s intention, it hurt and made me very angry. Many of the men in my life are now deceased or in harm's way heading to Iraq. Those that are left barely know me.

I’m not sure having a man in my life would change my interest in pop culture. Sure, it might lessen it because there are other things to do. So does working on the estates I am trying to close out, the new drama ministry at church, Bible study, and walking – all things I do on a regular basis.

Nate, I am glad that you visit and you are most certainly welcome. I think you are a funny guy and your stories leave me in stitches - it's like listening to my dad. But, if my blog-centered obsession with pop culture bothers you, there are thousands of others to read and some linked there on the right that have nothing to do with shoes, Clay Aiken, or Survivor.

The best way you could help me in this area is to pray that Godly men would be brought into my life as friends.