Friday, June 17, 2005

Finally something just for me and me alone...

It all started with a post about Batman Begins over at Pith in the Wind.

So being the ever helpful sort, I decided to indulge my lady readers in some photos of the "ridiculously good looking" Christian Bale.

Guys, no fussing. I've posted plenty of hot looking girls for your eyes and the belly dance photo of the week will be up on Monday.

Christian Bale

As Preston from Equilibrium

There are a couple of others in my flickr photostream. :)

As an aside, Nate was right. Elena and I saw Equilibrium... and WOW!!!! That is what the Matrix could have been if Keanu Reeves could act.

Come on... admit it... you only like the part in the first Matrix were he goes "Whoa..." and are just waiting for Bill S. Preston, Esquire to show up. Actually, I do like the first Matrix. It's the other two that make my head hurt.