Saturday, March 22, 2003

Because I hate the Communist Anti-War Movement....

While I am TOTALLY for protesters coming out and exercising their First Amendment rights to speech and expression in peaceful and lawful demonstrations.. I am NOT in favor of them clogging the streets and using limited police resources there instead of.. oh.. watching the water treatment facilities or something where a terrorist could easily get in there, drop some poison into the water supply and kill half of Nashville.

Why I support this war:
1) It will remove a dictator from power. We tried a version of containment for 12 years. It didn't work.
2) It will pave the way for a free-Iraq and will likely lead to the toppling of the theocracy in Iran in a few years.. more democracy to come in the Middle East. It's a beautiful thing.
3) Communist appeasement of evil is wrong. It hasn't worked. History has proven that. (See Lord Chamberlin's "Peace in Our Time" deal with Hitler and how well that worked....)
4) Contrary to my libertarian friends, I firmly believe in peace through superior firepower.
5) Because I dislike the French, who's current leader Jacques Chirac sold Saddam his first nuclear reactor in 1975 and has consistently ignored the UN's own resoultion to limit trade with Iraq. Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy. I bet when we finish, there will be a mess of stuff with "MADE IN FRANCE" stamped on the back.
6) I have yet to see an intelligent arguement about why this war is wrong. The best the protesters can do is "War is stupid" or "Let Exxon fight its own war." No.. the fact that Saddam gassed his own people, rape of women is a standard practice, attacked 2 soverign nations in the last 25 years, and routinely executes political dissenters aren't valid reasons to remove him from power.

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