Monday, June 06, 2005

Even curious?

About where I went... hmmm? Well.. hmph. I'm going to tell you anyway. More details and pictures to follow.. stuff to make the men-folk drool. Stuff to make the ladies go "OH MY WORD! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING WHEN SHE PICKED THAT OUT?!" And a few overheards that will make you scratch your head.

I spent a week in Vail and a couple of days in Denver. And it snowed on Saturday. I'm from the South. Snow belongs in the winter. Not June. But that's what I get for staying at a place 8000+ feet above sea level.

Had a great belly dance lesson (dancer to be named later because I don't want to spoil a future belly dance photo of the week) and even had the chance to dance a little bit on Saturday night at Mataam Fez - a great Moroccan place on Colfax that if you are ever in Denver, you should go. That was the highlight of my trip. I definately will be making plans to visit her again and/or attend one of her workshops.