Thursday, June 09, 2005

Staying ahead of the curve

Miss O'Hara informed me that Laura Ingram, the Washington Post and the NY Post are all talking about the new masculinity. I couldn't find the articles but then again, I'm just too lazy to dig past the first couple of pages.

Just remember: you read it here first.. and I read it first someplace else.

Anyway, to continue to make Nate and Res twitch:

Make-up: the new masculine market craving

No, I don't make this stuff up folks. This idea makes Queer Eye for the Straight Guy look positively butch. At least they just focus on skin care and not the benefits of liquid vs. pencil eyeliner.

Nate said something about it at his place, too.

Speaking of guys in drag, I had a bit of an eye opener recently. It had NEVER EVER occurred to me that belly dancing would attract drag performers. When I saw the documentary "American Bellydancer" a few weeks ago, Miles Copeland (the producer) was relating in a meeting how they were accused of being sexist by only including female dancers in their show. Cut to a performance of a rather large person in a red dress tearing up the dance floor... and then the wig is yanked off to reveal a guy.

The audience shrieked and laughed. I about died.

When I spoke to The Professor about it, he said "Oh yeah - there are a number of drag performers in belly dance." *shudder*