Monday, November 20, 2006

A Doctor's Visit

I went for my annual physical today.

My blood pressure is 120/80 (on the left arm) and 119/89 (on the right). He said that so long as the numbers were within 10, it was ok. The real point is that the overall numbers are down from my May visit, which was 135/90.

He's anxious to get the bloodwork back to see if my good cholestoral has gone up. It was low.

He was beyond happy to see the change in my body and the blood pressure. Like I predicted, he didn't take me off the diuretic but give it another 6 months and maybe... just maybe...

On to the not good news: I have tendonitis in my left foot and bursitis in my right hip from overuse. He suggested that I visit a speciality shoe place to get some tennis shoes with higher arch support (I have no arch apparently). If it keeps up for more than a couple of weeks, he told me to call and get a referral to an orthopod. He also suggested I throw out all of my shoes that in any way lean to the outside of the foot.

My weight used to lean to the outside of my foot, causing it to roll. As I have lost weight, the movement over my foot as been more centered.

At least he didn't tell me to stop dancing. 'Cause if he did that, we would have had a little talk about 'OK, if I was a football player with a million dollar bonus for 100 yards rushing every game, you would find a way I could rush 100 yards every game. Find a way I can keep dancing.'