Thursday, April 15, 2004

What the General Assembly is up to

Like pollen, orange road cones, and preparation for football season, spring in Tennessee begets more bad legislation from the TN General Assembly. The Nashville Scene has listed some of the more bizarre bills aimed at protecting public good or preserving some board that oversees 3 other people beside the board members.

Nashville Scene

Remember: if you appreciate good government and good sausage, don't watch either of them being made.

I still like sausage.

The Scene also talks about Lt. Governor John Wilder, who was older than dirt when I worked there in '97.. so he must be near fossil like now. We would walk past the Senate photos and studied the aging process. I rode on the elevator with him once.. going up 4 floors. He closed his eyes and started rocking back and forth. The door opened to the 4th floor and I just stood there.

Interns didn't dare get out of the elevator before a Legislator (even if the intern were female and etiquette would say "ladies first.") I leaned over and just watched him for a second, holding the button to keep the doors open. I finally whispered "Governor?", as he likes to be called. He near snorted and waddled out of the elevator.