Friday, April 30, 2004

NFF update

Last night was "Alabama Love Story" with Mark Collie. Cute, sappy, movie about a washed up rodeo cowboy who kidnaps Tuscaloosa's female half of the couple of the year to hold her for ransom. The male half of the couple of the year refuses to pay the ransom on the advice of his gold-digging Mistress, er... assistant. Roper and Goodie fall in love and live happily ever after. Awwwwwwww...

Definately not scholarly material but after 3 days of heavy heavy material (and that Iranian feature), cotton candy was good to the palate.

Back to meat and potatoes tonight.
What to chant at your next protest

michael moore at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler suggests that the next time we hear anti-goblization/anti-war/pro-stupidity protestors rant "HAL-I-BUR-TON"...

...they are implying the war was so that Dick Cheney was lining his pockets....

we yell back "GEN-ER-AL MO-TORS!" or "WAL-MART!"

I also suggest "Krispy Kreme", "Aldi!" and "Versace."
Honorable Mention

Well, not by the judges. Susie liked it.

Visit Practical Penumbra and its archive to see the entries in the "stupid customer" contest.

The Empress's entry:

"Many moons ago, I worked for the local ice rink. I became the keeper of the stupid question list. The absolute worst question I ever heard was when I was working in the concession stand. A gentleman walked up to the counter and said "What's the difference between nachos with cheese and chili cheese nachos?"
I looked at him and said "Umm... the chili."

All of the stories are really really funny. Definately read the winner's story. Hysterical!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2004

NFF news

You may be getting tired of my daily film festival digest.. but.. the Empress does not care. It's her blog... heh.

Last night, I saw "Paradise is somewhere else," an Iranian film about a young man who wants to go work overseas and pays the money to a dealer to get out of the rural part of Iran, near the Pakistani border. He's heard of people having alot of success in the Emirates and wants to leave his sheparding life behind. They hire a replacement and he pays the money.. then his father is murdered. In an erie glimpse of close(d) communities, they elders arrange to have the poor, migrant shepard they hired framed for the attempted murder of the engineer (who the family thinks murdered the father).

As Eidak escapes into Pakistan - the only one trying to get in - he runs into Gol Mohammed's younger sister. We see him at the end of the movie running back to face his fate.

I also saw "Sunset Story," a documentary about a retirement home for political progressives in LA. A bunch of liberal old people... oh boy...

The film was really really good though. We follow Lucille and Irja and listen to their stories and how they reached their conclusions. Lucille snapping at Irja for forcing her to celebrate Jewish holidays ("You are more Jewish than me!" Lucille snapped - she being of Jewish origin.) Irja admitted that Communism would never work because it was too easily turned into a dictatorship. We see them protest different things. But the best conversation of the entire movie...
Irja: Don't you think they should pay the workers [of Sunset Hall] more?
Lucille: Yes, they should.
Irja: Where would they get the money? That's the problem.
Lucille: They could raise the rates.
Irja: Are you going to suggest it?
Lucille: No!

Ahhh... make everyone else pay more.. but not me. Give me more money.
My underwear is watching you...

Torrid Product
"I'm smart because I've got cool, hip smart looking glasses"

VonDada writes in response to a UMass Grad Student's statement that Pat Tillman was not a hero and got what he deserved:

" "Mystified, but not surprised." -Sentence fragment

"And, not just the regular army..." -Starts sentence with conjunction

"But, does that make him a hero?" -Ditto

"However, in my neighborhood in Puerto Rico" -Oh! Now I get it.

"pendejo, an idiot" -improper translation (babelfish trans: pendejo = a$$hole)

"decided to insert himself into a conflict he didn't need to insert himself into." -Dangling particle

"knee-jerk" -overused cliche

"sacrificial lambs" -Ditto

"Tillman got himself killed" -redundant reflexive

"our social values are probably more enlightened than theirs." -missing verb

"For that reason..." -unclear reference

"has been wrongly utilized" -split infinitive

"The sad part is that we won't realize it before we send more people like Pat Tillman over to their deaths."

-this entire sentence tends to negate the thesis of "Pat Tillman is not a hero" with it's martyr overtones.


Screw the War on Terror, how about a war on Graduate Student with poor writing skills." (emphasis mine)

The original article is, as they say, farked because of too many hits. The text is posted somewhere on the comments thread, linked below. Comments Thingee (935159)
Holey Moley!!!

Now that's a sinkhole, courtesy of the
Market Economy at work

The $160,000 Parking Space in Boston.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

More from NFF

Instead of discussing in-depth the movies I saw yesterday (People of Angkor and Tennessee Film Nights 1 and 2), I thought I would talk about a theme I noticed – gender roles.

Oh sure, easy enough.. dish about the oppressive patriarchy and how evil men are. Well, just so everyone knows, the Empress is quite fond of men. She compliments and scratches without sex discrimination. Heh.

So, first there was The Damned and The Sacred – already mentioned. On this theme, what struck me was the nature of folk dancing. The young men danced with a lot of energy. They would explode into leaps across the stages. The moves were sharp and very militaristic in style. Contrast that with the way the young women danced. Tiny little steps that allowed them to appear as though they were floating. The hand gestures were graceful and refined. It reminded me of an article that Rabbi Botech wrote on how women (as opposed to the Queer Eye guys) civilized men.

In the next movie, The People of Angkor, we followed the workers at the Temple of Angkor as they tried to piece together the ancient ruins and protect them under the barrage of tourists. Some of the workers would explain the various symbols of the gods and goddesses. We learn that Aspara, one of the goddesses mentioned in the movie, is an idealized woman. She smiles without showing her teeth. She works hard to make her home a peaceful place. Physically, she’s beautiful – curves in all the right places.

Then there was Resolutions of a Complacent Man, who spent more on wine depending on the age of the woman he wanted to have sex with. Our lead character visits his mom on Sundays so that he can stop at a strip club on the way home. He resolves to remember the names of people and lists 10 women he was in varying stages of ‘relationship.’ He is frustrated at how one relationship went wrong when the sex was so good. Did he miss the sign that she would get angry? Her declaration that she was… intimate with her step-father was his first clue that she was nuts.

The short of all this – seeing it up on the big screen for all that it is, contemporary Western gender roles and a lot of the behavior is down right revolting. Not like I haven’t seen it or been disgusted by it before.. or even been supportative of it. The pursuit of nookie and dollars consuming one man in his late 30’s will leave him empty as he gets older. That guy reminded me of another man I knew from Dallas who went through a period of picking up a different girl to sleep will 3 different nights of the week. He told me that sometimes the women would say “Hey.. nice couch. It would look better if my dress were draped across it.” *rolls her eyes* Don’t misunderstand me – I’m all for healthy sexual activity. Just that God intended them to be inside martial relationships.

The guy from Dallas did admit that the sex was some way of plugging a hole, temporarily at least, that was inside of him for some type of connection.

I’m off – 2 more movies tonight. Here’s to hoping I will stay awake.
"Because I'm not relevant in any other way"

Elton John Says 'American Idol' Vote Is 'Racist'

Could it be that just not enough people voted for Jennifer Hudson...? That there isn't some grand race conspiracy to demonize the black contestants.

I don't recall them making the same claims when other black contestants were voted off in seasons 1 and 2. And other talented people were dropped, too, because lack of votes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

This is news?

Not for those of us who work in higher education. Berkely announced that was how it would read undergraduate applications - "holistically" and encouraged minority students to write about all the struggles they faced to get to the point where they applied.

Affirmative Action Making Comeback

Just a horse of a different color... and another sign of the further decline of higher education. I'm inclined to agree with Matt Damon's character from Good Will Hunting - I could have gotten the exact same education I spent... way too much on for $1.50 in late fees from the public library.

The piece of paper isn't worth squat. And what a hypocrite I am considering I won't quit my job in protest.

Who knows.. I might.
Iraqi flags

Allah in the House has some hysterical potential Iraqi flag designs.
God is better than football

So says the church group in the short animated film, Harvie Krumpet. Tonight was the opening night of the Nashville Film Festival and it looks like it will be a good event.

Tonight, I saw The Damned and The Sacred - a documentary about a Chechen folk dance group as they toured Western Europe. I was impressed by their courage (to practice while helicopters fly overhead and shoot up buildings just streets away), their honesty, and their passion for their art. The director of the troupe was genuinely concerned for the kids, even taking on kids who had no talent just so they wouldn't get into trouble back home. Best part: a documentary without an agenda. It didn't attempt to paint the Russians as boogie men or the Chechens as heros. Just a bunch of kids trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Second on tonight's bill was Animated Expressions - an hour and a half of animated shorts. Already mentioned Harvie Krumpet. Harvie is a Polish-born Australian immigrant who collects "fakts" such as "Fakt #908 - Love does not conquer all" after his new bride's pets reject him. He has a plate in his head that becomes magnitized, he has a carpe diem moment and joins a nudist colony and the Animal Liberation Front (Fakt #758 - There are more chickens than humans on Earth). He has cancer and marries the nurse. Since one testicle was removed due to the cancer, they can't have children. So they adopt a thalidmyde (poor spelling I know) who has no arms. She grows up to become an attorney for the disabled. Harvie ends up in the old folks home with a nasty roommate who had lost the will to die. Very cute and funny. I know it was nominated for an Oscar and I think it won. If it didn't, it should have.

The other short of note was "Dear Sweet Emma" - an sweet, non-threatening elderly lady with homicidal tendancies. We see her crying over the paper when the sherriff said they will stop the search for her missing husband. The radio announcers says that they are all there for her.. here's a peppy song to cheer her up. A pretty little bluebird dances for her. Emma beats it to a pancake with her skillet. Her emaciated cat tries to eat the left over bird-bits and Emma stuffs it in the garbage disposal. When she opens her freezer, we see her missing husband stuffed inside.. at the same time, a skeleton drops from the cabinet.

Out on the porch, "dear sweet" Emma sweeps away the carcasses of the smooshed birds as the announcer says "And Emma, you will have your pick of any of the men in the county..." - which is met with a murderous grin. Sick, twisted and funny as all get out.

Stay tuned for more reports from NFF as events warrant.

Monday, April 26, 2004

On conducting business

Just as a memo to people who might ever call me at work... leaving me 4 voice mail messages - all with the same question and 4 emails.. all with the same question - will not get you a response any faster.

Particularly when I'm out sick.. m'kay? It just annoys me, m'kay. And I'm likely to push you off onto the least helpful person I know, m'kay?

Friday, April 23, 2004

About The Empress

Just because this is now called Pink Kitty in no way means..

1) that I am Communist, Socialist, red.. or even a light red or pink on the political spectrum. I'm a libertarian and proud of it.
2) that I'm into furries. I own a tiara... not kitty ears.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Got moved

Now that we are settled and I stare at the corner of the room for 7 hours a day, all is well.

Blogging will commence at regular intervals. Even my pink ninja has a home.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


::sigh:: The Empress is having to give up her fine office digs and move down the lawn. What she will miss about her office...

not having to share space.
having all of the tools to do her job in her office.
the window.
the view of the lawn from her window.
the view of the cute college boys sans shirt playing on the lawn.

The Empress will likely not be around to blog tomorrow.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Worst song ever?

I disagree. The worst song EVER is the Barney song.. or Sherri and Lambchop's song that ever ends. And if you know either one of them, they are now both stuck in your head.

'We Built This City' ranks as the worst record ever

But since they were only rating pop songs, I may allow it. Other bad pop songs would include anything by Journey. I'll think of some more bad songs later. Feel free to add your own. Maybe you know one the Empress hasn't thought of yet.
The Alliance Humor Assignment

New Precision Guided Humor Assignment: The 9/11 Commission

Let’s face it – Congressional hearings are so 1980’s. This is 2004. The producers need to spice it up a bit. Get rid of C-Span and bring on Mark Burnett! Here is the 9/11 Commission if it were replaced with Reality TV.

1) Simon Cowell appears in his trademarked black outfits. He sips on his Crown and RC cola (in the bright red Coke cup) and tells each person testifying: “I don’t mean to be rude but that was dreadful. Horrible. The worst I ever heard. If America gets it right, you will be going home tomorrow.” He looks at his fellow commissioners and says the adults are speaking and they don’t know what they are talking about.

2) The Donald then arrives on his helicopter and sits next to Simon. The Donald berates the performance of the Commissioners in their latest task of hawking officially licensed Donald Trump hair pieces on the street corners of Washington DC. He then fires each of them and makes $250K for every time he says the phrase “You’re fired.” Omarosa yells that the whole thing is racist when race hasn’t been mentioned at all this season.

3) Now that the Commission is out of a job, they head over to the Fear Factor set because they $50K to pay for first-class plane tickets to where ever they will go after this.

4) The first challenge is to put them in a tank with creepy-crawly things and time them until they jump out screaming that George Bush was right in the first place. The 5 who last the longest move to the next round.

5) The second challenge is to listen to Bob the Bachelor’s, William Hung’s, and/or an American Idol compilation CD without hurling their cookies. If they do happen to hurl, a bonus cookie will be given to the one who spews the furthest. The 3 who don’t hurl move to the final challenge.

6) Final Fear Factor style challenge: date Bob the Bachelor. Two of the commissioners burst into flame.. no one knows why but it makes for darn good TV.

7) Jeff Probst magically arrives on a jet ski. At tribal council, he snuffs out the flaming hair of the 2 losing commissioners. “The tribe has spoken.”

8) The last remaining commissioner, Bob Kerrey, looks at Condi Rice and offers her a rose. Condi, a bit flustered and surprised that she was picked over John Ashcroft, graciously hugs him and says ‘yes.’ Meanwhile, Jamie Gorelick seeks a name change to disassociate herself with Al Gore who’s brought his beard back into the fray and claims that marshmallow peeps were behind 9/11. He also reminds the studio audience that he invented toilet paper, the internet, and Velveeta.

Next time on the 9/11 Commission:

- The FBI and CIA go head to head in the ultimate Survivor obstacle course that includes bugs (planting and eating), balancing (all of the lies told), and strength.

- Back at the ChapMogoBoga camp, Rupert begins to question whether or not the alliance he had with Thomas Keane.

- A surprise guest who will actually claim responsibility for that horrible show “Coupling” visits the commissioners.

- Carson, from Queer Eye, shows up and tells them all that “YOUR SHOES ARE LAST SEASON!” and they are in dire need of a makeover.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Because we are tired......

I have something witty to say about this.. but it's late and I'm tired. And I have to be at work at 7:30. A full HOUR before whiny little Duke brats (no offense to Beth who is a Duke grad) have to be in class.

Duke University Cuts 8 A.m. Classes
Just wanted to wish...

Everyone a wonderful weekend and I hope it is as sunny where you are as it is here in The Empress' world.

Too bad her allergies keep her inside too much. Even drugs do not help. If The Empress had her way, pollen would be banished.

Friday, April 16, 2004

I'm back to a microbe...

But you, my loyal readers will bring me back up to Marsupial status soon. I know it! That should take a couple of weeks.

Peas in a pod

Nader Wants Filmmaker Moore to Come Home and share some of his food with him. Nader is all skin and bones.

Peace and justice movement? I think it needs some fiber.

Meanwhile, John Kerry's supporters are holding a bake sale (same page of the article) to raise funds for more Botox treatments. He is also hoping to re-pay his wife for picking up the check when they went to Burger King the other night. He forgot his wallet... again. His wife got mad when she found out that her burger had Hunt's ketchup on it.
Reason not to get rid of Kaaza just yet

Universal to Raise Price of CDs by $1

It's a scheme by the RIAA. The industry raises prices again, music lovers go back to downloading songs for free. The RIAA sues more 12 year olds and college students and improves their image even more!

Meahwhile, iTunes turns a profit and wonders what Universal's problem is.
Caption this picture

Omarosa at the The Apprentice after party.

The Donald made the right choice - Bill rocks.
Finding Common Ground

The Passion of the Christ has brough Christians together. Their faith has been re-kindled. We hear stories of people moved to confession of theft or even murder in the news. I wonder how many more private confessions to God went on as we watched the representation of Jesus carrying our burden on the cross.

The one thing I hope will last is that Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox believers can stop bickering among themselves and recognize that we do have a shared belief in Jesus Christ. He said that others will recognize believers by how we treat each other. Many so-called Christians are among the most catty people I know. I definately camp out there some days.

Not very good fruit being produced.

This Week in Arts and Ideas from The Moscow Times

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Another entertainment industry Rhodes Scholar

Tonight, I feel like picking on really bad photos of celebrities. Here's one of Courtney Love, in the court room during her trial.

1) A good stylist can take care of the split ends. Hot oil and/or conditioner will get rid of the frizzies.

2) Plastic surgery that leaves one with a permanently surprised look is a sign that you've had too much plastic surgery.

3) You might be a redneck if you choose to wear a tube top or something strapless to court.
I'm smart

But I don't look it...

Madonna and her new book

What the General Assembly is up to

Like pollen, orange road cones, and preparation for football season, spring in Tennessee begets more bad legislation from the TN General Assembly. The Nashville Scene has listed some of the more bizarre bills aimed at protecting public good or preserving some board that oversees 3 other people beside the board members.

Nashville Scene

Remember: if you appreciate good government and good sausage, don't watch either of them being made.

I still like sausage.

The Scene also talks about Lt. Governor John Wilder, who was older than dirt when I worked there in '97.. so he must be near fossil like now. We would walk past the Senate photos and studied the aging process. I rode on the elevator with him once.. going up 4 floors. He closed his eyes and started rocking back and forth. The door opened to the 4th floor and I just stood there.

Interns didn't dare get out of the elevator before a Legislator (even if the intern were female and etiquette would say "ladies first.") I leaned over and just watched him for a second, holding the button to keep the doors open. I finally whispered "Governor?", as he likes to be called. He near snorted and waddled out of the elevator.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Pink Kitty!!!!!

That's me! I'm changing the name of the blog to Pink Kitty's Scratching Post.

I was going to say litter box but that implies that it's just well.. you know... and I'm not about that.

Purple Striped, Pretty Green Polka-Dotted Sky
Cartoon personal ads

HYSTERICAL!!!!! Love the ads for Stewie, Brian (the dog from Family Guy), Cartman from South Park and Yoda.

Some four-letter words but it's still funny. Comments Thingee (910407)
There's a problem with your church when...

Its way of intellectually defending itself is through lawsuits.

Scientology critic ordered to pay church

That would be because Scientology cannot stand up to any kind of academic/intellectual investigation... that would be because its a cult.
My country is taller than your country

According some researcher with nothing better to do with his government grant, American men are now shorter than Europeans. His reason?

Socialized medicine made Europeans taller. Supposedly, the trend took a noticeble turn in the 1950's when medicine was socialized across Europe.

Funny, I thought it made them poorer and slaves of the government.

Europeans stretch for edge over New World

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

One more thing...

It might not be an issue for my readers outside of the South but...

today is April 13th and it snowed in Nashville today. Didn't stick but it SNOWED! It's officially spring and it snowed. It didn't snow all winter.
Words I hate

"Continuing the coversation" or dialoge or discourse... in the vein of understanding and learning from each other.

Do I sound like a PC liberal yet? Every time I hear it, my ears want to bleed.. part of me shrivels up inside.

Anyway, VU feminists found something to get their boxer-briefs in a wad about now over a flier posted in a dorm. The guy didn't get busted for the content of the flier.. he got busted for using the VU artwork without permission.

But we have to have a forum and continuation of a project to continue to educate people and fund a women's studies graduate student.

''It's unfortunate that on a campus of several thousand people, 50 people showed up to express their outrage,'' said Sandra Harrell, co-director of Project Safe. That would be because the other 10,000 people on this campus are outraged at you for delcaring a flier done in jest (as I'm sure it was and there wasn't any "underlying anger" in it) an outrage.

It's an outrage I tell you!

Flier found in VU dorm prompts outrage - Tuesday, 04/13/04
Proof the General Assembly has nothing better to do

My old stomping grounds, the Tennessee General Assembly, continues its long tradition of bills that have no real significance.. but we are going to waste everyone's time with them anyway.

There was the long debate on the road kill bill... now dogs in pickup trucks.

Let's not discuss anything important like.. um... homeland security or cutting taxes.

Senate to allow unrestrained dogs in truck beds - Tuesday, 04/13/04

It reminds me of when I went to TISL - the colligate mock-legislature. We debated for 2 hours whether or not to change the state bird to the turkey but neglected good bills like banning speed bumps (which was selected as a top 10 bill and passed on to Governor Sundquist for possible submission to the legislature. TN's first seat belt law was originally a TISL bill.. for what its worth).
Support independent film!

This blog talks alot about small musical artists because they still make music for the sake of making good music.

Along that same line, I would encourage the few readers to visit their small theaters and local film festivals. There you can see some truly original (and sometimes disturbing) works of cinematic art.

This is the 3rd year in a row I will be going to the Nashville Film Festival. Each year, I've seen more and more movies. This year, I've got tickets for 14 movies over 6 days... can we say butt-numb-athon?!

Most of the movies I will be seeing are documentaries. There's the required Tennessee Filmnights dedicated to local film makers and Animated Expressions - proving that cartoons are not just for children. The couple I'm really really looking forward to seeing are "The Ladies' Room" filmed in a public restroom in Tehran, Iran.. "Paper Clips" about the boy in East TN who wanted to collect 1 paper clip for each victim of the holocaust... "Born into Brothels" about the children living among the prostitutes in Calcutta, India.

Nashville Film Festival
Maybe I'm the only one...

But I called the IRS help line with questions about my dad's estate taxes, personal, and business taxes. I found them to be helpful. They were polite and he explained what the different numbers and forms I would need to file for my dad's 2003 taxes.

Once I get an accountant, life will be sweet.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Just when I was about to call it quits for the evening

There was very little blog-worthy today. It's a gray kind of rainy day and my mood matched. Nothing was the least bit humorous or irritating.

Until I read the below referenced article. Maybe Andy "Looney" Rooney has a point...

But man, get a real job. You've been in the ivory tower so long, the oxygen has not gotten to your brain since.. umm... maybe 1960?

Apparently his contract must be up soon and he's trying to prove that he's a viable commodity to CBS by slamming Mel Gibson, his movie, and our troops in the last 30 days.

I'm proud to support our troops. While they may have signed up for the college benefits, they are still overseas fighting for us and for the Iraqi people.

What is Rooney doing to help either cause? Does he think his crotchey comments are furthering debate? Will he change any minds? Likely not. He might get himself dropped from CBS. That network has been sitting on the hot seat since January... angry veterans groups are they last thing need attacking them (in addition to the FCC, their advertisers, family groups, and conservatives).

Andy Rooney: GIs not heroes

Sunday, April 11, 2004

First time players

At dinner with my small group this evening, Karina shared a story from Cross Point's awesome softball team... (awesomely bad softball team....)

Her roommate is the catcher. This is her first time playing in that position. At first, said roommate stood against the backstop.. the ump made her move forward, somewhat closer to home plate.

The pitcher threw the first ball and the roommate caught it. The young woman then looked at the umpire and said "Am I supposed to throw this back?"

No word if the umpire died of hysterical laughter or was able to keep himself composed and show her some grace in explaining the rules of softball to her.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Those who fail to learn from history...

Are doomed to repeat it. Did this former learn NOTHING from World War II?

You cannot negoiate with the enemy. Let's just sit Osama down and ask how he's feeling.. can he express anger in more constructive way like drawing or boxing as opposed to blowing up the World Trade Center?

Let's say "We'll pull out of Iraq if you only recurit 2 more terriorists per month." Osama will laugh so hard he will pee on himself.

Only a self-hating liberal would offer such a dumb-a$$ solution to a declared war. The enemy declared the war on the US.. and the US has elected to fight back.

IOL : Will Britain hold peace talks with Bin Laden?
Survivor and The Apprentice

Lex went the way of the dodo on Survivor last night. He broke the rule of Survivor...


For that matter, everyone else has broken that rule too. Lex deserved it. For crying out loud... you have the opportunity to vote a member of the opposing tribe, and you DON'T take it... you should be thrown out by Probst on principle.

I hope, I hope, I hope that EMB (Evil Mark Burnett) is editing him for a major fall and soon. I can appreciate his game play but I do not like him at all.

If Boston Rob does make it with Amber to the final two (as rumor suggests), Amber will win. And.. um... what game has she played? She's just hiding underneath the target that is Boston Rob.

I didn't see all of The Apprentice last night but I saw enough to rejoice in the fall of the wondertwins Nick and Amy. Nick - the used car salesman like person and Amy with no depth and all the 'right answers' that one can use to play BS Bingo in a meeting where you are bored to tears.

So, your final two are Bill and Kwame. I like both. They are each qualified and have different experiences and skills. Can't wait for the finale and then season 2. :)
The Fashionista strikes again!

Protecting the world from horrible shoes and mis-matched patterns!

Shoes that should NEVER have been manufactured under any circumstances.. ever. EVER!!!!!!

--- flip-flops with a heel. ---

Flip flops are atrocious enough when seen away from beach/lake settings.. but.. to but a kitten heel on them is a crime against humanity, er.. fashion.

Andrea said it is the mullet of shoes... a party on top and business on the bottom.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

But... how do you collect it?

NewsChannel 5 reports that there is a bill in the Tennessee General Assembly to tax drug sales.. the illegal kind of drugs.

Can you image the street deal?

Dealer: OK.. that will be $20 plus tax.. bringing the total to $22.
User: What?
Dearler: Yeah - since that bill passed, we're being taxed. I've got to send sales tax revenue to the state. They haven't prosecuted me for selling drugs but they will come after if if I don't send in my sales tax reports and check.
User: That's farked up! Here's the $22.
Dealer: Many thanks. Pleasure doing business with you; come again soon!

How the heck are they going to enforce this? Like drug dealers are willingly going to send in the tax reports and such.

Then again, this is the same body that brought you the Roadkill Bill a few years ago (where it is now legal if you hit a deer, you can take it home with you for dinner).

Jeff Foxworthy: "If your idea of fast food is hitting a deer at 65 mph, you might be a redneck."

Bill to tax drug sales
What is the reason behind the slump in music industry sales?

RIAA, Lars from Metallica, et al will tell you its piracy. I think it's because music today stinks and people aren't willing to plunk down $15+ on crappy CDs.

It's still easier to download the 1 song you like from say.. um... Apple's iTunes (for 99 cents per tune) or from sites like Morpheus.

I read an article the other day that the music industry has spent so much time focusing on the teeny-bopper age bracket that they've neglected middle-aged adults. The execs, in their wisdom, think the teenagers parents only listen to oldies stations. The article went on to say this age bracket could be why artists like Clay Aiken and Norah Jones have done so well. They do have some talent, they can sing, and they don't sell sex.

Global Music Sales Slide, Some Recovery Signs-IFPI

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Genius that is William Hung

If you watch American Idol (or any entertainment program), you should know who William Hung is. He's the UC Berkley engineering student who sang "She Bangs" in his.... unique way.

And became a celebrity. His single is #8 on the digital download chart on Billboard.

On the American Idol website, they have a couple of documentaries on William Hung. His advisor said "he has some sort of quality which is oblivious to most social skills."

THAT is the understatement of the year... and I don't even know the boy. He is an engineering major and that's all I need to know.

But I do believe him when he says that he's a sincere and kind person... think Forrest Gump.

What Al Franken does on his day off

Courtesy of the talented photoshoppers at Fark. Comments Thingee (897918)

Maybe we should add a new one where Vox Day is kicking Al Franken's flabby tushie.
Gay Marriage Stuff

This morning, I was watching the local news. They reported that Rutherford County was considering a resolution saying that marriage was between a man and a woman. Copies would be sent to various officials in state government, encouraging them to make sure that the law is clear on this matter.

The area representative for the Human Rights League said that he didn't think counties should be involved and that it was a matter for the states.

But... was he supportative of what Mayor Newsome did in San Francisco? I bet he was. So law-breaking' mayors are OK but county officials who seek to behave within the law are discriminatory.

One word - CRAP! OK, a few more words... I'm not surprised by the response by the HRL person. It's again showing the duplicitous nature of the gay rights movement on this issue. They only want certain people (actvisit judges, bone-headed mayors) to make law - in their favor, of course.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Thank you India

Do you remember that Alanis Morissette song? In yet another attempt to show us that she is somehow still relevant, Ms. Morissette stripped down to a body suit with fake nipples and other assorted naughty bits. She was 'protesting US censorship.'

I'm all for artistic expression. If you want a song full of explatives, that's fine but I do not want to hear it. You as the artist have every opportunity to do what you want - just because you are an artist doesn't mean that there will be outlets for you to get your crap... I mean... work... out to the masses.

This reminds me of a debate Ari told me about in one of his classes. A city had commissioned a piece of art. It went up; they paid the artist but afterwards, some people wanted it taken down because it was either in the way or offensive. I don't remember. Most of the people in his class sided with the artist - it should remain where it was unchanged.

Ari's point was that once the artist had been paid for the work, it was no longer his property. If the new owner wanted to use it for kindling, he could and there is nothing the artist can do otherwise. I completely agee.

And Alanis, keep your freakin' clothes on. I didn't want to see you butt naked in that video and I certainly didn't need to see the picture of you in a body suit now. Geez. I may recommend you for a make-over on What Not to Wear.

Yahoo! News - Morissette strips down to blast US "censorship"

Sunday, April 04, 2004

No Surprise here...

I am the Master of the Universe!
Magister Mundi sum!

Which wierd latin phrase are you?
I've been promoted!

So to speak.

I've moved from an insignificant microbe to a Marauding Marsupial! I feel so important. Many thanks to those of you clicking on my blog. As my fellow bloggers know, it's a labor of love - because we just HAVE to put our opinions out there. It's great to know that there are people reading.

I do appreciate the fact that you've made my little pink kitty-run house a stop on your blog reading circuit.

Maybe someday I can be a large mammal.
A quote

My brother, Eric, used to be a fan of the band Slayer back in high school but isn't anymore. He listens to Christian music now. Last night, he mentioned that Slayer was on the Ozzfest tour and said...

"Is Ozzfest sponosored by AARP this year? I mean, the bands headlining - Ozzy, Judas Priest, and Slayer - are all old enough to qualify for membership or Social Security."

Imagine the PA annoucer:
*heavy rock sounding radio voice*
"Ozzfest 2004. Brought to you by Budweiser, AARP, Viagra, and Metamucil."

How's that for your rebel Rock-n-Roll image.
Nashville Star

I'm not the world's biggest country music fan; probably has to do with living in Nashville and being surrounded by it since the womb. Neither of my parents were into country either. But I digress...

I watched 1 episode of Nashville Star last season. Buddy Jewell won and put out a great CD after years of plugging away in Nashville.

Last night was Willie Nelson night. Each contestant sang a song by Willie. Except for the last guy who was a poor man's Keith Urban, they were all really good. There was a good mix of the different styles of country - pop-sounding top 40 country, old-school cryin' in my beer country, and sittin' on the front porch with a banjo bluegrass.

I highly recommend seeing really talented people perform. They are WAY better than the chumps on American Idol (which is one of my favorite shows). The judges in Nashville Star pander a bit but there is only one Simon Cowell.

Nashville Star is on at 9pm Central on Saturday night on USA Network.

4 stars.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Giving props to the Ladies

On my music recommendations of late, I've recommended cd's by some of the most talented gentlemen out there - all of whom look doggone fine in a suit.

How sexist of me, a woman, not to mention some of the wonderful female vocalists that I've been enjoying.

There's Billie Holiday - Lady Day. She's turned my Altec speakers next to my computer in to a 1940's era radio. Outstanding. Her Greatest Hits 2 cd collection is a good place to start.

Etta James - "At Last" is one of the best songs - EVER.

More contemporary - Norah Jones. Her voice is a bit different and a throwback to old smokey room jazz. Her music is crossing over on multiple charts - pop, country, jazz, and adult contemporary. We will eventually have a shrine to Ms. Jones. :)

Alicia Keys - talented, good looking, soulful with attitude. American Idol contestants miserably fail singing her songs.

Liz Johnson - Nashville sax player and vocalist. Her cds are at She's a friend of one my co-workers and as the cd made its way down the hall, she garnered more fans and performed at our Peabody staff picnic last year. (Incidentally - Helen stole my idea for the tiki lounge theme - it was way more fun than her Provencial France theme staff picnic. Blech.)

See? And you thought you were stuck with Britney Spears.