Sunday, October 31, 2004

Tales from the Bubba

When we were younger, I went through a period where I called my little brother, Bubba. It never stuck.

UT Man is back in town for his 10 day leave before deploying to Iraq and has a full social calendar while in town courtesy of BamaGirl (the girlfriend). Today's activity, and why I did not attend the counter protest, was lunch at some converted market in Christiana, TN.

Excellent food by the way. If you leave a buffet and aren't full - it's your own stupid fault.

Anyway, this was the one place he wanted to eat at before going overseas and being subjected to MRE's for the next year. BamaGirl called and asked them to be sure their Snicker Cake was on the dessert table. They went one better. The made UT Man a whole Snicker Cake to take home with him. It weighs like 10 lbs. It's huge! The waitresses wrote messages all over the box of thanks and encouragement.

When the waitress announced that he was going to Iraq, the entire restaurant stood up and applauded.

And that makes a sister proud.