Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Kerry Campaign Diary

- by Empress Kitty -

Finally - the stupid ballons show up. I'm so happy. I love ballons as much as John Edwards loves bunnies.

Kerry shows off typical body language in France - "we surrender!". Bruce "the Boss" Springsteen looks on, upset that the guitar has prevented him from following suit. He is also cranky that he was not selected as John Kerry's running mate. Bruce would have kicked butt in the Senate - rockin' the house during roll call! YEAH!

The mothership is landing and calling him home. *music from 2001 playing in the background*

John Edwards shows he is Jesus, too.

That woman is in trouble. She took 2 stickers and is upset that she can't have a third. "Give me my sticker you whipper snapper! Don't you know that I walked up hill both ways in the snow to get to the polling place?"

Only Kerry-Edwards supporters cut their grass and make their yard nice. Bush-Cheney folks are evil and let it grow up high.. but it gives a place for the bunnies to hide. Maybe it isn't all bad. For a handsome looking yard, vote Kerry-Edwards.

(All pictures found at Yahoo! News. The W diary coming tomorrow.)