Friday, March 07, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon update

OK, the ladies of Jaburu dropped 2 challenges in a roll after an impressive winning streak. You can see the strain of 200 calories a day wearing on them (and the outline of Heidi's horrid boob job!) and Shawna wants to leave so bad but her alliance mates won't let her go, thinking that she's still with them. But she threw her vote on Christy for no reason.

To the amazing men of the Amazon... they pulled it together and kicked tushie this week, winning both reward and immunity in big ways. They are catching fish (after being there for 11 days - "Hey! Let's go look for worms!" Why didn't you think about that 10 days ago or used the scrawny fish as bait for bigger ones... hmmmmmmm?)

Analysis: If I hear Heidi or Jenna talk about how cute and skinny they are, I'm going to find them and beat them silly. I want to know who is really the insecure one, here. You don't hear Deena, Jeanne, Christy or Joanna (before she was voted off last night) discuss looks the way these two do. Of course, that could be editing but geez.. get over yourselves. You'll be in good company when you get to the merge and the men can fawn all over you. Of course, at least 1 is gay and 2 are married so don't count on their support for your boobies.. uh.. advancement in the game. The older ones will likely team up with female outsiders and oops.. you just might be outnumbered and, well.. even the best laid plans on survivor don't always work.

Till Next Week!