Sunday, March 30, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon Update

I'm running a few days late with my update and faithful readers, I apologize. It's been a hectic week. But here we are now and Roger is now enjoying the rest of his Survivor: Amazon vacation from Losers Lodge.

Yes, our not so favorite crumdugeon was voted off.. "I wasn't out played our outwitted..." he said in his final remarks. Oh.. yeah... The fact that you (Butch and Dave - who I believe is our next target) were left out of the scheming and plotting and just "thought" that things would be as they were when the tribes came back together meant that you were outwitted.

And that you jumped off the pole in the immunity challenge without even getting a bite to eat is a huge signal that you were outplayed. He didn't have a clue as to how to play the game so he's gone, gone gone.

In other Survivor news, Heidi and Jenna stripped for chocolate cookies, peanut butter, and a coke... much to the amusement of all the guys (save for Butch who refused to look). I'm so glad that it was a full body blur.. not because they were nude but because I didn't want to see anymore of the outline of Heidi's silicone boobies or their hip bones protuding 6 inches out from their bodies. Rob and Deena deserve to be in the final 4 because they are the only ones actually playing the game. And they did paired confessionals for the first time ever. We saw Matt and Alex, Heidi and Jenna speaking to the camera at the same time. Interesting.....

Survivor is back to its regular time on Thursday night. See you then!

Monday, March 24, 2003

Think about this next time some tree hugger complains about fossil fuels

The sun is getting hotter.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

The French....

"We would look really stupid if Iraqis applaud the arrival of Americans."
--Dominique Dord, a deputy from the majority UMP party in France (President Chirac's party), March 17, 2003.

Worth remembering as Iraqis in Southern Iraq cheer U.S. troops as liberators!
Because government warnings are funny....

A parody of the warnings from the US government in case of a terroist attack. Funny funny stuff. Some offensive language.
Because I hate the Communist Anti-War Movement....

While I am TOTALLY for protesters coming out and exercising their First Amendment rights to speech and expression in peaceful and lawful demonstrations.. I am NOT in favor of them clogging the streets and using limited police resources there instead of.. oh.. watching the water treatment facilities or something where a terrorist could easily get in there, drop some poison into the water supply and kill half of Nashville.

Why I support this war:
1) It will remove a dictator from power. We tried a version of containment for 12 years. It didn't work.
2) It will pave the way for a free-Iraq and will likely lead to the toppling of the theocracy in Iran in a few years.. more democracy to come in the Middle East. It's a beautiful thing.
3) Communist appeasement of evil is wrong. It hasn't worked. History has proven that. (See Lord Chamberlin's "Peace in Our Time" deal with Hitler and how well that worked....)
4) Contrary to my libertarian friends, I firmly believe in peace through superior firepower.
5) Because I dislike the French, who's current leader Jacques Chirac sold Saddam his first nuclear reactor in 1975 and has consistently ignored the UN's own resoultion to limit trade with Iraq. Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy. I bet when we finish, there will be a mess of stuff with "MADE IN FRANCE" stamped on the back.
6) I have yet to see an intelligent arguement about why this war is wrong. The best the protesters can do is "War is stupid" or "Let Exxon fight its own war." No.. the fact that Saddam gassed his own people, rape of women is a standard practice, attacked 2 soverign nations in the last 25 years, and routinely executes political dissenters aren't valid reasons to remove him from power.

For some great pictures, posters, t-shirts and such for the pro-America movement, visit:

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon Update

Survivor was on a day early, which presented a challenge to me in remembering to make my picks and such. And then add to that the war on Saddam Hussein (I'll talk about that another time).. it's just been an eventful week.

Here's the scoop... Alex and Shawna were totally digging each other, which left poor Matt in the cold. Matt likes Shawna. Rob doesn't like Matt, but he doesn't trust Alex. Rob and Deena make a deal to help each other advance in the game and take out 1/2 of the new voting bloc. And I had to turn the channel when they started playing the dating game with Shawna. I just couldn't take it. I couldn't stand to hear those 3 guys just fawn all over her.

Reward and Immunity Challenge are won by Tambaqui.. all of whom now know a little bit of sign language courtesy of Christy. It has been great to see how her team was supporting her. Look to see a Butch/Christy pair pop up in the future. Add to that Roger.. maybe Dave who seems to be having a little bit of doubt about the decisions he made... And Dave - are you really that socially incompetent to tell Christy when she asked why she was kept and Jeanne wasn't that "Oh well, Jeanne was first on the boot list then we are getting rid of you." Kudos to Roger for playing nice in the sandbox and at least lying about the reasons why.

Tribal council saw little miss Shawna say good-bye.. Alex started crying. Next week (On WEDNESDAY again) - see Heidi and Jenna do their impersonation of Girls Gone Wild-Survivor Style during the individual immunity challenge after the merge. Till later!

Monday, March 17, 2003

The changing face of feminism

Another great piece of commentary from Wendy McElroy.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Nicole Kidman at the SAG awards

OK.. she looks nice except for the belt thing around her waist but what I really hand a question about was her hands.. anyone know why they are near purple??? Picture from

Friday, March 14, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon update

It's Friday! Guess what that means - time for your weekly dose of post-game analysis courtesy of me. Here's what happened: The youngest members in each tribe (Dave and Jenna) were selected for a reward that included food, shower, clean robes, and a bed that wasn't on the ground with mosquito netting. After dishing about their tribes (though I think Jenna did alot more dishing about the internal politics than Dave), Jeff appeared in the morning to play a game of pick up sticks where new tribes were formed. Jeanne, Christy and Heidi went to Tambuqi (with Dave, Roger and Butch). Matt, Rob, and Alex went Jaburu (with Shawna, Deena, and Jenna).

When the guys showed up, Shawna got better all of a sudden... imagine that. Post-show rumors are that Shawna and Alex are dating.. they were flirting heavily on the show.

Immunity challenge saw the new Jaburu win by a hair. The new girls on Tambuqi decided to vote Butch after a random draw but Dave gave Heidi an offer she couldn't refuse to vote out Jeanne (Dave knew she was next on the old Jaburu boot order thanks to Jenna's big mouth.) And that's who went home last night.

So my analysis... Jeanne needed to go. She was an outsider any which way you looked. Poor Christy may become a victim just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Does Dave actually think that Heidi will look out after him post-merge? Doubt it. He, Butch and Roger are pretty tight. Heidi will try to join back up with Jenna and Shawna if possible. With Shawna and Alex forming a block and Rob saying he will not cast a vote for either Jenna or Shawna if he sees boobies, where does that leave Deena and Matt? Lots of politics. Lots of possible scenarios. I hope that it won't be preditcable.

Remember- Survivor will be on WEDNESDAY due to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

More reasons to hate cell phones

See this link from

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Something to waste your time... Poke the Penguin

No- not that kind of poke... yeesh.. dirty-minded people.

Friday, March 07, 2003

From the "uh... sure" files

A picture of Christina Aguilera and Donatella Versace... If you can't tell, Christina is the one on the right.

Now we can all shiver just a little. It's not an attractive picture at ALL...

Reuters Photo
Survivor: The Amazon update

OK, the ladies of Jaburu dropped 2 challenges in a roll after an impressive winning streak. You can see the strain of 200 calories a day wearing on them (and the outline of Heidi's horrid boob job!) and Shawna wants to leave so bad but her alliance mates won't let her go, thinking that she's still with them. But she threw her vote on Christy for no reason.

To the amazing men of the Amazon... they pulled it together and kicked tushie this week, winning both reward and immunity in big ways. They are catching fish (after being there for 11 days - "Hey! Let's go look for worms!" Why didn't you think about that 10 days ago or used the scrawny fish as bait for bigger ones... hmmmmmmm?)

Analysis: If I hear Heidi or Jenna talk about how cute and skinny they are, I'm going to find them and beat them silly. I want to know who is really the insecure one, here. You don't hear Deena, Jeanne, Christy or Joanna (before she was voted off last night) discuss looks the way these two do. Of course, that could be editing but geez.. get over yourselves. You'll be in good company when you get to the merge and the men can fawn all over you. Of course, at least 1 is gay and 2 are married so don't count on their support for your boobies.. uh.. advancement in the game. The older ones will likely team up with female outsiders and oops.. you just might be outnumbered and, well.. even the best laid plans on survivor don't always work.

Till Next Week!

Monday, March 03, 2003

So much for the human shields in Iraq... the thought of someone actually shooting was much too much for them. Heh...