Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Proving Idiocy

It isn't hard. Actual conversation, not 10 minutes ago:

Woman in hall: Excuse me?
PK: Yes?
Woman: I was wondering if you could tell me where Human Resources is?
PK: HR moved out of this building 3 years ago. Their offices are now located at -----.
Other Woman: We are looking for ---, the Director of HR.
PK: He's not in this building. He's at ---.
Other Woman: Are you sure?
PK: Yes ma'am.
Other Woman: I was told he had an office in this building.
PK: I am positive he's not in this building. In fact, he's never had an office in this building. It was vacant the year he came to work here. And we moved in last year. (PK's thought: but feel free to go knock on every door in here if you don't believe me.)
Other Woman: Are you sure?
PK: Yes ma'am. Would you like me to go get the phone book and show you?
Other Woman: Yes.
PK (returning with phone book: Here it is. His office is at ------ above the bookstore.
Other Woman *stares at me as though I have conspired against her to move the HR guy's office under her nose... just to confuse her. That I've made up this phone book entry and LIED to her!!! He's really in this building!!!!!! Don't you DARE PROVE TO ME OTHERWISE!!!!!!!*
Woman: Thank you very much.