Friday, November 21, 2003

Survivor: Pearl Islands update

It is a sad day in Survivor Land. Prince Rupert was slaughtered by the evil Jon, rascally Burton, twin dimwits Darrah and Tijuana, and well.. Lill defies description.

But unlike his former tribe mates - Rupert is currently on location playing Survivor AGAIN in the the All-Star version with such faves as
Colby and Ethan (vying for the Hunk of Survivor title though Burton is close),
Jerri (boo-hiss),
Richard (who invented the game),
Lex (everyone's favorite psycho),
Rudy (the lovable crumudegon),
and Big Tom (the funny farmer).

Anyway, I have nothing to say about the episode and you know, is it worth watching anymore now that my favorite character has been killed? Yes - just eventually see Jon get voted out. I cannot STAND his wrestling posturing. I HATE professional wrestiling (though I did like MTV's Tough Enough series on wannabe wrestlers).

Darrah wins in the end against Lill. You heard it here.