Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Words I hate

"Continuing the coversation" or dialoge or discourse... in the vein of understanding and learning from each other.

Do I sound like a PC liberal yet? Every time I hear it, my ears want to bleed.. part of me shrivels up inside.

Anyway, VU feminists found something to get their boxer-briefs in a wad about now over a flier posted in a dorm. The guy didn't get busted for the content of the flier.. he got busted for using the VU artwork without permission.

But we have to have a forum and continuation of a project to continue to educate people and fund a women's studies graduate student.

''It's unfortunate that on a campus of several thousand people, 50 people showed up to express their outrage,'' said Sandra Harrell, co-director of Project Safe. That would be because the other 10,000 people on this campus are outraged at you for delcaring a flier done in jest (as I'm sure it was and there wasn't any "underlying anger" in it) an outrage.

It's an outrage I tell you!

Flier found in VU dorm prompts outrage - Tuesday, 04/13/04