Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I.. am not... a hippy!

Somehow... I'm not sure... but all the women I've met at the belly dance workshops I've attended in the last couple of weeks seem to think I'm a hippy.

"You would love the drum circle! It's once a month and it's music and dancing. You would fit right in!"

Excuse me? I think Elena nearly hurt herself when I told her this little story. "OH BOY... they are going to be in for quite the surprise if they ever ask you about politics."

Belly dance does not make one a hippy. They are not mutually exclusive [Edited because everyone is picking on my poor grammar skills]. Liking one does not imply that you are into the other. I don't want anything to do with your sparkly, lovey-dovey self-help 'goodness.' I don't want to awaken the goddess within. Surge of feminine.. energy? Keep your auras to yourself. Don't touch me unless you are trying to help me with my myas (downward figure-8 hip move that I just can't seem to get to work) or make sure of proper alignment.

I'm more about the sensous quality of belly dance, ok? I happen to like it when guys think I'm attractive... I like being attractive to them. And that little statement is likely to get me banished from the hippy-dippy-trippy belly dance crew. Yippee.