Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Via comes an auction that proves you can take the girl out of the country but you can't make her stop putting crappy nasty stuff on eBay.

Come ON! Used flip-flops?! That's just got all kinds of gross written on it. *shudders, spasms violently*

What do you want to bet some Britney fan who has a foot fetish won the auction?

Save yourself some money and get new flip-flops from Target.

Update: The lovely, talented and always fashionable Miss O'Hara informed me that the auctions have since been removed. "Apparently it was too gross even for eBay."

That reminds me of this story a co-worker told me. There was this QVC-"like" show on in Knoxville. It was a local show and was more like a yard sale on TV, taking the hawking of crap to whole new levels. She told me that one time, they brought out a mystery box and when they opened it, it had the contents of stuff one would keep under the sink, including:

  1. Half a box of tampons
  2. A used curling iron
  3. Pink foam rollers
I think I need to go watch the StrongBad email regarding garage sales again. "I mean isn't it a bit suspicious that there is only one letter difference between garage sale and garbage sale?"