Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Support independent film!

This blog talks alot about small musical artists because they still make music for the sake of making good music.

Along that same line, I would encourage the few readers to visit their small theaters and local film festivals. There you can see some truly original (and sometimes disturbing) works of cinematic art.

This is the 3rd year in a row I will be going to the Nashville Film Festival. Each year, I've seen more and more movies. This year, I've got tickets for 14 movies over 6 days... can we say butt-numb-athon?!

Most of the movies I will be seeing are documentaries. There's the required Tennessee Filmnights dedicated to local film makers and Animated Expressions - proving that cartoons are not just for children. The couple I'm really really looking forward to seeing are "The Ladies' Room" filmed in a public restroom in Tehran, Iran.. "Paper Clips" about the boy in East TN who wanted to collect 1 paper clip for each victim of the holocaust... "Born into Brothels" about the children living among the prostitutes in Calcutta, India.

Nashville Film Festival