Monday, June 27, 2005

I was tagged.....

I'm it. Of course I'm it. Would it be any other way?

The lovely and talented Miss O'hara tagged me with some post about books... so here we go...

Q. The most books you’ve ever owned?

I've never counted them so I have no idea. Many of my books are in boxes because I have no where to put them. says that I've purchased and/or said I own over 635 books (that would be since 1997.) So... I would guess... at least 1000 books are in my personal library on any number of topics: religion and personal growth in faith, (now not so) current events - because what's current changes... constantly, philosophy, cultural commentary/op ed, humor, history, how-to books, and a smattering of fiction.

Q. The last book I bought...

I think it was Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Romeo Dallaire. I saw the documentary version at the Nashville Film Festival and was incredibly moved. Romeo Dallaire was the Canadian General who led the UN forces on the ground during the genocide. Talk about a man trying to stop a flood with a small bucket. I highly recommend it.

No wait (checks account) ... After that I bought Big Hair, Bad Hair, The Gallery of Regrettable Food, Interior Desecrations, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (another book that inspired a Nashville Fill Festival flick), and The House in Good Taste... all of which I've thumbed through but haven't read. I've bought alot of music recently, too.

Q. The last book I read...

From start to finish? I have a tendancy to start reading books and never finish. But I am almost done with Gone with the Wind. If I were finished with it, I would add it to my list of favorite books that you'll see later.

Ahhh... I remember now. It was Real Sex by Laura Winner. It is her examination of chastity as a spiritual discipline. Much more substantive than saying "True Love Waits" over and over... which seems to be the general message of modern Christianity in regards to sex. Great if your 15.. but when you are 30, you start to wonder 'what is it that I'm waiting for?' I started re-reading it again the other night.

Q. The five books that meant the most to me...

Since I am a Christian, it only makes sense that the Bible would be up there as the book most important to me. In the interest of picking my own brain, I am not going to count it among the 5.
  1. 1984. George Orwell. I read this book as a freshmen in high school. I was the only one in my class to get the political over and undertones. I read the first copy I bought so many times that it fell apart. I finally splurged and bought a hard back copy that I've read once. I like my worn to the spine paperback version.
  2. We. Yevgeny Zamyatin. Notice the dystopian novel theme, here? We is by a Russian novelist and similar to 1984. It pre-dates 1984. Some argue that Orwell pretty much stole the idea from Zamyatin because of the similarities. Another book in a similar vein is Swastika Night by Katherine Burdekin, published in 1937. I haven't read it yet but I do have it... in one of the oodles of boxes. From the description, Swastika Night could possibly be an influence on Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale as well as 1984.
  3. Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do : The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country. Peter McWilliams. After jumping into the libertarian pool with both feet in 1997, I needed some knowledge other than LP press releases. I found this book after writing a paper on the philosophical justification of pornography (I was all about shock value then. I think I was the only one in my senior seminar not permitted to discuss her paper in class.. just as well. It wasn't that good anyway.) For sources I used Wendy McElroy and Peter McWilliams. Every page of McWilliams's book has a quote in the corner relating to creation or destruction of liberty. That alone is worth the price of the book (as I said in my review in 1998.)
  4. Wear More Cashmere. Jennifer Sander. 151 ways to pamper yourself. No, I've not worked through all 151 but I use it as a reminder that life is too short to not allow myself just a little bit of excess every now and then... like the vacation in Vail. Wine with dinner.. dessert... really good dessert... and that expensive bottled water that just became available in Nashville. And the little blue box from Tiffany's... with my engraved silver keychain. One does not need to spend beaucoup $$$ for something from Tiffany's. Elena and Duke Diva were just as ecstatic with their key chains as well. :) And wear high heels more often as opposed to my ragged beat all to heck brown flats.
  5. A History of God. Karen Armstrong. Another book for class - Social, Racial, and Ethnic Diversity in Higher Education... or "if you are white and Christian of either gender we are going to do our best to make you feel bad." Myself and another Christian classmate felt like we had to constantly circle the wagons to defend ourselves and our faith.
  6. Better than Beauty: A Guide to Charm. Helen Valentine, et al. Published in the late 1930's, it has recently been re-printed. Like a light saber, it is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. I'm still learning... manners, poise, grace, and kindness never go out of style. When I think about it, I wonder "is the blog too snarky?" "Should I tone it down a bit?" "Am I too vitriolic?" Usually about the time I have these questions, someone says "I LOVE that post you did on..." "You are so funny when you are complaining about stuff. It's great! I love it!" I don't want to be known as the girl who constantly complains about stuff. How attractive is that? Now I've created my own little moment here... *sigh* I'm all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves...
So that's 6.... Others close to my heart: A Guide to Elegance : For Every Woman Who Wants to Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions (I have given this as a gift... hehe. The cover is similar in color to Tiffany's robin egg blue), I'm Just Here for the Food, Home Comforts, Hallmarks of Felinity : A 9 Chickweed Lane Book, and Bad Cat.

I, however, am not tagging anyone in return. If I tagged someone else then I wouldn't be it anymore. You see the questions and if they are of interest to you, please feel free to respond here or at your own blog.