Monday, November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

KICKED A$$!!!! I LOVED IT. OK, I'll stop screaming now. I give this movie my "yes, it is worth it to pay full price" rating. I definately want to see it again.

Daniel Craig is a much better Bond than I thought he would be. In fact, dare I say it, he's better than my personal favorite Bond, Sean Connery. In fact, I really wanted to make my place sort of inspired by From Russia, With Love/Goldfinger in terms of style. But, even I don't want to live in some place that looked like my nana bought the stuff new and never updated her surroundings. There's vintage and then there is sad.

I really should go back and watch the Timothy Dalton era movies again. From my readings, I may be short changing him. I've seen all the Bond movies (and am a fan... der.) Some I really like. Others - I would gouge my eyes out if forced to watch them again.

I loved Craig's version of Bond - ruthless, intelligent, yet full of humanity. And for his personal hatred of guns - meh. He handled the prop guns well enough.

They cut out the camp (with a couple of one-liners thrown in for good humor). I did miss John Cleese as R (Q's replacement). I liked Judi Dench alot more in this movie than I did in her previous attempts at M. The score was AMAZING - will be getting that off of iTunes. The opening sequence rocked (even the Chris Cornell song is growing on me.) Some reviewers complained about the long poker scene. I enjoyed it. I thought it was broken up with some good action bits as well as the extended action sequences.

It just kept going and going. There were at least 2 times when I thought the movie was over. But no! There's more stuff to blow up!

This movie is seriously PK-approved. Go see it. If you have seen it, go see it again.