Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Talking During the Movie!!!!

A few days ago, Brittney at NIT posted a question on why people go to fewer movies than they used to.

Lack of quality movies aside, reasons include sticky floors, babies, better home theaters, commercials, and trailers that go on for 30 minutes before the movie even starts. And movies generally are awful now-a-days. Gems worth paying $8.50 for are few and far between.

My reason - and one of the few things that will actually send me in Andrew Sullivan's gobsmackingly pissed off sphere: talking during the movie.

I can handle the occasional whisper. But... talking. Conversations. I've paid my money to see a movie, not to hear you talk about your lawn care, your girlfriend, or why you thought Spiderman was better than Batman. Save it for when the credit roll. Take it outside.

So to help educate folks on proper movie attendance behavior, I am going to buy some these:

Movie Manners Courtesy Cards

And some of these for other occasions where the fact that people are showing their backside in obvious ways and it needs to be brought to their attention. But like most Oblivions, they just won't get it.