Monday, October 31, 2005

All Dressed Up...

Res said he wanted to see me in a belly dance costume. Here are a couple of pictures taken at the Dance Club Friday night. The gentlemen with me in the second picture are a couple of the instructors:

I'm not Rachel Brice, but I think I look pretty cute.

Edited to add: It isn't really visible in this pic, but the skirt I was wearing was black with black sequins, so it was really shiny and sparkly with gold and silver over-skirts. When Zorro whipped me around in a spin, the skirt flew up to about my knees - awesome look (which is why I bought the thing - its perfect for spins)! And then when I wore the same costume Saturday night, Guy X spun me around, and all of a sudden I'm wondering if everyone is seeing my naughty bits, because the skirt caught some serious air.