Friday, March 14, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon update

It's Friday! Guess what that means - time for your weekly dose of post-game analysis courtesy of me. Here's what happened: The youngest members in each tribe (Dave and Jenna) were selected for a reward that included food, shower, clean robes, and a bed that wasn't on the ground with mosquito netting. After dishing about their tribes (though I think Jenna did alot more dishing about the internal politics than Dave), Jeff appeared in the morning to play a game of pick up sticks where new tribes were formed. Jeanne, Christy and Heidi went to Tambuqi (with Dave, Roger and Butch). Matt, Rob, and Alex went Jaburu (with Shawna, Deena, and Jenna).

When the guys showed up, Shawna got better all of a sudden... imagine that. Post-show rumors are that Shawna and Alex are dating.. they were flirting heavily on the show.

Immunity challenge saw the new Jaburu win by a hair. The new girls on Tambuqi decided to vote Butch after a random draw but Dave gave Heidi an offer she couldn't refuse to vote out Jeanne (Dave knew she was next on the old Jaburu boot order thanks to Jenna's big mouth.) And that's who went home last night.

So my analysis... Jeanne needed to go. She was an outsider any which way you looked. Poor Christy may become a victim just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Does Dave actually think that Heidi will look out after him post-merge? Doubt it. He, Butch and Roger are pretty tight. Heidi will try to join back up with Jenna and Shawna if possible. With Shawna and Alex forming a block and Rob saying he will not cast a vote for either Jenna or Shawna if he sees boobies, where does that leave Deena and Matt? Lots of politics. Lots of possible scenarios. I hope that it won't be preditcable.

Remember- Survivor will be on WEDNESDAY due to the NCAA basketball tournament.