Monday, October 31, 2005

And she's pretty too!

Elena has a major big post on language that everyone should go read.

Y'all are quiet...

too quiet.

All Dressed Up...

Res said he wanted to see me in a belly dance costume. Here are a couple of pictures taken at the Dance Club Friday night. The gentlemen with me in the second picture are a couple of the instructors:

I'm not Rachel Brice, but I think I look pretty cute.

Edited to add: It isn't really visible in this pic, but the skirt I was wearing was black with black sequins, so it was really shiny and sparkly with gold and silver over-skirts. When Zorro whipped me around in a spin, the skirt flew up to about my knees - awesome look (which is why I bought the thing - its perfect for spins)! And then when I wore the same costume Saturday night, Guy X spun me around, and all of a sudden I'm wondering if everyone is seeing my naughty bits, because the skirt caught some serious air.

Friday, October 28, 2005

On a scale of 1 to Awesome...

I am Super Great.

Thanks to Katherine and Michael for this... Of course I'm worth more than both of them. What else could one expect from Super-Secret Agent Pink Kitty?

My blog is worth $106,133.52.
How much is your blog worth?

But apparently it isn't worth as much as Mr. Roboto.

Thanks and more blogger outings!

Thanks to Rex Hammock and the wonderful Mr. Roboto for putting together last night's blogger get-together. No fights broke out, though there were some threats made. I didn't make them. I was there to drink beer and eat pizza. I didn't drink beer... *sigh* I had one sip of the one Dana gave me (she got it 2-for-1) and whatever it was, it was awful. After that, I opted for no alcohol. Life was good.

I had a Red Stripe when I got home.

Nashville Bloggers need to keep in mind that Blake and I are working on another outing - at the gun range. What? Shocked you say? Should we actually put firearms in the hands of bloggers?

Just remember - don't point them at anyone and point them down range at the target. There is no goofing around with them at the range. My future brother-in-law-in-law (no I'm not stuttering. It's my brother's fiance's brother in law. Therefore, he's our future brother in law-in law) hopes to come with us to help with new shooters. He takes gun safety very seriously.

Anyway, so, we are trying to find a place to go shoot. Once we have that, we will post it. Email me (pink_kitty_post at yahoo dot com) if you are already interested in going.

Second social event of note, I met a smattering of other edited "Nashville's Private College" folks. We decided we needed to get together for lunch. "Nashville's Private College" bloggers also email me so we can find out who we all are and share love for the employer.

- I'm using that term under protest. There are countless other Private Colleges in Nashville. -

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Political Pranks

The Scene talks about a prank at the Metro Council where 3 microphones were disconnected and that it cost $144 to fix.

I believe the TN General Assembly desks are similar. The microphones can also be disconnected there, leaving the cord trapped between panels of wood. When this happened at the TN General Assembly, they just got out a coat hanger that had been stretched out and pulled the plug up.

No recess needed. And it certainly didn't cost $144. Perhaps the Metro Council should look into that.

Having Issues

Oh yes... I have issues. No secret about that, but today, I want to talk about one specific issue: the Iraq war. This is prompted by the war protests that went on around the country the other day. And a post by Brittney at NIT about a soldier's story of working with a paralyzed girl (not the fault of the war - she was paralyzed well before it happened) and the snarky and rude comment made by someone in response.

It is no secret that I was in favor of the war in Iraq. I believed it was a good idea. Saddam was threatening and not abiding by the UN resolutions for inspections and such. He wasn't quite the buffer between Iran and Israel that he used to be (which is why I think we didn't take him out in 1991 - the power vaccum left in his wake would have been more than ripe for Iran... which it now is... and left Israel in a very vulnerable state). I did the Protest Warrior thing (and I still think Kfir is hot.)

I think there are those on the left who try to pretend Iraq was some lovely place full of rainbows and streams of flowers. It wasn't. Hussein is an evil man who tortured and terrified his people. As bad as some think George W. Bush has been, at the very least he has not released gas over his own people to kill them. Think about those innocent Iraqis when speaking of the Iraqis that have died. Here was a government that continually threatened its neighbors and (former) allies to the point of invading them. They also funded terrorism by paying the families of suicide bombers.

I'm also a flag-waving proud-to-be-an American type. I know the words to the various Armed Forces songs and can sing all those patrotic 4th of July stuff. Blah-blah.

Part of the reason I haven't wanted to say anything publically about my dwindling support for the war in Iraq is that I do not want to be lumped in with the left-leaning hippies (as if that mistake could be made. Possibly since the women I meet in my belly dance classes all seem to think I'm a hippy when I haven't given them any reason to think otherwise. We don't talk politics. I'm there to dance.) And as I have said before: I hate hippies. I haven't quite progressed to the Eric Cartman level of hippie hating, though. I'm sure hippies hate me - so it's all mutual.

I've also not wanted to because I am immensly proud of those in the military. With my brother over there (not anymore - he's back in the US as of this morning), I don't want to pull a Cindy Sheehan type move and dishonor their service. The lunatic fringe overshadows the entire debate so that we can't actually discuss it.

Truthfully, I think they should have split Iraq into three countries controlled by their dominant factions: Kurdish, Shiites, and Sunni.

Can one say "I disagree with this" and still honestly support the troops? Am I just buying into the constant negative press? There are good things happening there but at what cost? Christians feel less safe now than they did under Hussein. When does the price get to be too high?

He's Home! He's Home!

Well, almost.

My brother called from Camp Shelby, MS just a little bit ago.

He made it back safe and sound... and he was on his way to Wal-Mart.

Ahhhhh.... God Bless America.

Miers Withdrew From SCOTUS nomination

Miss O'Hara just told me that Harriet Miers has stepped out of the process to be a Justice.

Conservatives everywhere heave a sigh of relief.

Miss O'Hara went on to say "Now watch W name Karl Rove."

Monday, October 24, 2005

What Is Newsworthy?

Perhaps this was overheard at the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament:

Now that I know you choose paper, I clearly cannot choose rock. But since I know that you will now choose paper, I can safely choose scissors to soundly best you. But I see that you are clever. You would know that I would choose scissors, because you knew that I know you have the disposition to choose paper. Therefore I clearly cannot choose scissors, because you would counter with the rock.

/stolen from

Things that should never come back - vol. 2

Farrah hair. And Madonna. Girl - you've made your money, go live quietly in the English country-side and let the rest of the planet be. I saw you on Letterman or whatever it was this weekend.. or was it VH1. I dunno. It just seemed so... 5 minutes ago.. listening to them talk about your upcoming doc on your last world tour. I am not planning to go see it. I wouldn't even see it for free.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Overheard at Lunch

Woman at next table: I feel like we are on "Sex and the City!"

PK - nearly chewing on her tongue to keep her mouth shut thinks: "Chick - you are at Pizza Perfect. There is absolutely no reason why you should feel like a fabulously dressed, well-heeled, uber-trendy Manhattanite HERE!"

For non-Nashvillians: Pizza Perfect is this place near campus. It's fast food but instead of burgers, it's pizza.

Miss O'Hara's comment: What? Were they comparing vibrators?
PK: I dunno. I missed that part.

Halloween Stories

from The People's Cube:

Visit their site for the rest.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Proving Idiocy

It isn't hard. Actual conversation, not 10 minutes ago:

Woman in hall: Excuse me?
PK: Yes?
Woman: I was wondering if you could tell me where Human Resources is?
PK: HR moved out of this building 3 years ago. Their offices are now located at -----.
Other Woman: We are looking for ---, the Director of HR.
PK: He's not in this building. He's at ---.
Other Woman: Are you sure?
PK: Yes ma'am.
Other Woman: I was told he had an office in this building.
PK: I am positive he's not in this building. In fact, he's never had an office in this building. It was vacant the year he came to work here. And we moved in last year. (PK's thought: but feel free to go knock on every door in here if you don't believe me.)
Other Woman: Are you sure?
PK: Yes ma'am. Would you like me to go get the phone book and show you?
Other Woman: Yes.
PK (returning with phone book: Here it is. His office is at ------ above the bookstore.
Other Woman *stares at me as though I have conspired against her to move the HR guy's office under her nose... just to confuse her. That I've made up this phone book entry and LIED to her!!! He's really in this building!!!!!! Don't you DARE PROVE TO ME OTHERWISE!!!!!!!*
Woman: Thank you very much.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Caption Contest

Here we go... time for another one... :)

Have fun with Chuck Schumer! Enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Things That Should NEVER Come Back

After the party Friday night, several of us stood around talking about trends that come back after dying the horrible deaths they deserved.

I related the NIT discussion of gaucho pants (the link for it is now gone).
And then we talked about Tamagotchi pets. You remember those, right? The keychain pets that you have to feed and play with or else they die and you just wasted $15. They are back, too.

Well, I didn't mention it but one person that should go away is Ricky Martin. Yep, Mr. Livin' La Vida Loca is back and has a video on VH1. Ugh. He is so 1999.

Thoughts? Additions?

Edited to add: leg warmers. Why are girls wearing them again? I know I saw them. Eww. Pretty soon tight-rolling your jeans will be back.

I wish I was this funny.....

I read GoFugYourself religiously. This entry is probably one of the funniest things I've ever read.

So unless Michael Stipe woke up one morning and said, "today, I am going out dressed as Jessica's grandfather, if he were an academic obsessed with crossing the Delaware," then this is a MISSTEP.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Saying what we always thought about some movies...

That the postershid the fact that the film stunk. Go farkers!

"Men are very bad for women really"

No Kitty... that's my pot pie!!!!

Actually, that article has little to do with Cartman.. but that quote makes Elena laugh.

See, I knew men were to blame but somehow... like a McDonald's Chicken McNugget... I can't stay away from them.

Walking a very fine line

In this WND story, a group of British Christians want to use the hate crimes law to ban the Quran.

While I agree that the Quran, sunnah, and hadith have statements that encourage radical and violent Islamists, attempting to ban it is a mistake. Let's say they win, the next target could be the fire and brimstone preacher. Then a radical Hindu. Next? A Christian who would dare say in a public forum that such-n-such behavior is a sin.

You don't think they would target Christians more than anyone else? They would. Why? First, Christians tend to be the majority. They also tend to be more outspoken and thus make themselves targets.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Overheard at Lunch

A diner complained about the sandwich brought to him by the waiter.

Waiter: "Yeah. BLT means bacon, lettuce and tomato. Did... you want something else?"
Diner: "Well, I thought it meant burger with lettuce and tomato."

PK's thought: It was on the menu. Hello? Where on this planet does "BLT" mean burger with lettuce and tomato?

Said diner got a burger and then sent it back because it was cooked to medium and apparently he wanted it "burnt." I bet after the meal was over they asked for it for free, too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Does it say...

"Nooo Kitty. This is my pie!" or
"Respect my athoritha" or
"M'am, I'm here to check your house for parasites ... apparently, you have hippies. " or
"I want Cheesy Poofs!"

Shroud Of Cartman Appears On Sofa

Monday, October 10, 2005

Running Lights

On 3 separate occasions this past week, I saw what appears to be an abuse of police power:

Flicking on their sirens to run red lights.

I saw it twice at the intersection of Blackman Rd and Edmonson Pike.

They turn them on to go through the intersection and then turn them off once they are past. They don't speed up. They just keep cruising at whatever the speed limit is or slightly above it (like all Nashville drivers.)

Maybe, just maybe they on a call where they have been asked to arrive sans sirens and lights but... I dunno. But, if not, yes - it's an abuse. I have to sit there and wait on the light. If I run it and you are sitting there, I get a ticket. You run it and I just have to take it.

I thought several years ago, Metro installed some device to keep track of how often police cars used their lights because several years ago there was a story about abuse of the lights to run red lights.

Belly Dance photos of the week - the Salimpours

This little darling is Isabella Salimpour.

Her mother is Suhaila Salimpour, another of my favorite dancers. Suhaila's mom is Jamilia Salimpour. Jamilia is a pioneer of American belly dance (before her husband forced her away from performing by threatening to break her legs. Nice.) Suhaila's style heavily influenced the American Tribal-Fusion movement that you see with Rachel Brice. All those California dancers sticking together.... *watches as the audiences eyes glaze over*

Here are a couple of pictures of Suhaila.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Things I saw that made me wish I hadn't broken my digital camera

- The "My wife is a b****" bumper sticker. Refreshing, no? Wish I knew who was driving it. It would have really been funny if it was a woman driving the car.

- The tow truck pulling a tow truck.

- The kittens asleep in my lap.

Do Some Good - Shake a Tail feather

The Nashville Belly Dance group is having its second hurricane relief show this Sunday at 6pm in Tucker Theater at MTSU (which is in the Boutwell Dramatic Arts Building).

Oh yes - the Titans Cheerleaders will be there too.

What? You say you don't know where it is? Here's the map.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

PK Impresonating Helen of Troy

Not really but I am the inspiration behind Glen's post on Christian libertarianism.

I'm so honored.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Caution: Government at Work

We all know that cars park themselves and get tickets when we aren't around.

Hat tip: WND.


Via comes an auction that proves you can take the girl out of the country but you can't make her stop putting crappy nasty stuff on eBay.

Come ON! Used flip-flops?! That's just got all kinds of gross written on it. *shudders, spasms violently*

What do you want to bet some Britney fan who has a foot fetish won the auction?

Save yourself some money and get new flip-flops from Target.

Update: The lovely, talented and always fashionable Miss O'Hara informed me that the auctions have since been removed. "Apparently it was too gross even for eBay."

That reminds me of this story a co-worker told me. There was this QVC-"like" show on in Knoxville. It was a local show and was more like a yard sale on TV, taking the hawking of crap to whole new levels. She told me that one time, they brought out a mystery box and when they opened it, it had the contents of stuff one would keep under the sink, including:

  1. Half a box of tampons
  2. A used curling iron
  3. Pink foam rollers
I think I need to go watch the StrongBad email regarding garage sales again. "I mean isn't it a bit suspicious that there is only one letter difference between garage sale and garbage sale?"

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's not really about sex

Some weeks ago, I had a post on some of the questions I had about what does the Bible really have to say about sex. I now have a stack of books, most of them useless, on either side of the issue - secular and Christian.

One side of the aisle says "don't think about it at all! Don't let any sexual thought even cross your mind for that is lust!" The other says it's all good in a comitted relationship. Don't fight your fantasies. Not quite follow your bliss but it's getting there. So, like Aristotle, I sought out the golden mean.

I found it in Richard J. Foster's The Challenge of the Disciplined Life which acknowledged the struggles of sexuality in the modern world without sounding like I'm stuck in a health class in 6th grade with a nervous teacher would rather be talking about anything else... or the other teacher who wants to get into discussing technique. Foster talks about power and money too but I haven't read those chapters yet. Winner's Real Sex that I referenced in my earlier post was also a helpful resource.

Then it occurred to me last night - it isn't about sex.

It's about intimacy.

Foster writes that we have come to equate sex with intimacy when there is more to intimacy than that. We have lost the non-erotic part of intimacy that comes with spending time with one another in genuine fellowship. We have also attempted to make every touch sexual. He states that some older singles will go for MONTHS without the touch of another human - and we are talking just like a pat on the back here.

You don't know your neighbors. You only associate with your co-workers in the office. If you are lucky you may have a lunch buddy. If you go to a gym, it's about working out and not about getting to know anybody. How many of you have watched person after person breeze in and out of your church without stopping to say a word to anyone? How many of you (myself included) have done that very thing?

Note: this is not meant to be a accusatory. It is a hard look on what I think the real problem with sex and singleness is. And loneliness isn't just a single-person's problem.

We are created to be in community. Living in a fallen world, the idea of intimacy has been distorted and perverted to where we equate it only with sex. This leaves generations of single Christians trapped - we want to honor God and live our lives for Him but we are lonely!

How many of you have basically lost a friend after they got married? They slip into a world where they only associate with other couples and if you are around them, you feel like half a set of training wheels on a bicycle. Not much good for anything and really kind of in the way.

Well-meaning church folk talk about having relationship with God. Yes... we are supposed to do that. But God flat out says "it is not good for man to be alone." He KNOWS we need to be with other people.

A whole other discussion is can men and women really be friends or does the cultural imposition of sexuality on those relationships make it impossible?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Free At Last!!!

Free at last! Thank God Almighty - I am free at last!