Sunday, February 29, 2004

Why I joined The Alliance

The 3 of you who read my rantings with regularity will go "PK... uh... just what is that thing on the left about?"

I had to take a side. After all, sitting on the fence gets you nothing more than a post up your.. well, you know.

I have 1 reason:

- IMAO is the first blog on the alliance and I loved his posts about Michael Moore - who I despise, hate, loathe, want to hit with a 2x4 and on and on. Anyone who hates Michael Moore deserves my support!

Like a lemming, I go.

OH my Goodness!!!! I missed it!

This blog is over 1 year old!!! If it were really a child, it would be very angry with me. What a negligent parent I am.

::buys all sorts of things to make up for the lateness and make the blog feel better about itself::

Happy Birthday to the Blog!!!!
Bumper sticker wisdom

If the answer is the government, it must have been a really stupid question.

Found at: My 2 Cent

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Survivor: All-Stars

This is a poem posted by momstester on the Survivor Sucks board...

I remember the Moria Gate, but I think for awhile, it didn't respond to anything, or maybe I was just always typing in the wrong information.

Four buffs for the Survivor kings and queens under the sky,
Five for the schemers their minds turned to stone
Nine for the mere players doomed to lose,
One for the Dark Lord in his dark editing room
In the Land of SEG where the Shadows lie.
One Buff to rule them all, one Buff to find them
One Buff to bring them all and in Pearl Islands bind them
In the Land of SEG where the shadows lie.
with credit to the Professor

-- apologies to Tolkien.

Spoiler at Snews? -
Personal responsibility

As a chubby person myself, I find those that are suing McDonalds for their condition to be well.. umm.. how to put this delicately.. DUMB! STUPID! LAZY! IRRESSPONIBLE! Among other very colorful adjectives.

So, when I read this quote "Activist Skip Spitzer said responsibility was little more than “a cultural construct.” " I was instantly amused. Readers of this blog know that one of my favorite phrases is "personal responsibility." You are the only one accountable for your actions. Not your parents, not your conselor, not your friends, not your dog. Just you.

I've never blamed anyone any my family for my condition.. sure, there may be some genetic predisposition as both of my parents were/are overweight. But my brother isn't. But at a certain point in my development, I can't say "my mom/nana/dad/school made me eat it."

I made a choice to have a Wendy's burger (cheese and lettuce only) over say.. a Wendy's salad - sans the entire packet of dressing. I made a choice to watch movies on the couch than get up and walk. But I'm not going to sue Wendy's over their delicious yet fattening burgers. I MADE THE CHOICE AND NOW ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES!

So, if you are thinking of using the legal system to pass the buck for your own shortcomings, don't. Suck it up and accept responsibility. Do something yourself to change your condition.

Which is just what I've been doing. I've been working out 3 to 4 times a week for almost 7 months now.. my cholestoral dropped almost 30 points.. and according to co-workers, my tushie looks better in all of my pants. My response "Donna and Stacy - why are you staring at my ass? But thanks.."

And for Lent, I will not eat out.. I will only eat meals that came from home. Now, I know.. this doesn't mean that everything will be super healthy but it's sure better than a #2 combo from McDonalds.

So when someone kills Activist Spitzer's kid (God forbid but let's follow his logic), the murderer can say he has no responsibility because he was fat or a smoker or abused - there are other reasons for his behavior. After all - it's just a construct.

Source: - Government Gets Fat Fighting Obesity

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


"I know if I had kids, I would not be able to do the things I enjoy now. I would have to give up going to events with friends. I would have to give up part of my writing projects. I wouldn't be able to go out to concerts as much as I like, or go to museums, or take courses." - Larson

I've never been a huge fan of children (I get my small child fix from volunteering in the 1 and 2 year old room at church) and support people either way in their decisions to either have or not have children. There are couples I know who can't for medical reasons; others do not feel that they should bring a child into such a dangerous world. Others want children but want/need time to strengthen their relationship as a couple first. Still others can't wait and want babies _now!_ But only the most vapid, self-centered people would say such a thing.

Larson reminds me of 3 people I met at Sunset Grill's wine tasting class.. actually alot of the people I met at the wine tasting. Two girls and a guy sat across from me. They tried to sound important (I bet they worked for one of the records companies in Nashville), they talked about their speed dating adventure and such. I wondered if they thought they were trying out for Sex and the City as opposed to learning about Italian red wines. By the end of the night, I really did feel sorry for them.. they seemed pretty hollow and didn't have much depth.

I have news for everyone: LIFE IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

It's about me. ;-)

No really, it isn't about me either. Is Larson going to be able to take his concerts with him at the end of his life? Is anyone going to care how many times he went to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)?

A fundamental truth in this life: it's about relationships. The enemy of our souls, Satan, does his best to build up walls around us and seperate us. He would tell us that it's more important to pursue our own interests at the expense of others - not necessarily to hurt other people. 'It's about you and what makes you happy.'

I used to think like Larson, but not so much anymore. Why? Life is boring when I'm hanging around people my own age or marital status all the time. I love my peer group.. that's where my best friends are but they can't meet all of my relational needs. God created us to be community with one another and communities are more than must your 'tribe.'

The same idea goes for those couples who only hang around other couples and single people are pariahs.. or families who only think that other families with children the same age are worth associating with. They are all limiting themselves to just eating.. say.. chocolate.

I love chocolate but even I wouldn't want it all the time as my only food.

For my purpose, I am glad to have realized this truth now. Sure I may never marry or have children but I know that I will not be alone in my life because I made the decision now to make my relationships a priority - of all age groups.

Liberals should be concerned about the growing trend toward childless-ness. Who the heck will pay for all of the government programs for ketchup testing, cow farts, lights on baseball fields, drug benefits, and welfare if the workforce continues to decrease? That's it! It's a conspiracy!

We will be like Europe.. native born peoples will stop having children so we open the borders to immigrants and let them do the work.

Remember: everything boils back to how evil taxes are.

Source: / News / Boston Globe / Magazine / No Kids, Please
It's coke.. not pop or soda

Well, it is coke if you are from the South anyway. Find out how much of a Southern, Midwestern or (god forbid) Yankee dialect you have in this little quiz.

By the way, I scored 97% Southern.

And the writers should know that Texas is not in the South. Texas is its own country. Just ask them - they'll tell you that.

*is proud to be Southern and striving hard every day to offer hospitality*

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Today's funny

Flame Warriors

If you've participated in any message board that's moderately active, you know these people. I was picking through the list.. the long long list and thought of some of the people at the Survivor Sucks message board where I am a lurker.

I've also been a nanny, a rebel leader, and several others on that list that I will not admit to here.

Maybe someday I can be an ent.

Monday, February 23, 2004

My new hobby

Well, if I didn't have to work for a living it would be. Some people follow Phish or Widespead Panic.

I would follow Marilyn Manson because of all the neato protesters outside. I wouldn't actually buy a ticket for the show mind you. I want to stand out side with the protesters with some sort of sign that conveys the message:

"Don't hate him because of his beliefs. Hate him because his music sucks"
- statement belongs to Ari.

Now, I'm the bane of 15 year old goth kids everywhere.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Why I like Camille Paglia

Aside from the fact she's one of the brightest women in contemporary America and a libertarian?

The fact that she verbally beat up Naomi Wolf (who's last book I read, Promiscuities, was just crap. When I was a raging feminist, I agreed with the tripe.. now, it's just 200 pages of whining.. I'm actually glad that my review of it disappeared on

Particularly her one of her last chapters in Promiscuities. Wolf writes about how special her wedding day was.. not because she was getting married. Or taking part in some some sort of ceremony that has been practiced for ages. Nooooo.. that would be too mundane. Why was it special? Because for once in her life, she wasn't easy to get at.


Well, all the buttons and zippers on her wedding dress made her body inaccessible and fully covered.. as opposed to the shorts and crop tops she would wear on a regular basis to the beach.

Dearheart, I have news for you, it's really easy to cover up and and not look like a frumpy doll. My mom said (and we've all heard it) "Why would men buy the cow when they can get the milk for free?"

But that's another point. Naomi "Make Al Gore an Alpha Male" Wolf isn't getting any press so now she has to drudge up some allegation that she and some other Yale women were harrassed 20+ years ago and Yale isn't going to do anything about it. So she told New York Magazine. Wah... uppity rich feminists who say that it's ok to display their bodies and then get upset when they are looked at?! PUH-LEEZE!

My guess: Naomi made the whole thing up.. after all, the patriarchy made Dr. Bloom do it. And we women are just constantly squashed under the patriarchy and constant victims of harrassment and sexual violence (due to the masculine influence in our culture).

There are men and women who are harrassed, who are abused, and who are victimized.. and Naomi Wolf is bad for them.

Yale sex claims brings out knives for Wolf - World -

Friday, February 20, 2004

Holy Crap!!!

OK, I know.. my friends know that my house was bad. When my mom was alive, it was worse.. there was stuff everywhere.. only little paths to navigate the terrain.

But in the last year, I've been on a purging mission. Like the going out of business commercials "EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!"

Or at least have a home that isn't on the floor. I have no mercy. I think I'm to the point of "If something comes into this house, 2 things must go." To me, it's just stuff.. it will eventually burn anyway and in the meantime, it will cause a fire hazard if I don't get it out.

But damn! Pardon my french.. I couldn't believe this thread when I saw it. Warning, some foul language in the posts. It will take a while to load as there are alot of pictures.

The Awful Forums - My mother is insane (~5M of photos)

Thursday, February 19, 2004


Some months ago, if you go through the archives, I whacked Madonna square in the middle of her Botox-ed forehead for dressing like Che Guavara and pretending to hate her millions of dollars, mini-Coopers, and soy lattes.

Apparently she's gotten over her self-loathing. Her new single is used in a Venus razor (I think) commercial.. and the video looks alot like the commercial.

At least now her selling out is obvious.

*Communist chic is still not cool*

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


By smookyfufu - on Cornell women:

"Some may be hot, but they're so emotionally vapid, soulless and wannabe beatnik intellectualish that after a while, all of the "ooh, this is poetry, 'I love my vivavious mop'", chai-sipping "I am so sad, let me make believe i'm some dead noir figure and make obscure references feigning my understanding of life and fool people into thinking i'm so deep" whininess will make you long for a normal girl who just likes to have fun and doesn't live like she's stuck in a 60's avant garde student french film."

*PK is glad to be a Belmont girl... and in no way related to Cornell women or Vandy-girls* Comments Thingee

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Today I am....

*great flourish of music, landing on the ground with some authority.. hands on her hips.. reams of paper surrounding her.. the moving glow in the background*

Copy Girl!

Yes! I am Copy Girl! I can make the Xerox machine obey my commands, un-jam any paper, collate with the best of them, and leave the copy room without a trace of toner on my super-heroine, though cute and trendy, outfit.

Red and blue outfits are very passe' - I'm talking to you Wonder Woman and Super Girl! Don't they know that THE color (of the moment) is pink? Weren't they watching Style's Fashion Week coverage?

Monday, February 16, 2004

scary with a capital S!!! SCARY!

It was a big joke here.. Wynonna Judd being pulled over for drunk driving through Hillsboro Village (which is a block from my office) in the middle of the day.

But wowzer! I'm scared. I've met Wynonna in person.. and with make-up she can be a bit freaky but here she looks like an escapee from a Botox clinic.

Photo courtesy of The Smoking Gun
Gay marriage and such

First, I still hold by the position the state shouldn't be recognizing marriages to begin with. I still agree with Vox Day saying let the state recognize people marrying dogs if they want.. the important thing is for the church to not agree with it or endorse it. Pastors shouldn't be marrying gay couples.

That said, my associate pastor and I had a conversation about this weekend. His opinion was similar to mine. He said that even his most liberal friends said "don't call it marriage. Call it unions. Marriage is between a man and a woman."

But we all know there are churches that will happily agree to marry gay and lesbian couples. They should just watch out - there is some serious warnings in Revelations about churches openly disobeying the Bible.

Friday, February 13, 2004

We lived it... it's behind us

80's make-up, hair, and fashion courtesy of

for all your "OH MY GOD! I REMEMBER THAT!" needs...
More good ideas from your government

If you live in New York that is. A Nip-and-Tuck Tax is on the table, along with a proposal to make city workers actually work a 40 hour week.

Holy crap! 35 to 40 hours per week?! I need to talk to Vanderbilt about that.. I want full benefits for only part time work.. maybe we should form a union (*cough cough* not.)

I like the parking tax though.. I pay almost $200 to park my car next to my building at work and at that it's only a hunting license. I'm not guarenteed a spot anywhere near campus unless I make it before a certain time... and forget-about-it if you leave during the day. Bring your walking shoes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

A day....

I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...
I love my job...

If I tell myself that enough I may actually believe it.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Been fishin'

As opposed to "gone fishin' ".. I'm back. I know - you missed me more than words can state. Heh.

Wow.. it's been almost 2 weeks. To update you: Lynn comes over and we watch American Idol. Andrea comes over and we watch Survivor.. and I'm tied for first place in the local game thank you very much. They should all quit because the prize pack is mine. Mine.. my precious... We wants it.. we will take it from the hobbitses.. my precious...

*cough* Pardon me..

I spent yesterday cleaning.. it is absolutely amazing how much STUFF can be packed into a room. I decided that I am limiting myself to one junk drawer in my bedroom as opposed to the... 5 I had previously. I threw out so much stuff that I think I can do it, too. I found my resolutions from when I was intern at the General Assembly, a letter Lynn gave to me on my 18th birthday, my ice skating patches, lots of pictures that I'm not sure why I have... those collectors plates from the Franklin Mint (I see some ebay auctions coming soon).. and a series of emails I sent to Andrea 10 days before my mom passed away.

I have all of my diplomas in one place. Someday I may have them framed. People say they are just pieces of paper but they represent alot of hard work on my part and I'm proud to have them. I just wish my Masters degree would actually pay off for me some day soon...

Speaking of, here's a new term for you... (courtesy of Josh):

Vanderbling: the promise of increased income and a better job because you went to Vanderbilt University.

I'm waitin' on my Vanderbling to show up. I already gave them alot of my bling. Wouldn't it be funny if someone sued a unversity based on that - they didn't get a job or whatever? Actually, I'm pretty sure its happened. However, college degrees are now like the lottery. You pay $20,000 for the chance to play and maybe you'll get $7 back.

There's the update I know you were waiting on. I do have some interesting things to write about soon.

I think since Valentine's Day is coming up, everyone's talking marriage.. so I will post something on that topic too - though I'm not married. And.. let's see.. I won't say anything about Janet's boobie that hasn't already been said (other than it wasn't an accident) and that I hate Justin Timberlake.