Friday, November 30, 2007

Standard Comp at Ohio Star Ball 2007

Standard Comp
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I think this is probably foxtrot... hmm... or maybe quickstep. I bet it was quickstep and I was signing along to the Puppini Sisters version of "Heart of Glass".

Steven Dougherty and Eulia Baranovsky

reproducing a Astaire/Rogers routine for their showdance at Ohio Star Ball. They won the showdance hands down.

It will be on PBS in January/February 2008. Be sure to watch it. I'm in the audience.


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I love this picture. It's all arty and stuff.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your Papers - no please. Just your papers.

Money Quote:

Under a TSA proposal published in August, airlines and travel agents would be required to ask people reserving flights for their birth date, gender and full name. Travelers, however, would not be required to give the new information.

People who don't comply could be more easily mistaken for a terrorist and "may be more likely to experience delays, be subjected to additional screening (or) be denied transport," the TSA wrote.

If you don't tell us what we want to know, we will detain you... because we can. You must comply. Resistance is futile.

I hate the government. It's all about power, control, and submission. I think I'm in the mood to watch Serenity and V for Vendetta tonight. Too bad showcase practice is in the way. Dangit.

To further irritate me, I just received an email about mandatory recycling training - to be sure I put the right crap in the right bin lest BigUniversity get fined for plastic straws in the plastics bin... Ugh. I may burn some tires in protest.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

And another thing...

Why do we attempt to ignore the douches? Huh? Granted, I am just as bad as the other people in the elevator but why don't we stand up to these idiots?

There were 3 other people in the elevator. One was a little old woman, a man probably just a little older than me, and myself. I was the only one to say anything to them and that was after I got out of the elevator. Why wasn't that man saying anything?!

Yeah - they were drunk and would have no sense of social shame but we need to smack these people down for the common good. I'm sure they are no better when they are sober. There is a reason to have confrontation.

Drunk Football fans SUCK!

Dear Ohio State Buckeyes,

I hope you lose this weekend to Michigan because your fans are bigger douches than UT fans (no offense to Big Orange Michael but seriously, there are some giant douches if you go to Knoxville for the game). Then again, I'm sure every team has their share of douches.

How did this sudden hatred for Ohio State come about? I am here in Columbus for the Ohio Star Ball. So far, it has been absolutely lovely. I get on the elevator to go to my room with a pair of already drunk a$$hats who curse, yell loudly into their bluetooth headsets, and hit on this woman standing waiting for an elevator on the 9th floor. She nearly ran into another car. I swear, if my back had been to them instead of to the wall, they would have groped me. One kept touching my elbow.

When I got off the elevator, he yelled something about me being sexy (intended as an insult). I called him a name or two and went onto my room. I know, it isn't the Christian thing for me to respond in that way, but since I wasn't allowed to bring firearms with me on this trip, I have to defend myself some how.

Because they are the reason why "he needed killin' " is a perfectly acceptable defense for murder.


Again, I hope you lose big to Michigan. And douches, you got NO game. I don't know what woman who wasn't crazy or drunk would even want to give you the time of day let alone uh.. flirt with you. I hope you leave frustrated sexually and with your team. You deserve it.

Go Michigan,
Pink Kitty