Thursday, November 30, 2006

Doctor's Visit: Update

I got the bloodwork report back. My cholesterol is 147. "Excellent" as my doctor put it. The HDL (good) cholesterol as well as my iron counts are still low but improved over my last visit back in May.

Praise God!

Exercise. Eat right. There ya go.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

KICKED A$$!!!! I LOVED IT. OK, I'll stop screaming now. I give this movie my "yes, it is worth it to pay full price" rating. I definately want to see it again.

Daniel Craig is a much better Bond than I thought he would be. In fact, dare I say it, he's better than my personal favorite Bond, Sean Connery. In fact, I really wanted to make my place sort of inspired by From Russia, With Love/Goldfinger in terms of style. But, even I don't want to live in some place that looked like my nana bought the stuff new and never updated her surroundings. There's vintage and then there is sad.

I really should go back and watch the Timothy Dalton era movies again. From my readings, I may be short changing him. I've seen all the Bond movies (and am a fan... der.) Some I really like. Others - I would gouge my eyes out if forced to watch them again.

I loved Craig's version of Bond - ruthless, intelligent, yet full of humanity. And for his personal hatred of guns - meh. He handled the prop guns well enough.

They cut out the camp (with a couple of one-liners thrown in for good humor). I did miss John Cleese as R (Q's replacement). I liked Judi Dench alot more in this movie than I did in her previous attempts at M. The score was AMAZING - will be getting that off of iTunes. The opening sequence rocked (even the Chris Cornell song is growing on me.) Some reviewers complained about the long poker scene. I enjoyed it. I thought it was broken up with some good action bits as well as the extended action sequences.

It just kept going and going. There were at least 2 times when I thought the movie was over. But no! There's more stuff to blow up!

This movie is seriously PK-approved. Go see it. If you have seen it, go see it again.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Getting Fiber

After a visit to CVS to buy some fiber supplements, I remembered that Amazon now carries some groceries. I typed in "Fiberchoice" and got the following results:

It might be a little difficult to make out but that is a book that came out WAY after her 15 minutes of fame flitted on past (though how Wonkette managed to extend them is beyond me). The Washingtonienne by Jessica Cutler.

Who? You might be asking. Well, Ms. Cutler made a name for herself and the seedy side of the blogosphere by writing about her sexual escapades while working on Capitol Hill a while ago. Whenever that was.

I agree with Miss O'Hara: there has to be a better way to get fiber than eating her "crappy" book.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Doctor's Visit

I went for my annual physical today.

My blood pressure is 120/80 (on the left arm) and 119/89 (on the right). He said that so long as the numbers were within 10, it was ok. The real point is that the overall numbers are down from my May visit, which was 135/90.

He's anxious to get the bloodwork back to see if my good cholestoral has gone up. It was low.

He was beyond happy to see the change in my body and the blood pressure. Like I predicted, he didn't take me off the diuretic but give it another 6 months and maybe... just maybe...

On to the not good news: I have tendonitis in my left foot and bursitis in my right hip from overuse. He suggested that I visit a speciality shoe place to get some tennis shoes with higher arch support (I have no arch apparently). If it keeps up for more than a couple of weeks, he told me to call and get a referral to an orthopod. He also suggested I throw out all of my shoes that in any way lean to the outside of the foot.

My weight used to lean to the outside of my foot, causing it to roll. As I have lost weight, the movement over my foot as been more centered.

At least he didn't tell me to stop dancing. 'Cause if he did that, we would have had a little talk about 'OK, if I was a football player with a million dollar bonus for 100 yards rushing every game, you would find a way I could rush 100 yards every game. Find a way I can keep dancing.'

Friday, November 17, 2006

Return of the caption contest!

I couldn't decide. So here are two pictures for you.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Overheard at VU

A pair of young men discussing the Clintons.

Something about Bill Clinton and teabagging... eww. And this gem:

"The people of DC are smart enough to not vote for Hillary C."

PK - literally chewing on her tongue and thinking: "Yeah... and apparently you aren't smart enough to know she's the Senator from New York and DC doesn't have a senator."