Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drunk Football fans SUCK!

Dear Ohio State Buckeyes,

I hope you lose this weekend to Michigan because your fans are bigger douches than UT fans (no offense to Big Orange Michael but seriously, there are some giant douches if you go to Knoxville for the game). Then again, I'm sure every team has their share of douches.

How did this sudden hatred for Ohio State come about? I am here in Columbus for the Ohio Star Ball. So far, it has been absolutely lovely. I get on the elevator to go to my room with a pair of already drunk a$$hats who curse, yell loudly into their bluetooth headsets, and hit on this woman standing waiting for an elevator on the 9th floor. She nearly ran into another car. I swear, if my back had been to them instead of to the wall, they would have groped me. One kept touching my elbow.

When I got off the elevator, he yelled something about me being sexy (intended as an insult). I called him a name or two and went onto my room. I know, it isn't the Christian thing for me to respond in that way, but since I wasn't allowed to bring firearms with me on this trip, I have to defend myself some how.

Because they are the reason why "he needed killin' " is a perfectly acceptable defense for murder.


Again, I hope you lose big to Michigan. And douches, you got NO game. I don't know what woman who wasn't crazy or drunk would even want to give you the time of day let alone uh.. flirt with you. I hope you leave frustrated sexually and with your team. You deserve it.

Go Michigan,
Pink Kitty