Thursday, June 30, 2005

South Park meets Michael Moore

You will respect my authoritah!

Or "I'm not fat. I'm big boned."
Or, in response to Kerry's loss in November, "Screw you guys. I'm going home."
Or " Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beefcake!! BEEFCAKE!!!"

Worst Job Ever, pt. 2

While at lunch yesterday, there was a guy at the opposite table who looked *way* too much like Bren from last season's Apprentice (whose name I know now because I looked him up to get his picture.) If you saw it at all, Bren was the guy with the bow tie.

I thought "OK.. people who impersonate celebrities have it bad because popularity fades in and out. If you've staked yourself on being a Chevy Chase look-a-like.. well... oops. But, it must suck to try to impersonate a reality show contestant. Come on! They are like D-level celebrities. Winners of reality shows bump up to C-level. Go to school, learn a trade... but don't impersonate some guy from The Apprentice!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Talking During the Movie!!!!

A few days ago, Brittney at NIT posted a question on why people go to fewer movies than they used to.

Lack of quality movies aside, reasons include sticky floors, babies, better home theaters, commercials, and trailers that go on for 30 minutes before the movie even starts. And movies generally are awful now-a-days. Gems worth paying $8.50 for are few and far between.

My reason - and one of the few things that will actually send me in Andrew Sullivan's gobsmackingly pissed off sphere: talking during the movie.

I can handle the occasional whisper. But... talking. Conversations. I've paid my money to see a movie, not to hear you talk about your lawn care, your girlfriend, or why you thought Spiderman was better than Batman. Save it for when the credit roll. Take it outside.

So to help educate folks on proper movie attendance behavior, I am going to buy some these:

Movie Manners Courtesy Cards

And some of these for other occasions where the fact that people are showing their backside in obvious ways and it needs to be brought to their attention. But like most Oblivions, they just won't get it.

Caption Contest

I found this at Kurt's blog and... well... it's just ripe for more captions.

Keep it safe for work, please! Entries due by Friday morning.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

King Kong kicks TRex's you know whats-its!!!!

Let's put Peter Jackson against Steven Spielburg and see what would happen.

The dinosaur in this King Kong trailer looks alot like the TRex from Jurassic Park. Via The Superficial.

The trailer is awesome by the way. Can't wait! It goes on my must-see list for December. Now that King Kong is finished, Peter can start to make The Hobbit. Here's to hoping...

Speaking of, Andy Serkis is playing King Kong......

You know - the guy who played Gollum in LOTR?

Does this mean that King Kong will yell out "KING KONG! KING KONG!!!" when he coughs or say to Ann Darrow "my precioussssss!" when he yanks her from the sacrificial table?

And Adrian Brody just does not strike me as the hero type. Maybe he's supposed to be the reluctant hero.. the everyday man who does something great? I dunno.

Back to the subject of Peter Jackson, no one will be able to say "Peter could beat Steven by sitting on him!" because if you check out this picture, you will see that Mr. Jackson has cleaned up right nicely. He's moved from 'dwarf' to 'Sam' on the LOTR hotness scale. You can see more of Peter Jackson in his new-thin-sans-glasses state in the AFI Tribute to George Lucas that has been running on USA.


Why do so many country songs end by repeating the first line of the song?

Monday, June 27, 2005

I... cannot... freakin'... believe... this.......

Of all the people some silly quiz could say I am like, it tells me (no matter how many times I took it or with how many questions) that I am like Bill Clinton.

When I said to Miss O'hara that I just couldn't stand it and that I was going to lie.. I couldn't stand to be like Bill Clinton, she said "Well, then.. it is right. :) "


Thank God I did not have sexual relations with that woman... Hillary Clinton. Or any other woman for that matter.

I was tagged.....

I'm it. Of course I'm it. Would it be any other way?

The lovely and talented Miss O'hara tagged me with some post about books... so here we go...

Q. The most books you’ve ever owned?

I've never counted them so I have no idea. Many of my books are in boxes because I have no where to put them. says that I've purchased and/or said I own over 635 books (that would be since 1997.) So... I would guess... at least 1000 books are in my personal library on any number of topics: religion and personal growth in faith, (now not so) current events - because what's current changes... constantly, philosophy, cultural commentary/op ed, humor, history, how-to books, and a smattering of fiction.

Q. The last book I bought...

I think it was Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Romeo Dallaire. I saw the documentary version at the Nashville Film Festival and was incredibly moved. Romeo Dallaire was the Canadian General who led the UN forces on the ground during the genocide. Talk about a man trying to stop a flood with a small bucket. I highly recommend it.

No wait (checks account) ... After that I bought Big Hair, Bad Hair, The Gallery of Regrettable Food, Interior Desecrations, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (another book that inspired a Nashville Fill Festival flick), and The House in Good Taste... all of which I've thumbed through but haven't read. I've bought alot of music recently, too.

Q. The last book I read...

From start to finish? I have a tendancy to start reading books and never finish. But I am almost done with Gone with the Wind. If I were finished with it, I would add it to my list of favorite books that you'll see later.

Ahhh... I remember now. It was Real Sex by Laura Winner. It is her examination of chastity as a spiritual discipline. Much more substantive than saying "True Love Waits" over and over... which seems to be the general message of modern Christianity in regards to sex. Great if your 15.. but when you are 30, you start to wonder 'what is it that I'm waiting for?' I started re-reading it again the other night.

Q. The five books that meant the most to me...

Since I am a Christian, it only makes sense that the Bible would be up there as the book most important to me. In the interest of picking my own brain, I am not going to count it among the 5.
  1. 1984. George Orwell. I read this book as a freshmen in high school. I was the only one in my class to get the political over and undertones. I read the first copy I bought so many times that it fell apart. I finally splurged and bought a hard back copy that I've read once. I like my worn to the spine paperback version.
  2. We. Yevgeny Zamyatin. Notice the dystopian novel theme, here? We is by a Russian novelist and similar to 1984. It pre-dates 1984. Some argue that Orwell pretty much stole the idea from Zamyatin because of the similarities. Another book in a similar vein is Swastika Night by Katherine Burdekin, published in 1937. I haven't read it yet but I do have it... in one of the oodles of boxes. From the description, Swastika Night could possibly be an influence on Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale as well as 1984.
  3. Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do : The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country. Peter McWilliams. After jumping into the libertarian pool with both feet in 1997, I needed some knowledge other than LP press releases. I found this book after writing a paper on the philosophical justification of pornography (I was all about shock value then. I think I was the only one in my senior seminar not permitted to discuss her paper in class.. just as well. It wasn't that good anyway.) For sources I used Wendy McElroy and Peter McWilliams. Every page of McWilliams's book has a quote in the corner relating to creation or destruction of liberty. That alone is worth the price of the book (as I said in my review in 1998.)
  4. Wear More Cashmere. Jennifer Sander. 151 ways to pamper yourself. No, I've not worked through all 151 but I use it as a reminder that life is too short to not allow myself just a little bit of excess every now and then... like the vacation in Vail. Wine with dinner.. dessert... really good dessert... and that expensive bottled water that just became available in Nashville. And the little blue box from Tiffany's... with my engraved silver keychain. One does not need to spend beaucoup $$$ for something from Tiffany's. Elena and Duke Diva were just as ecstatic with their key chains as well. :) And wear high heels more often as opposed to my ragged beat all to heck brown flats.
  5. A History of God. Karen Armstrong. Another book for class - Social, Racial, and Ethnic Diversity in Higher Education... or "if you are white and Christian of either gender we are going to do our best to make you feel bad." Myself and another Christian classmate felt like we had to constantly circle the wagons to defend ourselves and our faith.
  6. Better than Beauty: A Guide to Charm. Helen Valentine, et al. Published in the late 1930's, it has recently been re-printed. Like a light saber, it is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. I'm still learning... manners, poise, grace, and kindness never go out of style. When I think about it, I wonder "is the blog too snarky?" "Should I tone it down a bit?" "Am I too vitriolic?" Usually about the time I have these questions, someone says "I LOVE that post you did on..." "You are so funny when you are complaining about stuff. It's great! I love it!" I don't want to be known as the girl who constantly complains about stuff. How attractive is that? Now I've created my own little moment here... *sigh* I'm all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves...
So that's 6.... Others close to my heart: A Guide to Elegance : For Every Woman Who Wants to Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions (I have given this as a gift... hehe. The cover is similar in color to Tiffany's robin egg blue), I'm Just Here for the Food, Home Comforts, Hallmarks of Felinity : A 9 Chickweed Lane Book, and Bad Cat.

I, however, am not tagging anyone in return. If I tagged someone else then I wouldn't be it anymore. You see the questions and if they are of interest to you, please feel free to respond here or at your own blog.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Subliminal Smells Sell

Breaking news: Men rate Men's Health as a masculine magazine in comparision to Allure and National Geographic... Women have less interest in men's lifestyle magazine.

Possible sales went up when men wore masks with coated with man sweat..


Dirty Tricksy Hobbistes!

The title has little to do with the post. I just haven't gotten my Gollum quotes in for a while.

NASA found the Eye of Sauron. So long as it doesn't to that cheesy spotlight thing that we see at the end of Return of the King, it's all good.

Does this make Hubble a Palantir?

A purr to VodkaPundit.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Funniest Line I've read all day....

From HeinzKerryKennedy Industries comes ' The Kushioned Koran Holy Roll ' , that's right my little Mullah's, experience the feel of the holiest toilet paper in the world, while brushing up on your Koran Knowledge as each sheet has Koran scriptures written on them.
A purr to: CapnConservative: ' Holy Koran Toilet Paper , Batman it's Dickory Turban Durbin !!! '

All your property belongs to us...

Us being whatever government branch wants to take it.

Now, property rights are a sham.

'Owning land' is a figment of your imagination.

I think I'm going to sell the two pieces of property I own and just rent. One of my homes is in a very popular largely commercial area (the land is zoned for either commercial or residential use).. makes me scared to think that someone from the City could know on my door and say 'Pink Kitty... Joe Blow Construction is interested in your property and.. well.. it's better for the community if they are here. We will give you $25,000 for it.' The property, if going commercial, is worth WAY more than that!!!

The new lofts in Melrose are looking much more attractive than my little house in Berry Hill.

Update: Blake, vying to replace Evil Glenn Reynolds as the Human Aggregator, has a great roundup.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today's useless study....

Again, someone found another topic to spend money on to point out the obvious:

Cellphones take up driver attention, study finds

Thank you Christine... and Captain Obvious! We never could have figured it out without some massive document that spent umpteen thousands of dollars! I will surely sleep better tonight knowing this information.. and a Unisom.

Photos from Iraq

My brother with Iraqi children
Originally uploaded by pink-kitty.

My brother sent me a collection of pictures from his recent humanitarian mission with the TN National Guard.

Just what little bit I've chatted with him, I think this mission changed him for the better. Click on my Flickr collection to see the rest.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I.. am not... a hippy!

Somehow... I'm not sure... but all the women I've met at the belly dance workshops I've attended in the last couple of weeks seem to think I'm a hippy.

"You would love the drum circle! It's once a month and it's music and dancing. You would fit right in!"

Excuse me? I think Elena nearly hurt herself when I told her this little story. "OH BOY... they are going to be in for quite the surprise if they ever ask you about politics."

Belly dance does not make one a hippy. They are not mutually exclusive [Edited because everyone is picking on my poor grammar skills]. Liking one does not imply that you are into the other. I don't want anything to do with your sparkly, lovey-dovey self-help 'goodness.' I don't want to awaken the goddess within. Surge of feminine.. energy? Keep your auras to yourself. Don't touch me unless you are trying to help me with my myas (downward figure-8 hip move that I just can't seem to get to work) or make sure of proper alignment.

I'm more about the sensous quality of belly dance, ok? I happen to like it when guys think I'm attractive... I like being attractive to them. And that little statement is likely to get me banished from the hippy-dippy-trippy belly dance crew. Yippee.

Fashion Faux Pas

Yes, I'm picking on the Vandygirls again but... if I saw this anywhere else, I would say something about it, too.

Scene: A meeting last week to teach the new students how to use the registration system.

Freshman girl walks by wearing this gauzey yellow skirt.. not bad. It's cute... but... her black thong was very visible underneath the thin yellow fabric.

PK's thought: Well, I'm glad you want to show your school spirit but... don't you think that is a bit much?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Being a proud sister

I don't think he'll mind if I share the email that I received from my brother on Saturday, especially given all the fussiness at NashvilleIsTalking and Lance In Iraq. I think there needs to be some good news from what's going on with our military (I know they are talking about Gitmo but anyway....):
Dear PK,

I just wanted to tell about the humanitarian mission I was privilaged to go on. I was really blessed to go. Those kids and adults are just dying for things American. I gave away some apple-caramel Newtons that BamaGirl sent me. I don't know if they were a hit because I found one of the Newtons on the ground broken in half. I got my picture taken with a few of the little ones too.

I don't want this to sound like it was all fun and games. This is still a very poor country. I've witnessed it. The kids would fight each other for whatever they could get. Moms would hand stuff to their kids to guard it. It was madness.

I am really thankful to have gone on it. Despite the actions of the locals. Seeing how I'm making a difference here makes me eager to get home so I can make a difference there.

Take care and I hope you are doing well.

UT Man

Belly Dance Photo of the Week - Ansuya

This week's photo is also a bit of promotion: Saturday night at Nashville Tech's auditorium, Ansuya will be performing as a part of her weekend-long visit to Music City for a variety of workshops (sponsored by the Nashville Belly Dance group). I don't know who the local performers are but I know they will be a part of the festivities. For you Nashville girls, this is your chance to meet up with some local instructors and talk about possible classes.

Buy tickets through the NBG's website via PayPal (IE is needed - the applet doesn't like Netscape) for $15 or $20 at the door.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Caption Contest Winner

Wow - ow -wow... there were some fine entries this week.

It was a close one, lemme tell ya. I loved all of them. But.. the hand's down (pun) winner is...

Zach Baker with
It's mine precious! It's MINE!!!!
Congrats! Have a great weekend y'all. See you Monday!

Finally something just for me and me alone...

It all started with a post about Batman Begins over at Pith in the Wind.

So being the ever helpful sort, I decided to indulge my lady readers in some photos of the "ridiculously good looking" Christian Bale.

Guys, no fussing. I've posted plenty of hot looking girls for your eyes and the belly dance photo of the week will be up on Monday.

Christian Bale

As Preston from Equilibrium

There are a couple of others in my flickr photostream. :)

As an aside, Nate was right. Elena and I saw Equilibrium... and WOW!!!! That is what the Matrix could have been if Keanu Reeves could act.

Come on... admit it... you only like the part in the first Matrix were he goes "Whoa..." and are just waiting for Bill S. Preston, Esquire to show up. Actually, I do like the first Matrix. It's the other two that make my head hurt.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bringing a tear to my eye...

CMT has this show called Small Town Secrets. They did a story recently about the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. Let me tell ya, PK was all misty-eyed watching folks with big guns blow things up. One guy looked so very much like my dad that it was creepy.

Anyway, the tracer round demonstration was AWESOME!!!! And then things started exploding and there was a fire. What a beautiful sight.

I'm getting veklempt now... excuse me...

The Ultimate Blog Post EVER!!!!

Mr. Bray at DE NOVO outlines the qualities of the funniest, most e-prop garnering.. the ULTIMATE post ever.

What is The Ultimate Post? Read it here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"This Space For Rent"

Originally uploaded by pink-kitty.

In an attempt to earn some money, Jolene decided to rent out space on her stockings to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.

While the ad money was great, no one told her exactly how ugly the ad would be and that the whole idea was in extremely bad taste.

Taken in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Doc Holliday's Grave

Doc Holliday's Grave
Originally uploaded by pink-kitty.

Glenwood Springs, CO. I didn't make it to the actual grave site.. which is good because it was a killer hike I wasn't prepared for and the grave isn't marked anyway.

DC - I know you are jealous. ;)

Vacation Pictures

Sign in a window
Originally uploaded by pink-kitty.

I saw this and thought of Nate.

Yes, I'm going to have lots of fun with flickr!

Happy Blog Birthday!

The fantastically funny Lord Floppington (a past winner of the caption contest) had his one year blogoversary yesterday. I was introduced to him when he took a picture of the furry Empress Kitty and added it to a Star Wars parody.

What's not to love about that? (Considering my own track record of Star Wars parodies. Another one is in the works by the way. The horse isn't quite dead yet.)

I do apologize for being late in my well wishes but you know the duties of an Empress take her far and wide. Happy Blog Birthday, dear!

Stop by, say hello... we all need the linky love.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am not making this up...

In addition to pining for lip gloss and a Manolo Blahnik men's shoe line, French men yearn for pregnancy

As Miss O'Hara said "That's attractive. A nice hairy preggers man-tummy."

In unrelated news, French women have continued to not shave...

Captioning Kenny...

"Did you really have to do that on the red carpet? Women and children are present."

Is this a formal caption contest? Hmmm... maybe... just maybe...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Observations on pan handlers

On my way to the CMA Music Fest.. the Festival formerly known as Fan Fair, there was a guy soliciting money from cars at the exit ramp onto Broadway from I-40. There is usually someone standing there.

I have one piece of advice: your efforts to garner sympathy and money might go a little better if you weren't listening to your i-pod as cars passed by.

Product Testing

On my way out of Titans Stadium or whatever its name is Sunday evening, there were some kids handing out the new Coke Zero. I'm not sure what Coke Zero is but I was thirsty and it was going to be a long walk back to my car. So I took one and went on my way.

When cold, it tasted suspiciously like Diet Coke. I hate Diet Coke. I would go thirsty rather than drink Diet Coke.

As it got warmer, it actually tasted better. I still not going to go buy one though. It probably tasted its best because it was free.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Fashion Week Continues

Here at the Scratching Post, many of this week's entries have centered around what to.. or not to wear. To continue that tradition is one of the freakin' funniest blogs ever made:

Go Fug Yourself

It should come with a warning:
  • Do not eat while viewing this site.
  • Do not drink while viewing this site.
  • Keep all limbs inside the car at all times as the ride may suddenly veer in another direction and your limb may be chopped off.
  • Tissues may be needed to mop up tears.
  • Be mindful of co-workers who stare while you struggle to keep your laughter under 100 decibles.

Caption Contest Winner

I must say... I love the caption contest. This week, the Burger King crown goes to....

Miz Direction with

It's the TICKLE MONSTER! I'm gonna get you!

It was a difficult decision. I just couldn't decide which of y'all was the funniest. I stayed awake all last night trying to figure it out.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Technology forcing the return of vintage fashion

Vox refers to an article about a guy paying via thumbprint on a scanner.

ZT, in the comments, said that we should wear gloves so that our prints wouldn't be lifted off of glasses to use for fraud.

I for one can't wait until I can wear gloves and not have people think I'm a freak for doing so. I think I still have my nana's white kid leather gloves among all the estate boxes. And they would tick PETA off at the same time. Love it!

Staying ahead of the curve

Miss O'Hara informed me that Laura Ingram, the Washington Post and the NY Post are all talking about the new masculinity. I couldn't find the articles but then again, I'm just too lazy to dig past the first couple of pages.

Just remember: you read it here first.. and I read it first someplace else.

Anyway, to continue to make Nate and Res twitch:

Make-up: the new masculine market craving

No, I don't make this stuff up folks. This idea makes Queer Eye for the Straight Guy look positively butch. At least they just focus on skin care and not the benefits of liquid vs. pencil eyeliner.

Nate said something about it at his place, too.

Speaking of guys in drag, I had a bit of an eye opener recently. It had NEVER EVER occurred to me that belly dancing would attract drag performers. When I saw the documentary "American Bellydancer" a few weeks ago, Miles Copeland (the producer) was relating in a meeting how they were accused of being sexist by only including female dancers in their show. Cut to a performance of a rather large person in a red dress tearing up the dance floor... and then the wig is yanked off to reveal a guy.

The audience shrieked and laughed. I about died.

When I spoke to The Professor about it, he said "Oh yeah - there are a number of drag performers in belly dance." *shudder*

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Can I get one?

or 'What happened to the power of the french-blue shirt?'

*cough cough*

Not really but the lovely and talented Miss O'Hara sent me a link to a Yahoo News story about up and coming fashions for men.

What's wrong with that picture? Do we have the time? Yes, of course we do.
  1. Backward suspenders are SO 1990 - "A Different World" - not "In Living Color." They are not and never were cool. Hey, dude, be sure to sing "Jump Jump.. the Mack dad'll make you Jump Jump" when you wear that out, mm-kay? The girls will be lining up around the block!
  2. As I said in "Fashion Advice for the Leftist Set," horizontal stripes work for no one... not even skinny, shapeless, sallow-faced male models.
  3. If you are Thurston Howell the III or Dracula, you may wear an ascot. Otherwise, DON'T!
  4. Fire your colorist. They didn't match your hair to your eyebrows. Eww.
That's just the picture. The article is even more humorous:

"The masculine ideal is being completely modified. All the traditional male values of authority, infallibility, virility and strength are being completely overturned," said Pierre Francois Le Louet, the agency's managing director.

Instead today's males are turning more towards "creativity, sensitivity and multiplicity," as seen already in recent seasons on the catwalks of Paris and Milan.

Arnold Schwarznegger and Sylvester Stallone are being replaced by the 21st-century man who "no longer wants to be the family super-hero", but instead has the guts to be himself, to test his own limits.

"We are watching the birth of a hybrid man. ... Why not put on a pink-flowered shirt and try out a partner-swapping club?" asked Le Louet, stressing that the study had focused on men aged between 20 and 35.

Now that our resident masculine men have finished spitting on their monitors, let me just say this:

Men who want to wear pink flowered shirts, ruffles, can stay the f*** away from me! I'm the girl in the relationship. If wanted to be with another woman... eww.. I don't so let's just not go there.

If walking out on a committed relationship is what is now called 'manly' because you need to find yourself, I want no part of it. Then again, that's the excuse women have been using thanks to feminism for years. "I don't want to be married to you anymore. I need me-time." It would only make sense that men would eventually catch on and do the same thing.

Feminine-men apologists may say "Cary Grant was well dressed." Yes.. but there was little doubt that Cary Grant and other stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood were MEN. They walked like men. They talked like men. They excuded a masculine presense that drew women to them. He wore a suit - not fluffy sweaters. These new Euro-weenie styled fellas exude too much Botox.

I think that it's just WRONG that this article would dare to presume to call these males "men." They aren't men. They are women with the wrong body parts.

Final note: it is amusing that this article is digging up something that already has a name and that some sociologists are attempting to make metrosexuality sound new, different, and important.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Overheard in Vail

While at lunch (er.. for Nate - dinner) at this Austrian restaurant this past Friday, I overheard:
Not from a 3 year old. But from the 73 year old woman at the table with her other grandmother-type friends... yelling at the top of her lungs and smacking the arm of the lady sitting beside her.

The whole scene made me want to go over and say "If you can't sit here and eat your wienerschnitzel quietly, we are going home and you can go without dinner (or the non-Blogger Blaster readers: lunch)."

It was still too early for supper.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Caption Contest!

Now that Pope-a-palooza has calmed down to where we barely hear a peep from the Vatican, it seems like a good time to post this photo.

Get your entries in by 6-9-05 (Thursday). I'll post the winner on Friday.

Even curious?

About where I went... hmmm? Well.. hmph. I'm going to tell you anyway. More details and pictures to follow.. stuff to make the men-folk drool. Stuff to make the ladies go "OH MY WORD! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING WHEN SHE PICKED THAT OUT?!" And a few overheards that will make you scratch your head.

I spent a week in Vail and a couple of days in Denver. And it snowed on Saturday. I'm from the South. Snow belongs in the winter. Not June. But that's what I get for staying at a place 8000+ feet above sea level.

Had a great belly dance lesson (dancer to be named later because I don't want to spoil a future belly dance photo of the week) and even had the chance to dance a little bit on Saturday night at Mataam Fez - a great Moroccan place on Colfax that if you are ever in Denver, you should go. That was the highlight of my trip. I definately will be making plans to visit her again and/or attend one of her workshops.

Coming to a TV set near you

Some 'worthwhile' shows from NBC:

Hit Me Baby One More Time brings one or two hit wonders back in a way that VH1 (the Nostalgia Music Channel) probably wish they could do. VH1 had that reuniting the band thing but there were times that it fizzled out because some members had, you know, moved on with their lives and weren't making music anymore. Last week saw Arrested Development (the band not the TV show on some other network) winning over Flock of Seagulls and Tiffany. Flock of Seagulls somehow isn't as impressive without the hair. Is someone paying Britney's song writers for the use of her first big hit?

Vanilla Ice will be on this week. He said several years ago that he would never sing "Ice Ice Baby" again. I'm almost tempted to watch it but I have better things to do... just what yet, I dunno.

And for this fall, NBC brings us "The Apprentice" - Martha Stewart style. Will she say "you're fired" a la the Donald? Or will she say "You are not a good thing?" Time will only tell. Contestants will likely have to craft their way through at least one episode, making things out of fancy paper, die cut sheet metal, ribbon, dried flowers, and some other little whatchmacallit that isn't available except by Martha Stewart mail-order. "It's very pret-ty."

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I know - You missed me.

And from what I heard, a small hornet's nest got stirred up over at Elena's....

Well, I'm back! Blogging will resume.. uh... sometime on Monday.