Monday, October 10, 2005

Running Lights

On 3 separate occasions this past week, I saw what appears to be an abuse of police power:

Flicking on their sirens to run red lights.

I saw it twice at the intersection of Blackman Rd and Edmonson Pike.

They turn them on to go through the intersection and then turn them off once they are past. They don't speed up. They just keep cruising at whatever the speed limit is or slightly above it (like all Nashville drivers.)

Maybe, just maybe they on a call where they have been asked to arrive sans sirens and lights but... I dunno. But, if not, yes - it's an abuse. I have to sit there and wait on the light. If I run it and you are sitting there, I get a ticket. You run it and I just have to take it.

I thought several years ago, Metro installed some device to keep track of how often police cars used their lights because several years ago there was a story about abuse of the lights to run red lights.