Tuesday, June 28, 2005

King Kong kicks TRex's you know whats-its!!!!

Let's put Peter Jackson against Steven Spielburg and see what would happen.

The dinosaur in this King Kong trailer looks alot like the TRex from Jurassic Park. Via The Superficial.

The trailer is awesome by the way. Can't wait! It goes on my must-see list for December. Now that King Kong is finished, Peter can start to make The Hobbit. Here's to hoping...

Speaking of, Andy Serkis is playing King Kong......

You know - the guy who played Gollum in LOTR?

Does this mean that King Kong will yell out "KING KONG! KING KONG!!!" when he coughs or say to Ann Darrow "my precioussssss!" when he yanks her from the sacrificial table?

And Adrian Brody just does not strike me as the hero type. Maybe he's supposed to be the reluctant hero.. the everyday man who does something great? I dunno.

Back to the subject of Peter Jackson, no one will be able to say "Peter could beat Steven by sitting on him!" because if you check out this picture, you will see that Mr. Jackson has cleaned up right nicely. He's moved from 'dwarf' to 'Sam' on the LOTR hotness scale. You can see more of Peter Jackson in his new-thin-sans-glasses state in the AFI Tribute to George Lucas that has been running on USA.