Friday, October 28, 2005

Thanks and more blogger outings!

Thanks to Rex Hammock and the wonderful Mr. Roboto for putting together last night's blogger get-together. No fights broke out, though there were some threats made. I didn't make them. I was there to drink beer and eat pizza. I didn't drink beer... *sigh* I had one sip of the one Dana gave me (she got it 2-for-1) and whatever it was, it was awful. After that, I opted for no alcohol. Life was good.

I had a Red Stripe when I got home.

Nashville Bloggers need to keep in mind that Blake and I are working on another outing - at the gun range. What? Shocked you say? Should we actually put firearms in the hands of bloggers?

Just remember - don't point them at anyone and point them down range at the target. There is no goofing around with them at the range. My future brother-in-law-in-law (no I'm not stuttering. It's my brother's fiance's brother in law. Therefore, he's our future brother in law-in law) hopes to come with us to help with new shooters. He takes gun safety very seriously.

Anyway, so, we are trying to find a place to go shoot. Once we have that, we will post it. Email me (pink_kitty_post at yahoo dot com) if you are already interested in going.

Second social event of note, I met a smattering of other edited "Nashville's Private College" folks. We decided we needed to get together for lunch. "Nashville's Private College" bloggers also email me so we can find out who we all are and share love for the employer.

- I'm using that term under protest. There are countless other Private Colleges in Nashville. -