Thursday, March 20, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon Update

Survivor was on a day early, which presented a challenge to me in remembering to make my picks and such. And then add to that the war on Saddam Hussein (I'll talk about that another time).. it's just been an eventful week.

Here's the scoop... Alex and Shawna were totally digging each other, which left poor Matt in the cold. Matt likes Shawna. Rob doesn't like Matt, but he doesn't trust Alex. Rob and Deena make a deal to help each other advance in the game and take out 1/2 of the new voting bloc. And I had to turn the channel when they started playing the dating game with Shawna. I just couldn't take it. I couldn't stand to hear those 3 guys just fawn all over her.

Reward and Immunity Challenge are won by Tambaqui.. all of whom now know a little bit of sign language courtesy of Christy. It has been great to see how her team was supporting her. Look to see a Butch/Christy pair pop up in the future. Add to that Roger.. maybe Dave who seems to be having a little bit of doubt about the decisions he made... And Dave - are you really that socially incompetent to tell Christy when she asked why she was kept and Jeanne wasn't that "Oh well, Jeanne was first on the boot list then we are getting rid of you." Kudos to Roger for playing nice in the sandbox and at least lying about the reasons why.

Tribal council saw little miss Shawna say good-bye.. Alex started crying. Next week (On WEDNESDAY again) - see Heidi and Jenna do their impersonation of Girls Gone Wild-Survivor Style during the individual immunity challenge after the merge. Till later!