Sunday, March 30, 2003

Survivor: The Amazon Update

I'm running a few days late with my update and faithful readers, I apologize. It's been a hectic week. But here we are now and Roger is now enjoying the rest of his Survivor: Amazon vacation from Losers Lodge.

Yes, our not so favorite crumdugeon was voted off.. "I wasn't out played our outwitted..." he said in his final remarks. Oh.. yeah... The fact that you (Butch and Dave - who I believe is our next target) were left out of the scheming and plotting and just "thought" that things would be as they were when the tribes came back together meant that you were outwitted.

And that you jumped off the pole in the immunity challenge without even getting a bite to eat is a huge signal that you were outplayed. He didn't have a clue as to how to play the game so he's gone, gone gone.

In other Survivor news, Heidi and Jenna stripped for chocolate cookies, peanut butter, and a coke... much to the amusement of all the guys (save for Butch who refused to look). I'm so glad that it was a full body blur.. not because they were nude but because I didn't want to see anymore of the outline of Heidi's silicone boobies or their hip bones protuding 6 inches out from their bodies. Rob and Deena deserve to be in the final 4 because they are the only ones actually playing the game. And they did paired confessionals for the first time ever. We saw Matt and Alex, Heidi and Jenna speaking to the camera at the same time. Interesting.....

Survivor is back to its regular time on Thursday night. See you then!