Thursday, November 27, 2003

Staying at home is wrong...

Beasts of Burden is an article about the leach known as the stay-at-home wife/mother.

I have my own opinion on this matter (shock!) that I'm currently writing in response. I'll have it up soon. I'll give the guy this much: the women he described in his article deserve to be left on a street corner. They are leaches. However, he paints with too broad of a brush.
Good phrases to use

Intellectually chubby (I came up witht that on my own): a formerly well-read person who has not finished a whole book since sometime in their junior year of college. They still manage to stay on top of what is going on in the world but sometimes the analysis can be shallow. And this would be me sometimes. I am intellectually chubby.

Professionally offended (found as a title on's email page): groups such as NOW, CAIR, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Patricia Ireland, et al who make a living being offended by completely random acts of well... life. I personally like the phrase and can't WAIT to use it! I want to be paid to be offended. I can be offended easily... or I can pretend to be offended easily. That would be what they do.

Let's just cause a stink over nothing.
The solution: more government regulation

A study revealed that some children are more sexually aggressive after viewing porn on the internet. They begin to attack, abuse, and molest others. The children are usually abused themselves.

The gem quote: "Stanley called for tighter government regulation of Internet service providers (ISPs) to help protect children." Of course, let's not ask the parents to do anything about it - like monitor their time online, install filtering software, or get rid of the internet connection at home.

No. Personal responsibility - bad. Government regulation - good.


Online Porn Driving Sexually Aggressive Children

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2003

Survivor: Pearl Islands update

It is a sad day in Survivor Land. Prince Rupert was slaughtered by the evil Jon, rascally Burton, twin dimwits Darrah and Tijuana, and well.. Lill defies description.

But unlike his former tribe mates - Rupert is currently on location playing Survivor AGAIN in the the All-Star version with such faves as
Colby and Ethan (vying for the Hunk of Survivor title though Burton is close),
Jerri (boo-hiss),
Richard (who invented the game),
Lex (everyone's favorite psycho),
Rudy (the lovable crumudegon),
and Big Tom (the funny farmer).

Anyway, I have nothing to say about the episode and you know, is it worth watching anymore now that my favorite character has been killed? Yes - just eventually see Jon get voted out. I cannot STAND his wrestling posturing. I HATE professional wrestiling (though I did like MTV's Tough Enough series on wannabe wrestlers).

Darrah wins in the end against Lill. You heard it here.
More from Vox

Look for the entry entitled "Will you take this sheep..." on gay marriage. It is about how churches should seperate themselves from government on the issue of marriage.

While the government may endorse it, the Christian Church SHOULD NOT!

"Let them have their state marriages. Let men marry men, women marry golden retrievers and whatever other combinations those of diverse inclinations will be pushing next."

Vox Popoli

Monday, November 17, 2003

And socialism is a good idea....

Alright, I'm already hacked at paying into a system that I'll never see, but it's even worse in Europe thanks to generous social welfare programs.

The 1960's are over. The workforce is not growing. These programs will have to be cut. - Europe's retirees: time bomb

Friday, November 14, 2003

What I did today at work

Today! I am the great Labelini! Mistress of Labels! Keeper of the printed material... and Wizard of Sticking!
Survivor: Pearl Islands update

First, I have to gripe. For 5 seasons now, I've been participating in the local CBS station's online Survivor game. I've won the last two seasons. By now, I should have known to go with my gut. If I had, I would have been in first place all by myself. Because I didn't, I dropped from a tie for first to a tie for 5th.

And I'm pissed at myself for that. There are just some days that I wish I wasn't so competitive. And now I won't get my prize pack. If those other people were smart, they would have dropped out weeks ago knowing that it was mine. But noooooooo.

Anyway, Burton and Lil came back. Last week, Lil jumped ship and booted her former team mate, Andrew, out.

Rupert is going on a challenge run. He won both reward and immunity last night. And if he doesn't keep winning it, he will be booted in a heart beat.

Ryno got the boot last night and becomes the first member of the jury.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Baby 1986-2003

I have always had a dog. I had a dog 6 weeks before I was born when someone dumped Misty (1975-1993) on our front lawn. She was just barely weaned. Misty was a great dog – the classic mamma dog - loving and protective. You went where she wanted you to go. Of all the pups that have come through this house, Misty is still my favorite.

This shouldn’t be about Misty. This is about Baby. Baby was almost 18; she would have been 18 in January. We found her by the airport in 1987 trying to cross a 4-lane road. We picked her up and drove around thinking maybe she belonged to someone who lived nearby but no one had seen her before. Ads in the paper produced no results and now she was our dog.

Baby was a good dog though not all there. I think it was because she was abused before we found her. Eric said I named her after Jennifer Gray’s character in Dirty Dancing. I say we named her because she whined and cried all the time like a baby. She never really liked to play like other dogs. Her favorite game was tug. And she would tug until you felt like your arm would pop out of your socket and gave up. She would trot away, almost laughing, with the rope in her mouth.

Baby, as a young’un, would chase airplanes across the yard. She was so proud when they were gone. She had protected us from danger. Baby also chased squirrels, even until she was 16. I can't recall her catching a squirrel but she did get a hold of a turtle once. We released it at the lake.

Her favorite snack was dried out cat food. Hopping up and down with glee, “yippee! Yippee! Cat food! Yum!”

If we started howling, Baby would join in. She would howl at fire engines as they drove by.

Eric said that Baby moped around the house for months after our mom passed away. He believes that she never quite got over that.

You may think it’s silly for me to eulogize a dog. But, she has been with me longer than most people are married. For the first time in almost 28 1/2 years, this house is without a dog. Dogs love us unconditionally. They do anything to please us with no sense of shame or embarrassment. They love us even when we are mean to them or ignore them. They love on us when we are happy or when we are sad. How can you resist those dark eyes looking up at you longingly? Or not laugh when pinned down and licked all over your face?

I will miss my Baby-doll.